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Chapter 390 - Puzzlemen

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 390 Puzzlemen

    However, Chancellor Leng's gaze did not linger on them for too long. He retracted his gaze after taking one look and looked at the giant golden bird beside him.

    "Go back. From now on, no one will bother you again." Chancellor Leng seemed to be speaking to the golden bird.

    The giant golden bird actually lowered its head, as though expressing its understanding before it spread its wings and flew back to Dragon Gate Grotto's peak.

    "From today onwards, no one is to ascend to the peak of Dragon Gate Grotto." Chancellor Leng stood up and the Demonic Organ Throne vanished. With that, he soared into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    "When can I be as powerful as Chancellor Leng? To make such a terrifying dimensional creature obey my orders with a snap of my fingers," Li Xuan said enviously.

    "Is Chancellor Leng at the Mythical stage?" Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

    "I don't think so. I heard that he's at the peak of the Epic stage. The Demonic Organ Throne is a Perfect Life Soul. Furthermore, people say that Chancellor Leng is likely the human that's closest to the Mythical stage. He's just half a step away from stepping into the Mythical stage." Li Xuan's words were filled with admiration for Chancellor Leng.

    "I never knew there was such a strong person in Luoyang!" Zhou Wen exclaimed.

    "Definitely. Chancellor Leng is Overseer An's tutor. How can he not be strong considering how he taught such a strong student like Overseer An?" Li Xuan said.

    "An Tianzuo's tutor?" Zhou Wen didn't think that it was impressive for someone to produce An Tianzuo with their teachings. However, Chancellor Leng was really strong. The music-type Demonic Organ Throne Life Soul gave Zhou Wen an eye-opener. He had never heard of making such terrifying dimensional creatures retreat without any bloodshed.

    Recalling the music from the Demonic Organ Throne, Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

    Zhou Wen wasn't an emotional person. Normally, when he was listening to music, he didn't experience many emotional upheavals. Yet, he had actually cried. This didn't seem right.

    Is it really due to the music from the Demonic Organ Throne affecting my emotions? Zhou Wen felt that it wasn't the case.

    "Why are you in a daze? Let's go. We still have to complete our homework mission." Seeing Zhou Wen standing there in a daze without saying anything, Li Xuan nudged him.

    Zhou Wen followed Li Xuan back to Dragon Gate Grotto, but he kept thinking about the music that Chancellor Leng had played using the Demonic Organ Throne.

    It's not the music that affected my emotions—definitely not. Others might not mind the minute changes, but Zhou Wen wanted to understand the differences as he constantly mulled over the reason.

    "What are you waiting for? My homework mission is done. It's your turn," Li Xuan said as he recorded a video of Zhou Wen on his phone.

    Zhou Wen wasn't in the mood to do the homework mission right now. He immediately drew his Bamboo Blade and charged at the Stone Beast herd. With one blade per strike, he nimbly killed ten Stone Beasts before turning around to head back.

    He planned on checking the information regarding sound-type powers, and then figure out the real reason for having the music from the Demonic Organ Throne affect his mood, or if it was some other power.

    Li Xuan was already used to Zhou Wen's various strange actions, so he let him be and didn't ask further.

    After leaving Dragon Gate Grotto, Zhou Wen headed to the school library. The information there was more comprehensive than the Intranet, and he soon found the section where music-related matters resided. There were bookshelves spanning dozens of meters, a total of four rows. They contained books covering music.

    Zhou Wen took a look and realized that most of them were books related to music theory and knowledge, or they taught one how to sing. He rarely saw information on music-type Primordial Energy Arts.

    It's no wonder there are so few people cultivating music-type Primordial Energy Arts. With so much information just teaching people music theory, there's nothing to do with cultivation. Zhou Wen read through the books on the bookshelves. After searching for a long time, he only found a few books related to the music-type Primordial Energy Arts.

    From the information he had, Zhou Wen realized that music-type Primordial Energy Arts were indeed very interesting, or perhaps—special.

    The cultivation method of music-type Primordial Energy Arts was about the same as the typical Primordial Energy Art. Interestingly, the music-type Primordial Energy Arts had relatively special Primordial Energy seas.