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Chapter 549 - Being Kicked Away After Being Made Use of by Fang Qiu!

Medical Master
     Everyone knew it very well.

    As Fang Qiu dared to make it public at the medical conference, he must have a convincing method.

    After all, the international medical conference was launched by the WHO. Compared with the domestic publication, the publication at the international medical conference would obviously make more people learn about and understand Chinese Medicine. Fang Qiu’s vision had extended to the international community instead of just domestic community.

    Chinese Medicine shall eventually appear in the sight of the international community!

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s reply, all the people in the Chinese Medicine industry went into raptures.

    “Does Fang Qiu really have a way to prove the existence of meridians?”

    “If this is true, it will definitely be a discovery that will shake the whole Chinese Medicine field!”

    “Can the existence of meridians really be verified?”

    “I hope what Fang Qiu said is true because this is too pivotal for the development of Chinese Medicine!”

    In the capital.


    After reading Fang Qiu’s reply, Li Canming, the post-doctor who had returned from the United States, immediately furrowed his brows.

    “He is going to announce it publicly at the medical conference?

    “And he even hopes me to attend it?”

    Li Canming frowned, looking a little awkward.

    Indeed, he was a post-doctor of medicine who had returned to his home country after finishing his study in the United States. However, he was nobody in the United States. No one there ever paid attention to him. It was also because he felt that his social status was seriously inconsistent with his identity that he chose to go back to Huaxia. After returning to Huaxia, he obtained the position of a chief physician relying on his status as a post-doctor of medicine.

    Although on paper, Li Canming’s titles were very grand and prestigious, given his humble achievements and status, he couldn’t even cross the door of the conference venue if he went to attend the medical conference.

    Fang Qiu was obviously wounding his vanity with sarcasm.

    That made Li Canming very uncomfortable.

    He felt that he had been looked down upon.

    To say the least, he was a post-doctor who had returned from studying abroad. But what about Fang Qiu? He was just an ordinary freshman in college.

    As a post-doctor, how could he be looked down upon by a freshman?

    How could he accept this?

    Filled with repressed anger, Li Canming deliberated for a long time.

    However, in the end, he failed to come up with an idea.

    Fang Qiu’s reply was like a prick stuck in his throat.

    He even wanted to curse Fang Qiu.

    Yet, he had to maintain his status as a post-doctor. Moreover, since he had provoked Fang Qiu on his own initiative, if he acted shamelessly like Fang Qiu’s trolls and asked Fang Qiu to give him evidence immediately, then the sense of superiority he had as a post-doctor would vanish in the eyes of others.

    At the end of the day, Li Canming could only helplessly repost Fang Qiu’s post and add the following comment.

    “@Who do you think you are! Well, I’m waiting to see you make a fool of yourself before people around the globe, and to see how you embarrass the heritage passed down by our ancestors in front of the whole world!”

    At the same time, the tsunami of reports about Fang Qiu’s dark history that overwhelmed netizens on the Internet also suddenly lost the rampant momentum and began to die down at this time.

    In a grand hotel in the capital.

    In a very luxurious and spacious reception room.

    Many middle-aged people dressed in luxurious clothes, who came from all over the country, were seated in the reception room and drinking tea.

    “The timing of holding this massive health industry summit couldn’t be better.”

    Among them, a bald, fat man laughed and raised the jasper teacup beside him. He gulped down the tea and then flickered his eyes at the nearby girl who was sitting across the table making tea for the guests. She looked very delicate and pretty and was wearing a traditional Huaxia dress. The bald man smiled maliciously, then put down the jasper teacup and turned to look at the others.

    The other people were also seated on the same kind of sofas, with tea tables beside them. Some of them had girls making tea in front of them, while some had not.

    The most ridiculous thing was that a young man who seemed to be about 30 years old was actually drinking mineral water while eating a plate of spicy chicken feet on the tea table.

    “You can’t deny that this Xiao Fang is really capable.”

    The young man said while nibbling his chicken feet, “He actually made such a strong response. That really didn’t seem like an act an ordinary college student could take.”

    The others nodded in agreement.

    At this time—

    “Commander Zuo.”

    The bald, fat man suddenly snickered and turned to stare at a solemn-looking, short-haired middle-aged man with grey hair. He asked, “Do your men plan to take any action next?”

    “Don’t worry.”

    The middle-aged man glanced at the fat man and said, “Everything is handed over to my subordinates. They are responsible for the operation, while we are only responsible for watching the show.”

    “Hehe, that’s wonderful.”

    The fat man laughed out loud and then said, “I’d like to see how long this guy surnamed Fang can hold on.”

    “Hold on?”

    The young man who was chewing on chicken feet spat out a mouthful of bones and said, “Which boss in this room would consider Fang Qiu as a threat? In our eyes, torturing Fang Qiu to death is as easy as crushing an ant, isn’t it?”


    In the capital.

    In front of the chairman’s office of the Siqi Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company, a beautiful female secretary with a pretty face and a hot figure was making a phone call at the secretary’s desk.

    Siqi Pharmaceutical Company was a top Western Medicine company in Huaxia.

    The chairman of the board in this company was surnamed Zuo!


    The phone was put through. The secretary glanced around and found that no one was nearby, then she said, “Is everything I asked you to do ready?”

    “Everything is ready. We’re just waiting for the money to arrive.”

    A voice came from the other end of the line.

    “You’ll get what you want in three minutes.”

    The female secretary hung up and looked up at the computer screen in front of her. At this moment, the screen showed an image of money transfer.

    She clicked the button.

    The transfer was made!

    Meanwhile, on the Internet, not long after the eruption of Fang Qiu’s dark history stopped, the second wave burst out at once.

    This time, unlike the first wave, there were not a lot of articles flooding the internet.

    On the contrary, there was only one article!

    “Fang Qiu, you jerk, you defiled me, forced me to have an abortion, and then turned against me and refused to admit you know me at all!”

    This article suddenly appeared in one of the most popular post-bar on the Internet.

    As soon as this post appeared, all the people in the post-bar were stunned at once!

    Everyone clicked into the post to take a look.

    They found that the person who issued the post claimed to be Fang Qiu’s out-of-campus girlfriend when he was in high school. She also said that Fang Qiu asked her to book a room whenever he was free and took completely no notice of her other than sex. In the end, she was pregnant. Fang Qiu didn’t even give her money for the abortion before he abandoned her.

    Below every paragraph in the article, a photo was attached.

    As the netizens took a closer look, they found that these photos were indeed taken years ago and rather fuzzy, but the person in the photo wearing glasses really looked like Fang Qiu!

    At once, the post-bar was in an uproar!

    Everyone was discussing the article like crazy.

    “Fang Qiu doesn’t wear glasses, does he? Is this man really Fang Qiu?”

    “Is this real or not?”

    “If it’s true, Fang Qiu is a big scum!”

    “Fang Qiu turns out to be this kind of person?”

    “Though these photos are a little blurry, it can be seen that the person in them is indeed Fang Qiu.”

    “Shame on him! Fang Qiu is simply a shame for the Chinese Medicine community!”

    “How shameless of him to ask a girl to sleep with him when he was still in high school! And he even led her to have an abortion and left her. It’s simply a sin!”

    For a moment, a large number of paid Internet trolls commented beneath the post.

    They began to fan the flame through all kinds of means. Between words, they unhesitatingly fitted Fang Qiu into the unconfirmed story and the blurry photos.

    This time, it became a big deal.

    The topic of “Scumbag Fang Qiu” directly rushed to the first place on the hot topic list in the post-bar in just half an hour.

    The moment this post appeared in the post-bar, the topic “Scumbag Fang Qiu” appeared on Weibo.

    What was more, soon, this topic was purposefully associated with the post in the post-bar. Those who clicked on the topic would directly see the original post.

    Like what just happened in the past-bar, as the topic gained popularity on Weibo, a large number of paid Internet trolls flooded in and began to denounce Fang Qiu like mad.

    This time, the eruption of criticism was far more intense than it was in the first round.

    And Fang Qiu’s image was also considerably damaged due to the incident.

    For a while, the faces of the parents whose children had participated in the college entrance examination changed as they received an article on Fang Qiu’s dark side again. They began to have more doubts about sending their children to TCM colleges. Some people even made up their mind not to let the children apply for TCM colleges.

    But on the other side—

    After the meeting was dismissed, everyone left the room.

    Back at the hotel, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu came to sit down at a coffee shop in the lobby.

    “Hmm? Here it is again!”

    While drinking coffee, Jiang Miaoyu browsed Weibo through her smart phone. Shortly after, she spotted the article publicizing Fang Qiu’s new dark history on Weibo.

    Even though she chose to believe it was fake news, when she saw this article, her face turned stony uncontrollably.


    Fang Qiu asked in bewilderment and took out his mobile phone to check it.

    After taking a glance, he was stupefied at once!

    “Never knew you are such a love rat,” said Jiang Miaoyu, who threw a glance at Fang Qiu.

    “These things do happen to the handsome.”

    Fang Qiu picked up his phone and chuckled.

    “Humph!” Jiang Miaoyu snorted.

    She widened her eyes and glared at Fang Qiu menacingly, saying, “So this is true?”

    “Of course it’s not.”

    Fang Qiu curled his lips and said, “It’s true that I’m handsome, but I can never do such a thing that would enrage both God and the masses. Besides, am I such an irresponsible person?”

    Jiang Miaoyu rolled her eyes at Fang Qiu.

    She knew perfectly well that Fang Qiu was not that kind of man.

    Judging from the various things Fang Qiu had done before, he was a totally different person from what the articles claimed him to be. If he were really so barefaced, why would his girlfriend in high school come to the university solely to find him and defend him wherever she went?

    And the most crucial thing was, since the kidnapping incident at the university last time, Jiang Miaoyu had figured out that Fang Qiu was the mysterious man. She knew quite clear what the mysterious man had done in school.

    If he were that kind of irresponsible person, with his ability, the university would have been in chaos long ago!

    “Tides of reports come one after another. It’s no longer the exposure of dark history. It’s pure slander.”

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Jiang Miaoyu frowned with concern. Then, she asked, “What are you going to do now? There is a lot of rumpus on the Internet.”

    “It can’t be simpler.”

    Fang Qiu gave Jiang Miaoyu a reassuring look, and then laughed with feigned nonchalance. Next, he directly took out his mobile phone and logged into his Weibo account.

    “#Scumbag Fang Qiu# here is my new number: 155 XXXX XXXX. The ‘women’ who had been ‘abandoned’ and ‘forced to have an abortion’ by me, please feel free to call me, and I’ll definitely ‘take responsibility’ for you!”

    Such a post was sent.

    “It’s done.”

    Fang Qiu said with a smile as he put away his phone.

    “What did you post on Weibo again?” asked Jiang Miaoyu with a frown.

    Then she hurried to check it.

    Next, she was stunned by what she saw!