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Chapter 293 - Instructor Tang Wants to be all Lovey-Dovey With Me

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 293: Instructor Tang Wants to be all Lovey-Dovey With Me

    It was true indeed. Jian Qi had a drastic change the night she met him.

    According to Tang Yiyi’s email, Coco described Jian Qi as a gentle, nice and polite girl. She was not competitive and she always treated the others kindly.

    Clearly, Jian Qi was a rather gentle and sensible girl in the past.

    Moreover, Jian Qi was the nicest actress whom Coco had worked with.

    Now, Tang Jinyu could not help but frown as he thought about the current Jian Qi.

    Coco reasoned that Jian Qi had finally found her true self after nearly getting hurt.

    It seemed like Jian Qi had gone too far in revealing her true self.

    Moreover, Coco was not sure of what happened that night. It was indeed a surprise.

    Jian Qi had merely said a few things about it and she did not describe it in detail.

    As such, Jian Qi had hidden something from Coco too.

    However, that information seemed to tell him a lot of things.

    Previously, Jian Qi wanted nothing more than to become an exceptional actress. Coco was afraid that Jian Qi would face some unpleasant things in advance so he did not dare to provide her with a lot of challenging acting roles.

    He obeyed the company’s orders and gave her insignificant roles.

    In fact, Jian Qi had always wanted to become an outstanding actress. She suddenly changed and chose to go to the defense academy instead of an arts academy.

    Moreover, she was able to obtain excellent academic results in such a short period of time.

    She was just a girl who only practiced her ballet skills. Yet, her martial arts skills were not weak the first time they met each other when they got into a fight. Furthermore, she also had surprisingly good shooting skills.

    It seemed like she favored more aggressive sports activities compared to normal drills.

    Her thoughts underwent such a drastic change all of a sudden. Moreover, she went down a totally different road.

    Those were two entirely different fields. Her personality had changed completely too.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. So, what happened to Jian Qi when she was alone that night?

    What was her aim in leaving the entertainment circle and enrolling herself in the national defense academy?

    For a moment, it seemed as if some ideas were floating in his mind, and in the next moment, he was as clueless as ever.


    Jian Qi had a good night’s sleep. She was again energetic the next morning when she woke up.

    Tang Jinyu looked at the people who were standing before him. He then glanced at Jian Qi. Jian Qi looked up at him and gave him a bright smile.

    It was like he could tell what she was about to say to him if it were under different circumstances.

    Hence, he gave her a warning look. Then, he said, “We have six new members with us. We’ll train together for half a month so that we could cooperate with each other better. I hope you can treat the training seriously.

    “I hope that nobody would be sacrificed in this mission!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at them solemnly. Then, he continued, “With that said, we’ll give the six of you a chance to choose again during this training!”

    The others were puzzled. It was not a test. Why did they need to make a choice again?

    However, Tang Jinyu did not give any more explanation. He said calmly, “We’ll start our training now. We’ll leave at 1 pm.”

    After that, Tang Jinyu turned to look at Jian Qi who was standing at the side. “Jian Qi, come with me.”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. What did it mean? Why did he want to meet her personally?

    Something was fishy.

    The others watched the scene eagerly. Crocodile turned around and made fun of Jian Qi after Tang Jinyu had left. “Big Sister Qi, be careful.”

    Jian Qi smiled and pushed aside the hair around her forehead playfully. She said smugly, “Are you blind? It’s clear that Instructor Tang wants to be all lovey-dovey with me.”

    The others were speechless.

    ‘Young girl, you’re so optimistic.’