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Chapter 304 - Don’t Come to My House Tonight!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 304: Don’t Come to My House Tonight!

    A new lady employee saw Qi Shan heading downstairs and said, “Why do I feel that PA Qi is a good choice to chase after? There’s no need to drop him any hints, just go straight for the confession!”

    When she said this, someone replied to her, “Are you serious? There was once someone from this company who tried to confess to him. She walked up to him and said “I… I… I….”. She was so embarrassed and could not really get the words out of her mouth, her face was completely flushed red, and just as she was about to finally say “I love you”, PA Qi became angry and asked her which department she was from. She replied that she was from the Sales Department and PA Qi reprimanded her superiors saying “Why did you hire someone like her? How could someone from the Sales Department be stammering? It’s not that I want to discriminate against people who stammer, but how could someone like her go and discuss events with others for crying out loud?”. Soon after that, she was dismissed. Now, tell me. Who would dare to confess to Qi Shan?”

    The new lady employee was speechless as the person who had just said all of this held his chin and said, “Confessing to PA Qi is quite the formidable task.”

    The new lady employee then asked, “What about Dr. Su? He’s quite handsome as well!”

    Su Ye had narrow slit-like eyes, just like a fox. He looked like he was still smiling even when he was not, and he was also gentle and warm. He was more accepted by the people compared to the straight-laced Qi.

    Unfortunately, the same person was quick to remark, “Dr. Su is such a fine and outstanding person who has a high IQ and EQ. He must already have a girlfriend!”

    A moment of realization dawned upon the new lady employee. “I see!”

    Mr. Single Su Ye who was not at the scene could not defend himself.


    Qi Shan took the escalator down to the first floor and as soon as he had arrived, he saw several people lying down on the ground, crying in pain. Qi Shan’s expression changed drastically and he shouted, “Who would dare…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the four bodyguards protecting the woman, and he was immediately dumbfounded.

    “Stupid… Missus? Why are you here?”

    Ever since he knew that the woman his boss was chasing after was Ning Meng, Qi Shan’s outlook on life had shattered. It had taken him a long time to be able to accept that his boss had fallen head over heels for her, and he had not dared to provoke Ning Meng from that day on.

    As long as Ning Meng and his boss were happy, he would not cause any trouble and would stand up for her, and so, when he saw Ning Meng being surrounded, he was bewildered.

    His boss had been cracking his head every day on how to make the missus move back to stay with him. He, Su Ye, and Fei Bai had come to an understanding early on that they could offend the boss, but they could never offend the missus.

    The receptionist’s eyes sparkled when she saw Qi Shan. Her opportunity to let her loyalty shine had come, and she quickly said, “PA Qi, what great timing. Miss Ning insisted on going to look for CEO Huo, but the company has rules. Even CEO Huo has specially given out orders that she is not allowed to go upstairs, so, I had asked her to leave. However, Miss Ning refused and even caused this big commotion here in the company…”


    The receptionist then said in a wronged voice, “She called for four people to beat up the security guards of the company, even calling me a dog! PA Qi, what are you going to do?”

    Qi Shan completely ignored her and rushed to Ning Meng’s side.

    “Missus, you…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Meng cut in. “Fine, you guys won’t allow me to enter the company? Tell Huo Beichen not to come to my house tonight!”