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Chapter 489 - The Human-Snake Hybrid Clan

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 489: The Human-Snake Hybrid Clan

    “Prince, wait up! Don’t fly so fast!” A’ze and A’jun tried their best to catch up with A’dai. As a result, they ate the dust behind him all the way.

    When they arrived at the Blue Lake, they were so tired that they almost breathed their last.

    “Is this Blue Lake?” Yun Jiuge looked down from on high and saw a beautiful blue lake set in the dull gray land.

    In the area dense with grass on the east side, a group of thin elks were vigilantly drinking water on the edge of the lake.

    In the shallows of the lake, a human shaped human-snake hybrid with a snake tail lurked in the water, trying to approach them.

    But these elks were on high alert and turned around to run away when they detected something amiss in the water.

    The human-snake hybrid swam ashore dejectedly from the water. It was impossible for him to catch up.

    “Stupid human-snake hybrids, they only deserve to eat small fish in the lake. It’s simply wishful thinking to hit on such a big prey,” A’ze said with a look of contempt. One could see that he had a deep resentment toward the human-snake hybrid clan.

    “Aren’t the fish in the lake enough for them to eat? Why are they hunting these elks?” It was simply too difficult!

    “After the black rain, the fish in the Blue Lake began to die out, leaving only the Water Plants,” A’ze sighed, showing no joy in others’ misfortune.

    The reduction in foodstuffs was a disaster for the whole Secret Realm.

    “Don’t those human-snake hybrids have crossbows? Why don’t they use them for hunting?” If they used the crossbows, they could shoot from a distance. Those elks would not be able to run away then, regardless of how vigilant they are.

    “Those weapons are poisonous. They won’t be able to eat the prey that they kill,” Advisor Jun interjected.

    “Why did they make an exchange for them if they can’t be used for hunting?” Yun Jiuge did not think that the human-snake hybrid clan looked like fools.

    “They use them to fight against us, the other human-beast hybrids!” Advisor Jun’s thin lips gave a sarcastic smile as he said, “The Divine Envoy does not really want to help our human-beast hybrids — they just want to start a war. But these fools still believe them. Sooner or later, the clans will be exterminated.”

    “I don’t think they want to believe it, but there’s no other way,” Yun Jiuge said as she watched the human-snake hybrid return to the water, drifting along but still not finding food. He looked very pitiful.

    “Come on, forget about them. Let’s hurry to find the Gaga Grass and go back,” A’ze said.

    “Where’s the Gaga Grass?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Near their territory. We’ve to get a little closer,” A’ze said, full of experience.

    “Caw, caw, caw!” A’dai did not wait for A’ze to lead the way. He just flew there with a flap of his wings.

    A moment later, Yun Jiuge found a concave area with a large number of Gaga Grass planted there. They were black, sturdy, and shiny. They were growing well and a magnificent sight.

    Two human-snake hybrid soldiers were cooling off in the shade.

    Four female human-snake hybrids were pulling the weeds and tending to the grass inside the ground. They were taking exceptional care.

    “Doesn’t the human-snake hybrid clan eat meat? Why are they growing these Gaga Grass so painstakingly?” Yun Jiuge initially thought that the human-snake hybrid clan were protecting the Gaga Grass just to drive off outside enemies. Now she discovered that it was not the case!

    “They do eat a little occasionally, but not as much as what they currently grow. I heard it’s the Divine Envoy who asked them to plant the grass in exchange for the weapons,” A’jun said.

    “Now there are only two soldiers and a few females. We can just fly down and pluck out some before we go,” A’ze said, feeling restless.

    “Okay, pluck out a few first and take a look!” She was too far away to use her Spiritual Eye, which would consume a lot of Holy Power. Yun Jiuge intended to get hold of the Gaga Grass first then examine it on closer look.

    “I’ll go down,” A’ze said as he flapped his wings to fly down.

    The soldiers who were resting at the side moved swiftly and picked up the crossbows in their hands to shoot at A’ze.

    Their shooting skills were so brilliant that they shot successively to block A’ze’s actions.

    A’ze could only fly high but could not get close at all.

    “I’ll provide cover,” Advisor Jun said as he felt compelled to go down.

    Except that it was useless too, when he went down. Those few females grabbed stones beside them to help the soldiers and threw them toward him. It also greatly affected A’jun’s movements.

    Just when Yun Jiuge thought about whether to go down to help, Zi Shang suddenly said, “There’s an ambush. Those two birds are in danger.”

    As soon as he spoke, more than a dozen human-snake hybrids suddenly emerged in the originally empty valley. A row of crossbows took aim at the low-flying A’ze and Advisor Jun.

    Yun Jiuge immediately cast out the Moon Spirit Silk Thread to stick to the bodies of A’ze and Advisor Jun, using the elasticity to pull them up in an instant.

    A row of arrows that flickered with cold light evenly shot over.

    A’ze and Advisor Jun were scared out of their wits. They was almost riddled with bullet holes like a honeycomb from the shots.

    “Miss Yun, these human-snake hybrids seem to have come prepared. Why don’t we leave first and wait till we have enough manpower before we come over again?” asked Advisor Jun. He looked at the increasing number of human-snake hybrids underneath in alarm. Those rows of crossbows were simply sickles of death.

    “No need for that. You two, go back first. I’ll just go down with Ye Zi,” replied Yun Jiuge. Not only did she wanted to study the Gaga Grass this time, she also planned to subdue the human-snake hybrid clan.

    “Miss Yun, please don’t be hasty,” Advisor Jun shouted in a hurry.

    But it was too late. Zi Shang had already carried Yun Jiuge and jumped off from A’dai’s back.

    They landed on the ground with a blast and exploded into a crater in an instant.

    “Meng, you despicable vile man, how dare you ambush us. Kill me if you can!” A’ze exclaimed. He was afraid of being shot by an arrow and dared not fly too low. So, he could only provoke the leader of the human-snake hybrid clan.

    The leader of the human-snake hybrid clan was a young man. He used a straw rope to tie up his long, blonde hair and let it hang on the side of his neck. He had pale skin and exquisite facial features. His slender eyes slightly ticked up. They looked gloomy and gorgeous. From the waist down, he had an alternating gold and black ringed snake tail.

    He turned a blind eye to A’ze’s provocations. He coldly ordered his people behind him, “Kill this man and snatch the woman.”

    With that, the human-snake hybrid clan all launched an attack toward Zi Shang who was beside Yun Jiuge. Dozens of arrows flew toward him.

    The scales on Zi Shang’s body grew out with great strength. He caught all the arrows in his hands as soon as he reached out.

    “Don’t fight back,” Yun Jiuge hurriedly called out to stop him.

    These human-snake hybrids were not like the Five Poison Sect followers in Shiwan Grand Mountain. They probably did not have any antidote on them. It would be hard on her if both of them were to be poisoned.

    Zi Shang heard Yun Jiuge’s command. He threw away all the arrows which he had originally directed at the human-snake hybrid clan and let them fly to the top of the rocks at the side. They eventually broke into countless pieces.

    Meng’s slender vertical slits in his pupils shrank. He absolutely did not think that this mysterious man would be so powerful.

    The most important thing was that the scales on this man’s body were somewhat similar to their human-snake hybrid clan. Could he also be a human-snake hybrid?

    No, no, a human-snake hybrid could not completely undergo a transmutation. He did not have a snake tail. Maybe he was from another clan.

    The Divine Envoy had given orders today to all those who swore allegiance — as long as they could capture the woman who had flown to Eagle Cliff, they would receive a lot of food.

    It was already autumn now and not far from winter.

    Food had been particularly hard to gather this year. Fishes in the Blue Lake were increasingly scarce and they were not good at hunting on land.

    If they did not obtain the food rewards from the Divine Envoy, they would have a difficult time this winter. Even if they could hibernate, a lot of people would be dead.

    The little ones especially, would not survive.

    At the thought of this, Meng immediately snapped out of his rambling thoughts and ordered his clan members, “Continue to attack.”