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Chapter 934 - Challenging the Authority of the Aristocrats

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 934: Challenging the Authority of the Aristocrats

    Avrora sat on the rattan chair and, although she no longer looked as pathetic as before, she still did not appear radiant and all of her pores could be seen clearly under the bright lights of the racecourse. Her already fair skin looked even paler and her gray eyes were so dark that they seemed like even light could not penetrate through them.

    Wen Xinya held her gaze unrestrainedly.

    Under the bright lights, her eyes seemed to glow like stars in the sky.

    Avrora stared at her closely and barked in Chinese. “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this?”

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter. Although the bright lights concealed her features, her rosy lips could still be seen. “Miss Avrora, you’d better not use your Russian aristocratic rules on me, because…” She suddenly inched closer towards Avrora and continued in an icy cold tone, “I won’t fall for it.”

    Avrora’s heart sank and she subconsciously held her breath. Wen Xinya’s gold mask shone beneath the lights, making her look extremely daunting. Flustered, she yelled, “Atrocious!”

    With a smile on her face, Wen Xinya returned to her seat opposite Avrora and picked up the glass of fruit juice on the table before sipping it nonchalantly. She was not at all threatened by Avrora’s authority.

    Avrora’s face grew sullen and she said, “Miss Bella, I respect you because you’re Rex’s plus one. However, I won’t spare you for provoking me and challenging my authority time and time again.”

    Wen Xinya placed the glass of fruit juice onto the table and stared at Avrora coldly as if she were a clown. “Miss Avrora, feel free to speak what’s on your mind. You don’t have to beat around the bush. I’m telling you, those words don’t have any effect on me.”

    Avrora clenched her fists tightly. “Miss Bella, have you any idea how many special privileges and power we possess as an aristocratic family in Russia? However, not everyone can enjoy such a privilege.

    “Our family has a rich history and we’ve only drafted three of such documents. All of the beneficiaries of our documents are outstanding Russian individuals. This document is the Moville Family’s pride and a symbol of our power and status.

    “Miss Bella, I know you went through painstaking means to obtain this document, all because of Rex. You want to claim credit for it, but giving the rights to this document to a foreigner is something that has never happened in Russia before. Although… Rex has an extraordinary position in the upper-class society, he’s still Chinese and he doesn’t have the right to enjoy the special privileges mentioned in this document.”

    At this critical juncture, she had no choice but to bear with it and tell Wen Xinya about the pros and cons of the document, in hopes that she would hand it over.

    Wen Xinya naturally understood that she made sense. However, it was impossible for her to hand it over. “I admit that Miss Avrora is right, but what have these got to do with me? Since it’s already been sealed with the official stamp, Duke Moville has to accept it regardless of how much he refuses to.”

    Avrora immediately grew flustered and she shrieked. “Do you still not understand? My grandpa is not going to let a Chinese person take this document away from us because he won’t allow it. He will never let our reputation be stained. Hence, you must think clearly. This is not a document that you can take away just because you want to. There is a huge price to pay.”

    Wen Xinya said composedly, “Miss Avrora, you don’t have to try and frighten me. I know you’re just trying to take the document back so that you won’t be punished by Duke Moville. However, I’m very clear that Rex can afford to own this document.”

    A simple-minded person would have been fooled by Avrora, but that was not the case for Wen Xinya. So what if Si Yiyan would be stuck in a knotty situation? Duke Moville’s reputation and power were at stake, and the document was enough to exchange for some benefits.

    Avrora grimaced, but she soon returned to normal. “Miss Bella, do you really think Rex will marry you out of gratitude because you obtained the document for him through underhanded means? Hahaha… you must be dreaming.”

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips and appeared extremely stern. “Miss Avrora, what do you mean?”

    It was not her first time hearing those words from Avrora. Although she just took it that Avrora was acting out of jealousy, she now had a different opinion.

    Appearing extremely smug, Avrora said derisively, “My grandpa has already agreed to let Rex marry me, and I’m the one who’s going to become Lucifer’s matriarch in the future. I’m going to be Rex’s wife, not you… he will abandon you regardless of how much you do for him.”

    She reckoned that Duke Moville was already discussing the matter with Lucifer. Although it was a severe matter, it would not pose a problem once she married Rex.

    However… Duke Moville would definitely not spare her for using the family’s power and reputation as a stake. That was why she went through painstaking means to try and get the document back.

    Astonishment was written all over Wen Xinya’s face. She did not expect that to be Duke Moville’s intentions.