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Chapter 224 - How Are You So Childish, Childish Devil

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 224: How Are You So Childish, Childish Devil

    Walking out the door, Bo Muyi suddenly asked, "Cha Cha, do you like her?"

    Su Cha levied for a moment, then smiled and asked, "Why?"

    Bo Muyi frowned. "Nothing, if you don't like her, you will rarely see her in the future."

    "No, I think she's okay."

    Su Cha raised her hand and touched Bo Muyi's earlobe and rubbed it a few times. "After all, she's an elder, it's enough if there's no hatred."

    Bo Muyi also let her touch it and nodded obediently. "Okay."

    The two were still in the courtyard, and the servants passing by saw them even if they didn't want to.

    Seeing their young master being touched by Su Cha so obediently, they would be lying if they said they weren't astonished.

    It was like a brutal king having a day where he was gentle. In the Imperial Capital, everyone knew this person in Lookout Pavilion was notoriously moody, no one dared to approach.

    Privately, some people even thought this person had mental issues.

    In short, it showed the extent to which this person should not be messed with.

    At some point in time, even the old lady's biological children couldn't enter Lookout Pavilion. The young master did not allow it, they could only live elsewhere.

    It was already shocking that Lookout Pavilion now had an outsider living inside, and it seemed that the relationship between this girl and the young master was not as simple as it seems. They all knew she was his girlfriend, but they all thought that the existence of the girl in front of them to the young master was just a matter of fulfilling a promise, after all who wasn't afraid of him?

    But at this sight, their eyes really fell out.

    Passing by them, the maid called them, trembling, "Young Master, Young Miss."

    Bo Muyi, who was enjoying being touched by Su Cha, also heard this disturbance. He opened his eyes, the rage in them couldn't be concealed. Like a sword, they pierced through the servant's heart. The servant's heart was crippled with fear, and tears streamed down her face as she thought this indeed was the young master of the house.

    She quickly slid away.

    After all, in Lookout Pavilion, when seeing Bo Muyi, if she didn't respectfully greet him, it was no different from seeking death.

    Su Cha proactively took Bo Muyi's hand and led him away, using her fingers to pinch

    Bo Muyi's face. "Look at your face, why is it always like this? Smile for me?"

    Upon hearing this, Bo Muyi let out a laugh obediently. He looked dashing when he laughed, making the surrounding scenery seem like they lost all their colours.

    Su Cha was overwhelmed by this beauty, "Look how good you look when you smile."

    Bo Mu couldn't help but kiss her. "I only smile at you. You too, only smile at me, okay?"

    Su Cha: "…"

    She couldn't help but grin. Hugging Bo Muyi's waist, she said softly, "How are you so childish, childish devil?"

    Bo Muyi also enjoyed being this way. He left Lookout Pavilion with Su Cha hand in hand.

    He said he wanted to accompany Su Cha for a walk so he drove a car out of the garage and let Su Cha sit in the front passenger seat.

    He was very caring, he even helped Su Cha with the seat belt himself.

    After that, he kissed Su Cha's forehead again.

    Su Cha didn't know what those following them in the dark dared to think.

    But it seems that since she entered the Imperial Capital, the number of people who protected Bo Muyi doubled.

    Pondering deeply, it seemed that she had to speed up her progress in martial arts, otherwise with Bo Muyi's current identity, she was also afraid of him meeting with any form of danger.

    Until now, she had not forgotten what she heard from being by Bo Muyi's side about the Wu Alliance.

    This world was not as simple as she imagined, she realised this not long ago.

    As long as she had the strength, she had nothing to fear.