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Chapter 639 - Luo Qian Zhe’s side story (Part 1)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 639: Luo Qian Zhe’s side story (Part 1)

    Born without regrets because with you, there is no regret dying with beauty.  ——Luo Qian Zhe.

    Do you know the feeling of liking someone?  No matter how cold they are to you, as long as you see the sun the next day, you could love her without any reason.

    I loved my big sister like this.

    She was called Luo Qing Chen.

    I had this kind of abnormal love as I loved her.

    When I entered my first year of high school and I heard that she was going overseas to Zurich, I was simply angered to death!

    She never told me where she was going.

    That’s right!  She never cared about me or cared how much I loved her.

    I thought that I would have to live this way forever, but I never thought that she would come back and appear in my apartment.

    She was holding a KFC family bucket, looking at me in a cute manner.

    This was my first time seeing Luo Qing Chen like this, my heart was moved.

    After that, she became like this, completely different from the words cold and aloof.

    I don’t know what happened when she was overseas, but I knew that she was especially cute.

    It really made people…..want to tightly hug her.

    She was prepared to come to the Noble School, so I thought that she would enter A class.  That way I could openly protect her.

    I wanted to let her see how popular I was, how dazzling I was.

    After all, she only knew me in this entire school.

    But I never thought that she would meet the school hunk who shared the title with me, Su Mu.

    I never understood that person, he didn’t have a girlfriend and he was very proud.

    His family was only average in my eyes, but he was very cold.

    I never would have thought that she would become Su Mu’s deskmate on her first day.

    Please!  Didn’t this person…..never have a deskmate before?

    The thing I regretted the most in my life was that the first time she was bullied by someone at school, I actually didn’t stand by her side!

    So angry, but even the acting made angry.

    When I grabbed her hand, there was only one thought in my mind.

    I felt that she was mine and could only be mine.

    I was this kind of abnormal youth, but she wasn’t angry with me.

    When I acted excessively before, she would definitely be angry.

    I felt that that was the beginning!  I saw a bright look in her eyes that seemed like stars sparkling.

    When people bullied her in the future, when I rushed to the roof, even my fingers couldn’t stop trembling.

    I don’t know if I would have been able to live if I didn’t make it in time to catch her.

    It was a good thing I made it in time, it was a good thing she stayed by my side.

    I felt assured when I hugged her, I really liked hugging her…...

    If my first regret was not being able to sit with her, my second regret was the day of the duel at the cafeteria.

    Su Mu was on someone else’s side, so I could finally stand on her side.

    But I never thought that she would say seven words in front of everyone…...

    Seven words that completely stopped my heart.

    ‘Because I am Luo Qian Zhe’s girlfriend!’

    I knew that I would always remember those seven words.

    When she finished those words, I couldn’t stay in the shadows anymore.  I wanted to appear when they made their move.

    But I couldn’t wait for those ten words.

    I said, she is not my girlfriend.

    I said, she is my wife.

    Un, my eternal wife.