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Chapter 280 - You May Spend It (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 280: You May Spend It (2)

    Just as Xu Weilai was shoving the wad of cash into the red packet, Gu Yu walked out of the changing room. When he noticed her actions, he frowned and asked in his deep voice, “What are you doing?”

    “Huh?” Xu Weilai replied instinctively, “I’m preparing a red packet for Gu Xue!”

    “Using this?” The man’s eyes narrowed on her, and his demeanor turned chilly.

    Not understanding his issue with her decision, Xu Weilai held up the red packet in her hand as she explained, “Well, I didn’t have any other red packets prepared, so I thought I’d just use this first…”

    “No way!”

    Gu Yu turned her down without even allowing her to finish her sentence.

    Xu Weilai’s face froze.

    He had given his black card to her and even allowed her to use it, but he was forbidding her from using a red packet? What was going on?

    She opened her mouth to protest, but she changed her mind and went silent as she saw Gu Yu’s expression slowly darken.

    Gu Yu took three steps over to her. She was seated on the couch and he lowered his eyes to look at her. His lips moved as he asked, “Why are you giving Gu Xue a red packet?”


    Xu Weilai cheered up immediately. It was Gu Yu’s first time married as well. Like her, he had forgotten about this New Year’s custom. They were now even.

    She looked up at him, and explained with a serious mien, “Because we’re married. As elders in the family, we have to give the younger members red packets!”


    Gu Yu smiled imperceptibly and asked, “How much were you intending to put inside?”

    Xu Weilai showed him eight fingers. “How about this amount? It seems to be the best option.”

    Gu Yu nodded his head, took his cell phone out, and dialed Assistant Lin’s number. When the call was answered, he instructed immediately, “Transfer eight million over to Gu Xue’s bank account.”

    Xu Weilai was left speechless.

    She… she meant eight hundred! Didn’t Gu Yu know he was acting like a spendthrift?

    Xu Weilai swiftly and quietly returned the eight hundred yuan of cash into her purse.

    She soon heard Gu Xue, who had been waiting obediently at the door for her red packet, sudden squeal in delight and dashed into the room. Instead of hugging Gu Yu, however, she went straight to embrace Xu Weilai. Planting kisses all over Xu Weilai’s face, she said, “Thank you, Sister-in-law! Thank you, Brother Yu!”

    Xu Weilai had no choice but to conceal her envy and jealousy. She replied, “Don’t mention it.”

    She wanted a red packet containing eight million too! Although she had Gu Yu’s black card, that still didn’t give her any sense of security. She would only be happy only if the money were in her account!

    She was dying to ask Gu Yu if she could exchange the black card for eight million!

    Gu Yu gave Gu Xue a darkened glance. Gu Xue promptly released Xu Weilai from her embrace and sat primly on the couch.

    Gu Yu’s turned his eyes to Xu Weilai’s face. Suppressing his urge to wipe her face clean, he strode out of the bedroom.

    As soon as he left, the unnerving atmosphere dissipated immediately. Gu Xue heaved a sigh of relief. Without another word, she wrapped her hands around Xu Weilai’s arm and leaned over. Up close, she noticed several love bites on Xu Weilai’s neck that disappeared into her nightgown. With a smile that was wistful and embarrassed, she said, “Oh my god, Sister-in-law, you and Brother Yu are such a loving couple…”

    Xu Weilai blushed furiously when she saw the smile on Gu Xue’s face and instinctively rearranged her hair to cover the red marks.

    A loving couple? Gu Xue had to be dreaming! What on earth did she think she was talking about?

    “I was right, wasn’t I? Brother Yu likes you. Wait, no, that’s not right. Brother Yu loves you very much!”

    He loves Xu Weilai?

    Xu Weilai laughed bitterly. Gu Yu didn’t even like her. How could he love her? All she knew was that Gu Yu hated her with the passion of a thousand suns!

    Without realizing it, she spoke her thoughts aloud. Gu Xue’s expression easily revealed how shocked she was. She asked, “Sister-in-law… is that what you truly think?”