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Chapter 269 - Mr. Xiao

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 269: Mr. Xiao

    What? 100 points?!

    How was that even possible!

    Everyone in the room was astounded. This was an amazing score, and it was virtually impossible to obtain that with a karaoke system. One would imagine that even its inventor couldn’t rig the system to get himself such a score. Perhaps for a singer with the skill of Qin Guiyue, a maximum score may have been possible, but only for a song or two that she was particularly good with. Her earlier score 98 points was already a superb tally, so for Xiao Luo to get a perfect 100 points was simply incredible.

    Xiao Luo’s rendition of the “old hag” was unbelievable and dazzled each and everyone in the room.

    “Xiao Luo, it’s such a huge shame you didn’t compete in The Voice of China with your talent in singing.”

    “That’s right, you’re usually so low-key, and nobody would have expected you to have so much talent in singing.”

    “Your daughter is a fantastic singer too, and she is so cute!”

    Everyone was magnanimous with their compliments despite the song being sung as a dig at Qin Guiyue for her sarcasm. In fact, they all seemed to have totally forgotten about it altogether.

    “Xiao Luo, I’m acquainted with an agent from a record company in Xiahai, and I could introduce you to him. With your evident talent, maybe you could achieve something great in this field.” Guo Qinghe said with genuine appreciation.

    “Chairperson, thank you, but I’m not very interested in a singing career. But thanks all the same.” Xiao Luo turned him down politely.

    Guo Qinghe sighed, “Xiao Luo, you’re really good at singing, why don’t you think about it first before giving me an answer?”

    Xiao Luo shook his head and smiled, “I really appreciate your kindness, but I’ve got my own business to take care of. And I don’t wish to become a public figure, so becoming a singer is really not suitable for me.”

    “If that is so, then it’s a little unfortunate.” Guo Qinghe replied, somewhat disappointed.

    “Xiao Luo, since the chairperson had connections to a record company, you should take full advantage of it. Look at your mediocre life now, why don’t you try to push yourself harder for once? If you become popular, many of us will support you.” A man tried to persuade him.

    A girl chimed, “Xiao Luo, I’m not trying to be nosy, but you’ve always acted this way since our college days. You don’t know how to take advantage of the network and the resources around you. And now you’re still acting this way even after we’ve graduated. How do you expect to be successful? A great opportunity like this is doesn’t come every day.”

    Xiao Luo still had a polite smile on his face, but he was terribly disappointed with this gathering. It had only been three years, and yet he could already see the drastic change in his former classmates. Gone was the sincerity in their friendship, replaced now with hypocrisy and ulterior motives behind their every word and action. He was truly disappointed as he did not think they would become such people, but perhaps it was he that had come with such high expectations, to begin with.

    “I’m sorry, I have some urgent business to attend to, so I’ll need to leave first.”

    He made a random excuse, grabbed Bei Bei’s hand, and walked out of the room. He could not bear to stay for another moment.

    “Old Xiao, wait for me.”

    When he saw that Xiao Luo was leaving, Zhang Dashan immediately stood up, not intending to hang around. He smiled and told everyone, “I have something on too. You guys have fun, okay.”

    He then picked up his jacket and followed after Xiao Luo.

    Everyone was surprised, but it didn’t take them too long before they started discussing the sudden departure of the two.

    “What’s wrong with these two, how could they leave just like that?”

    “What else could it be. Xiao Luo’s pissed off and Zhang Dashan being very close to him, of course, would do the same.”

    “Wasn’t it just a bit of sarcasm from Guiyue? Aiyah, if he’s pissed off by a little thing like that, then it’s not very manly of him.”

    Hu Shuiping was a little peeved at all the talk and put his own thoughts across, saying, not too loudly, “Are you all serious? You guys have been so condescending to Xiao Luo, giving him lectures without even knowing how he was actually doing in real life. And every single one of you was acting so high and mighty, how could anyone tolerate it?”

    No one caught what Hu Shuiping said except Guo Qinghe, sitting beside him, who heard it clearly.

    Guo Qinghe shook his head and let out a long patronizing sigh, “Shui, you can’t say just that, everyone was thinking in Xiao Luo’s interest. Since we’re all classmates, nobody would want him to do badly in life. If anyone faces any difficulty in life, we are all here to take care of each other.”

    “But none of us know anything about Xiao Luo’s life, do we? He has always been a low-key guy, so what if he’s doing way better than us? Wouldn’t it be a big, fat joke on us for trying to lecture him?” Hu Shuiping said matter-of-factly.

    The room fell into an uncomfortable silence after hearing that.

    Qin Guiyue spoke with a sneer, “With his arrogant attitude, how well could he do in life? Don’t forget he toyed around with Mengqi, and for that, he’s no more than a jerk. He’s the equivalent of a rat on the street, so I’m glad he’s left!”

    A girl who was close to Qin Guiyue pitched in angrily, “That’s totally right! And that no-good Zhang Dashan is shamefully uneducated and full of obscenities. I’m ashamed to have anything to do with such a classmate!” She did not dare to say it in Zhang Dashan’s face, but since he had already left, she was going on about it.

    A man agreed, “Right, right, he’s damn uncouth. If we’re ever holding any more gatherings in the future, let’s leave the two of them out. It’d just spoil our mood.”

    Zhao Mengqi felt a deep sense of disappointment with some of her classmates for belittling Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan. Some of their comments were uncalled for, especially when they knew nothing about them. They had such high opinions of themselves, quickly jumping to their own conclusions, simply to rationalize their contempt of the two. But the reality was that they were blindly ignorant, only judging Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan by what they remembered from college. Weren’t they aware of the Chinese adage: “after a scholar’s absence of three days, one will see a man changed for the better?”

    “Alright, alright, let’s not talk about them. Let’s continue.” Guo Qinghe waved his hand in an attempt to shift away from the unsavory topic.

    A gentle knock came from the door, as it was pushed open, several waiters came in with platters of fruit and snacks, along with various drinks and two bottles of wine. The spread was decent and was expected in a place like this, but the bottles had given everyone a big shock.


    A man familiar with wines named the two bottles of Burgundy on the table immediately, “the retail price is around eighty thousand per bottle!”


    Everyone gasped in disbelief, and they couldn’t believe a bottle of red wine could cost eighty thousand! And now they’ve actually seen it with their own eyes.

    Hu Shuiping stood up immediately, a little concerned and asked, “Pretty lady, we did not order anything, did you bring this here by mistake?”

    The senior wait staff, an attractive lady, smiled and said, “Sir, there’s no mistake, these are with the compliments of our boss, Mr. Chu. And oh, by the way, all of your expenses tonight will be on the house. Everything will be covered by the Maple Leaf Hotel.”


    What was going on?

    Everyone was in a stupor. Why the sudden mention of a Boss Chu, who is he?

    Guo Qinghe asked curiously, “May I ask if the Boss Chu you’re talking about is Mr. Chu Yunxiong?”

    “Yes, the Maple Leaf Hotel is part of Chongshan House’s property group.” The charming waitress smiled politely. Having been through extensive training in service excellence, her smile was genuine and warm.

    Guo Qinghe was lost for words, and asked, “But none of us has any relationship with Mr. Chu Yunxiong, so why would he gift us such expensive red wines?”

    “Oh, allow me to explain. As you are classmates of Mr. Xiao, Boss Chu has instructed us not to bill for any of tonight’s expenses.” The beautiful waitress answered honestly.

    Mr. Xiao?

    Xiao Luo?

    Hearing the surname Xiao, everyone was suddenly shocked. As none of them had the surname Xiao, the lady must then be referring to Xiao Luo.

    A prominent business leader in this city had actually paid their bills, and even presented them two rare bottles of vintage red wines, all because of Xiao Luo? What was going on?