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Chapter 225 - It Looks Quite Pretty

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 225: It Looks Quite Pretty

    Being accompanied by Bo Muyi, Su Cha went around the Imperial Capital.

    Actually, it was enough to be able to be with Bo Muyi.

    She did not need to go around.

    She too didn’t want others to see Bo Muyi.

    As long as Bo Muyi appeared amongst people, he would definitely become the centre of attention. She did not want to see Bo Muyi being watched by others.

    Bo Muyi was obviously also reluctant to go out. He would rather stay in the car with Su Cha the entire afternoon instead of letting others covet his Cha Cha.

    As long as the gaze of other people fell on Su Cha for more than a second, he would feel a very irritable impulse.

    The two of them sat in a secret clubhouse for the entire afternoon, only when it was time to eat did they return to Lookout Pavilion, as they promised the old lady dinner together.

    Along the way, Su Cha went into a jewelry store and picked a platinum bracelet for the old lady.

    Of course, she used her own scholarship money, the price was 78,000 yuan.

    This bracelet to people like Bo Muyi was something unimpressive. Bo Muyi was puzzled too. “She doesn’t lack these things, what are you giving it to her for?”

    He didn’t care about what Su Cha gave, but instead noted that she was gifting the old lady, and felt a little unhappy, “You haven’t even given me anything yet…”

    Su Cha kept the wrapped bracelet. “Muyi, I am preparing your gift.”

    She told Bo Muyi “It’s a matter of courtesy to the old lady. I’m leaving the best for you.”

    She had long thought about her gift for Bo Muyi, but now wasn’t the time to give gifts.

    Hearing her words, Bo Muyi’s mood also lightened, his deep eyes flashed with a little anticipation. “What are you giving me?”


    Bo Muyi: “…”

    Su Cha smiled gently.

    She lived in Lookout Pavilion. After all, the Old Lady was the mistress of Lookout Pavilion, she knew that out of courtesy she couldn’t appear empty-handed.

    She bought the bracelet with her own scholarship money, it was the most valuable gift she could afford at present, and its meaning was equally valuable.

    Whether the old lady accepted it or even wore it, was not within the scope of Su Cha’s consideration. As long as she did it, it was right.

    Returning to Lookout Pavilion, today’s Lookout Pavilion seemed to be slightly different from when she came, as if there was some scent of smoke.

    Busy servants were carrying delicate dishes. When they reached the living room, the old lady had put on another cheongsam and sat on the main seat.

    Seeing Bo Muyi and Su Cha, she lifted her eyes and spoke elegantly. “Sit down since you’ve returned, someone has made the kitchen prepare all your favourite food.”

    Whom this someone was referring to, it was obvious.

    It was a pity the person himself didn’t really acknowledge it. Bo Muyi sat down with an indifferent expression, his eyes never leaving Su Cha.

    The old lady paused.

    Su Cha came forward at this time and handed the gift box to the old lady. “Grandma, I’ve come here for the first time, this gift is for you, it’s not very expensive, I hope you like it.”

    There was a trace of surprise in the eyes of the old lady. She put down the serviette in her hand. When she took the box, she saw the nonchalant man’s eyes fixated on it.

    The old lady took it quietly, the corner of her mouth finally lifted, showing some amusement, though it was not obvious. “You have a good heart.”

    She took the box and opened it. When she saw a platinum bracelet, she raised her eyebrows slightly.

    “It looks quite pretty.”

    Unexpectedly, the old lady took the bracelet out and put it on her wrist.