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Chapter 305 - Meng Meng, Please Don’t Be Angry, OK?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 305: Meng Meng, Please Don’t Be Angry, OK?

    Ning Meng was furious.

    Huo Beichen kept telling her that he liked her and yet, the people around him, even the receptionist at his company, were willing to humiliate her. It did not help that their marriage was a hidden one and very few within the circle of the wealthy knew about their marriage.

    He had never admitted that she was his wife in any of the functions he went to. Was she that embarrassing to be shown to the public? This was too much!

    Hence, after she had said this, she waved her hand. “Step Hen, let’s go!”

    The four bodyguards gathered around Ning Meng and they left Huo Group.

    Qi Shan was speechless. They were doomed!

    He wanted to chase after her and ask Ning Meng to stay behind, however, Stephen and his three other men had tightly surrounded her and he could not get close to her at all and could only shout out, “Missus! Ning Meng! All of this is just a misunderstanding…”

    Ning Meng refused to turn back, getting into her car and leaving immediately.

    After the five of them had left, Qi Shan returned to the lobby where the receptionist was still showing off.

    “PA Qi, so what if Miss Ning is Mrs. Huo! I was adamant to not let her go up because this is an exemplary display of our company’s high standards of rules!”

    Qi Shan could only quietly chuckle when he saw her in this state. He was too lazy to even respond. She would know what was waiting for her once the boss found out what had just transpired!

    Qi Shan fled upstairs wanting to inform the boss the first chance he could.


    Back in the conference room, Huo Beichen finally found some time to look at his phone while everyone else was in a discussion. He noticed that there was a miscall and a new WeChat text.

    Ning Meng: [Lord Chen?]

    As he could not return the call immediately, he decided to reply to her text: [I was in a meeting. What’s up?]

    After he had sent the text out, she did not reply, and Huo Beichen raised his eyebrow slightly. He could not explain why he felt nervous. Leaving his phone on the table and canceling the silent mode, he returned his focus to the meeting.

    After two hours, Ning Meng had still not replied to his text, and Huo Beichen was sure that something was amiss. He unabashedly picked up his phone and nonchalantly sent her a text, leaving everyone staring at him in a daze.

    Huo Beichen: [Meng Meng, are you there?]

    [Could you reply to my text? What would you like for dinner? I’ll bring you there.]

    [How about I buy some ingredients home and cook for you?]

    Seeing that she was still ignoring him, Huo Beichen raised his hand to stop the discussion and gave her a call. After the phone had rung twice, it was cut off. Huo Beichen was now sure that Ning Meng had gotten angry. Although he did not know what was going on, Huo Beichen apologized instantly.

    Everyone in the room then saw the ever-reliable, efficient, and stern CEO Huo gently speak into the phone.

    “Meng Meng, it’s my fault for not replying to your text promptly. Please don’t be angry, OK?”

    This rendered everyone in the room speechless.

    However, the voice note he had just sent seemed to have sunk like a rock into the ocean, leaving Huo Beichen restless. Finally, he stopped the meeting halfway, and when he went out of the room, he saw Qi Shan standing there as though he was about to burst into tears. Huo Beichen’s expression darkened.

    “What happened?”

    Before Qi Shan could explain, the receptionist who had followed him in arrogantly complained, “CEO Huo, Miss Ning was adamant on seeing you, but you had given out orders before that she is not allowed to come up. I managed to stop her, but who would have thought that Miss Ning would cause such a commotion…”

    The moment she said this, Huo Beichen’s eyes clouded over immediately as he glared icily at the receptionist and Qi Shan.

    “Check the CCTV footage.”

    His girl was not one who would simply throw tantrums. There had to be a reason behind her reaction.