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Chapter 935 - Hand the Document over If You Know Your Place

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 935: Hand the Document over If You Know Your Place

    Avrora stared at the look of disbelief in Wen Xinya’s eyes before bursting into laughter. “What’s wrong? You didn’t expect that, did you?”

    Wen Xinya remained silent without saying anything.

    She could understand the reason behind Duke Moville’s decision to gift her that ancient painting now that she found out his intentions to marry Avrora to Si Yiyan.

    Firstly, he wanted to use the painting to test Si Yiyan and find out what he thought. Given how intelligent Si Yiyan was, he definitely would have guessed that Duke Moville had an ulterior motive for giving her such an expensive gift. Duke Moville used the excuse of Avrora being rude to present Wen Xinya with a gift. She reckoned that Si Yiyan must have already guessed it but did not expose them.

    Secondly, he was also trying to test her wisdom and abilities. If she were ignorant, it would have been exposed at the instant that he presented the ancient masterpiece. The greedy ones would instantly be tempted by the exorbitant. Finding out your enemy’s flaws and strengths was a tactic that was commonly employed by military families.

    Thirdly, he was also indirectly trying to warn her to move aside because he had intentions to let Avrora marry Si Yiyan.

    Fourthly, he also had intentions to bribe Wen Xinya with the legendary and priceless painting. With the painting, she would be able to live in luxury for the rest of her life.

    Although he did not expose his intentions, he would reveal them once the time was ripe.

    Staring at her overwhelmingly, Avrora taunted. “Between you and Lucifer’s interests, which one do you think he will pick? What do you think you can give Rex? Or should I say, what do you think you can do for him?”

    In her opinion, Wen Xinya was completely useless.

    Wen Xinya’s nails had cut deep into her skin and hence, she felt a stinging pain in her palm. “You guys have belittled Rex. You blue-blood Russians are all so arrogant and self-conceited, but you have no idea how formidable Rex is, as the grandson of the most prestigious Xuanyuan Family in Ancient China.”

    They were condescending and even belittled Si Yiyan, so much that they thought he would be willing to give up everything for material benefits. However, Si Yiyan was just as prideful as they were and even more so than the so-called aristocrats.

    However, Avrora was right about one thing. She indeed could not bring about many benefits to Si Yiyan or even give him any help. It was something that she felt extremely indignant about, especially since it was said by her rival.

    Not bothering to even digest her words, Avrora sneered. “Who do you think is the more outstanding one between us? I’m superior to you, be it in terms of family background, status or beauty.”

    Although Bella wore a mask that concealed her features, Russian women were known to be beautiful. Besides, she was the greatest beauty of Russia and hence, she was absolutely confident in her appearance.

    Wen Xinya frowned and remained silent.

    Avrora basked in the joy of her victory. “Miss Bella, I know you find it hard to accept this truth, but you have to admit that you can’t give Rex any advantageous help.”

    “I’m different from you, however. I’m from an age-old Russian aristocratic family and Duke Moville’s most pampered granddaughter. I can give Rex lots of unimaginable benefits by marrying him. These benefits will trump the privileges written in that document. I believe that Rex will be tempted.”

    She was confident that Si Yiyan would definitely marry her.

    Wen Xinya’s heart scrunched up. She was not one to find trouble out of nothing and begin doubting Si Yiyan just because of something Avrora said. However, she could not stand how smug and condescending Avrora was behaving and her false sense of superiority. She openly bragged about the benefits that she could bring about to Si Yiyan because of her family background and status. Those were things that she could not give Si Yiyan, and she could not help but feel terrible about losing out to another woman.

    Chuckling smugly, Avrora said, “Do you still remember that ancient painting that my grandpa gave you? Ever since history, there has rarely been anyone who’d be willing to give up their career for the sake of a woman. It’s common for men to sacrifice women for their career. I remember a famous Chinese emperor from the Tang Dynasty who proudly claimed that he valued his woman over his career. Yet, he still hung his beloved woman to death for the sake of his career. Us women have to spare a thought for the career and empire of our beloved men. Miss Bella, don’t you agree with me?”

    “I didn’t expect you to be so familiar with Chinese history, Miss Avrora,” said Wen Xinya, who thought to herself that Avrora was indeed not a simple woman. Her words were shrewd and sharp enough to render one speechless. If someone else were to be in Wen Xinya’s position, she would have been demoralized by Avrora. However, Wen Xinya had been through enough in both lifetimes to not be affected by her frivolous speech.

    Avrora scoffed. “Miss Bella, hand the document over if you’re sensible enough. There’s no point in you hoarding it. So what if you give it to Rex? The benefits that the Moville Family can give Rex are far more than those mentioned in the document. We can even make him an aristocrat if he wants it.”

    She would not allow Wen Xinya to think that she could rise to power with just a document.