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Chapter 255.4 - See Who Puts on a Greater Show

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 255.4: See Who Puts on a Greater Show

    The corners of Qing Yu’s lips were tinged with a faint mocking smile as she watched the man’s back gradually disappear.

    “Within this Scroll Chambers, is there really a scroll that tells one how to restore the Heavenly Eye?”

    It was not known when Chi Yue had come out from the dimensional space and she was looking at Qing Yu with a complicated expression on her face. “Are you really going to help him?”

    Qing Yu turned her gaze around and said with a faint smile on her lips: “Help. I will naturally help him. But whether he has the fortitude to recover his power will depend entirely on himself.”

    But Qing Yu had never given people any hope for redemption when she made her move.

    There were indeed a good number of mystical ancient scrolls in the Scroll Chambers that contained records on ways to restore a priest’s Heavenly Eye.

    But unfortunately, the method she was going to use was something she learnt from the Heavenly Insights into Medicine, where not only was its power highly damaging, absolutely no one else but just Qing Yu herself would be able to help Cang Jian save his eye throughout the entire realm.

    The ancient text that was the sacred treasure of the greatest secret family hidden from her previous world, was not something that could be unraveled easily.

    That day, Bai Zhi Yan set out from the Dark Lands and it took him about a half day’s time to arrive at the Divine Healers Sect’s territory.

    He had been feeling puzzled and had deliberated throughout the entire journey just what Lou Jun Yao really had up his sleeve. Why had he suddenly been so kind to send him back home to go see how his parents were doing out of the blue, and had even asked him to send his regards to them! ?

    That was not the strangest thing. What was most strange to him on this trip back to his hometown was that he had to bring this kid along with him! ! Why! ?

    And that fella had put it so nicely that the kid should be exposed to the beautiful scenery in Cloud Heaven’s various territories!

    Based on Bai Zhi Yan understanding of a certain someone, he just could not help feeling that that fella was definitely up to no good.

    He thought back and forth about it as he glanced at the youth beside him through narrowed eyes and said: “Why does he want me to bring you along?”

    Hearing that, Qing Bei’s face was expressionless as he looked at the man. “How am I supposed to know?”

    “He did not tell you the reason?” Bai Zhi Yan was a little surprised.

    Qing Bei said tonelessly: “He only said that I should come out to get exposure, and familiarize myself with the way of life in Cloud Heaven.”

    Is that all?

    Bai Zhi Yan just cannot reconcile his thoughts, and he gave up thinking any further on it, as they had made good time on their journey and had come to the Divine Healers Sect’s main gates.

    It must be said that Bai Zhi Yan was quite pitiful. The number of times he came back here throughout so many years was less than you can count on one hand. He would usually not come back unless it was something urgent as they did not want to invite gossip in case anyone found out about it.

    The last time he came back here was with Lou Jun Yao, and he had been mercilessly tormented by the array set by the hand of his own father. This time, he had grown smarter. He was not going to announce his arrival loudly but just went ahead to put his hand on the bronze ring on the main doors, and gave it two light taps.