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Chapter 550 - Turning What Was Make-believe into Truth!

Medical Master
     “Fang Qiu actually released his phone number on Weibo?”

    Jiang Miaoyu widened her eyes as she stared at the new post sent by Fang Qiu. She gawked at Fang Qiu with surprise and remarked, “Have you lost your mind? You have so many followers on Weibo, and now there are so many people who are certainly unwilling to let you off the hook. Won’t your phone ring all day after you released your number to the public?”


    Fang Qiu chuckled and said, “Am I that silly? This phone number was indeed publicized, but before the release, I had changed its settings. Anyone who calls this number only gets to hear ‘the subscriber you dialed is busy’. So, don’t worry.”


    Jiang Miaoyu nodded with understanding. Then, her expression altered as her previous worry was replaced by a new round of irritation. She demanded angrily, “How come I don’t know this number of yours? You actually have another phone number?”

    “This is the number I just bought, isn’t it?”

    Fang Qiu hurriedly explained, “How could I tell everybody my real phone number?”

    “When did you buy it?”

    Jiang Miaoyu pressed him.

    “When I go to the toilet after the meeting,” Fang Qiu answered at once.

    In fact, he did not buy a new number. It was all because his mobile phone had this function. He could register some unique phone numbers that belonged exclusively to himself. Of course, the numbers he registered would not overlap with any other phone numbers in the market. When others made calls with those numbers, they could still get through Fang Qiu’s phone.

    Now Fang Qiu couldn’t help but feel grateful that Li Ji had really given him an excellent cell phone!

    “But, if a girl who claims to be your girlfriend in high school does call this number…”

    Jiang Miaoyu gazed at Fang Qiu, stunned by her own words before she could finish the sentence.

    “How could there be any real girlfriend?”

    Fang Qiu said with a grin, “All the callers who claim to be my girlfriend are frauds. Or else, no one will call me at all. Even if someone dials the number, it will be some fans who are particularly curious about this event. So, as long as I released this new number to the public, I can just take a seat and wait for the fish to take the bait!”

    “Oh, I see.”

    Jiang Miaoyu quickly picked up the situation. She nodded at once, saying, “No wonder you are my boyfriend. You’re so smart!”


    Fang Qiu smiled triumphantly, and then said with a gloomy face, “However, the guy hiding behind the scenes has stirred up rounds and rounds of unnecessary trouble for me with those fabricated dark stories about me. Obviously, he wants me cornered. But I can’t be trampled upon like this.”

    “Surely that’s true. But what can you do?” asked Jiang Miaoyu, raising her eyebrows.

    “I’ll make a call.”

    Fang Qiu smiled, took out his mobile phone, and directly dialed the phone number of He Gaoming.


    When the call got through, He Gaoming’s voice came through.

    “It’s me,” said Fang Qiu.

    “Of course, I know it’s you.”

    He Gaoming snorted and said, “I’ve watched the news about you. You dude is not ordinarily wicked. Since I saw you donate money, I’ve always thought you’re a good person. But I never knew that you turned out to be a love rat, the very despicable kind!”


    Fang Qiu twitched his mouth.


    He Gaoming laughed out loud and said, “Don’t take it personally. But I have to say that you really attract so much slander and malice. They can easily blame anything bad on you. You are still wet behind the ears. But they already said that you were a love rat. Why don’t these people come and look for me? I’m also a genius in smearing people’s reputation, aren’t I?”

    Fang Qiu didn’t want to bicker with him and so he asked directly, “How much do you want?”

    “One hundred thousand.”

    He Gaoming immediately stopped laughing and said, “In normal cases, given our relationship, I shouldn’t have collected the money from you. But I’m a bit tight recently. Plus, considering that you don’t have time to donate money for the time being, I intend to ask you for an extra amount of money and help you donate tens of thousands.”


    Fang Qiu nodded at once and said, “I need to know who’s trying to defame me behind my back. I want details!”

    “No problem,” He Gaoming answered and hung up the phone.

    “Who is it?” asked Jiang Miaoyu.

    “A very brilliant private detective,” said Fang Qiu.

    On the internet.

    Because a great number of people were paying attention to this matter, the moment Fang Qiu posted the new post, it immediately attracted a lot of attention.

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s post, everyone was dazed at once.

    Then, they all laughed.

    “Damn it. What a brilliant reply!”

    “Holy shit, this reply is absolutely amazing!”

    “What a domineering reply. I think Fang Qiu has nothing to hide. He even published his phone number. Where is the woman who said Fang Qiu has defiled and abandoned her? Hurry up to call Fang Qiu.”

    “Show your face now and let me see what you look like!”

    For the moment, netizens began to tease the author of that article.

    They all urged the person who claimed to have been made use of and kicked away by Fang Qiu to call Fang Qiu as soon as possible. Fang Qiu had even released his phone number, which clearly showed that he would take the responsibility if there was really such a person!

    There was no doubt that this was the strongest counterattack against those who defamed him!

    The key point was that Fang Qiu replied almost instantly, and he didn’t give these bombs too much time to brew. This was enough to prove that he was honest and did not seek help from any public relations team.

    Nevertheless, the only drawback of this move was that Fang Qiu actually got his phone number exposed.

    This was truly a windfall!

    After hesitating for a long while, some fans drew out their cell phones one after another and dialed Fang Qiu’s number.

    “Sorry, the number you dialed is currently busy. Please dial again later.”

    Every person who made the phone call heard the same prompt.

    The prompt made everyone sigh with emotion.

    “If this call can get through, the sun will rise from the west.”

    “The ten million fans are real indeed. If each of them makes a call at a time, it will cost 10,000,000 minutes, which equals 6944 days. That will be 19 years!”

    “There are just too many people making the call, aren’t they?”

    “Now it’s screwed. If each of the fans calls the number, Fang Qiu will be exhausted to death answering the phone.”

    After they tried for a while, the line was still busy.

    Everyone gradually gave up fussing about Fang Qiu’s phone number. Instead, they all clicked on the topic “Scumbag Fang Qiu” and started to talk to the person who created this topic. Some even went straight to the post in the post-bar and feverishly left a sea of messages.

    “Fang Qiu has replied. Hurry to contact him. He promised he would be responsible for you.”

    “Fang Qiu has even released his phone number. Call him now!”

    “Post starter, you have successfully attracted Fang Qiu’s attention.”

    “Fang Qiu is going to be responsible for you. Where are you now?”

    Within just half an hour, another hot topic appeared on Weibo and the post-bar.

    #Looking for Liu Qingqing!#

    Liu Qingqing was the post starter in the post-bar and the Weibo post writer who had exposed Fang Qiu’s dark history.

    That was because after Fang Qiu sent the post on Weibo, this Liu Qingqing took no more action by far.

    No matter how the netizens urged her, there was still no response.

    Everyone was dying to know why the woman who came to the public, pretended to be helpless to gain sympathy, and stood on the moral high ground to accuse Fang Qiu, suddenly disappeared.

    She should have been paying close attention to the post she sent.

    But why did she fell into silence?

    One the other side—

    In a public relations company.

    “What the fuck!”

    A group of public relations men was sitting in front of the computers. They were all dumbstruck the moment they saw Fang Qiu’s reply. Some of them even scratched their heads in bewilderment.

    Who were they?

    They were professionals in public relations!

    They made a living by defaming people and clearing their names.

    After working in this field for so many years, their company was quite famous in the entertainment circle. Many big stars had cooperated with them. Therefore, they thought they already knew all the things and tricks in the entertainment circle.

    Therefore, when they received the money to sully Fang Qiu’s reputation, they had already listed a dozen possible situations and Fang Qiu’s replies. Moreover, they had designed a way to deal with all those kinds of situations and responses, resolute to make others believe the dark story about Fang Qiu that they had concocted.

    However, they had never expected that Fang Qiu actually replied in this fashion!

    In the past, when they spoke ill of others, the other party responded either slowly or half-genuinely. This allowed them to quickly spot the other party’s flaw, and then they would take the opportunity to continue defaming them.

    Yet, the response of Fang Qiu was plainly saying that he would turn the table against them directly!

    So, how could they continue the task?

    “Meeting! We’ll have a meeting!”

    In the crowd, the supervisor stood up with a frown.

    Everyone immediately gathered around him.

    “We are going to do a brainstorm now. Any resolution or idea is welcomed,” said the supervisor, glancing at everyone present.

    In the end, after surveying the employees for a long time, he only found that everyone was shaking their heads. It seemed that no one had a good idea.

    Just at this time—


    A young man stood up and said, “Now that this matter has already developed to this stage, and we have also taken the client’s money, we have to deal with the matter more efficiently.”

    “Just say what you want to say,” said the supervisor.

    “Then I’ll go straight to the point.”

    The young man nodded and said, “We all know that the dark story is completely a frame-up. Judging by his reply, Fang Qiu is definitely not afraid of it. Yet, our work is to make him afraid. Anyway, this dark story is not real. Since he is not scared, let’s continue to work on it.”

    “How to?”

    The others were nonplussed.

    “Are you saying… that we’re going to make it a real one?”

    The supervisor’s eyes lit up.

    “That’s right.”

    The young man nodded immediately and said, “Since we can’t fake it, let’s turn it into a real one. Now everyone is looking for the woman Fang Qiu had once defiled. It’s not difficult to conjure up such a woman. The problem is how to let the netizens believe the story is real when the female doesn’t show up.”

    “Great idea!”

    The supervisor smiled.

    Fang Qiu’s fearless reply did make him ill at ease for quite a while. When he saw Fang Qiu’s post, all he thought about was how to respond to it. Yet, he failed to realize that this was not about bickering with Fang Qiu but manipulating the public opinion.

    So, what was the point of replying to Fang Qiu?

    Although netizens liked to watch people argue, they’d like to see evidence more.

    Once he presented the evidence, Fang Qiu would be done!

    However, where could he find such evidence?

    “I have an idea.”

    The supervisor’s eyes glittered with inspiration. He instructed, “Don’t worry about the comments online. You guys immediately find ways to contact the students who have conflicts with Fang Qiu in high school and college. Ask them for a private meeting and have a good talk with them. It would be ideal to ask them to come to the public and say some ambiguous words. As long as they agree, any price can be negotiated.”

    Upon hearing that, all the people present burst into laughter.

    “Doesn’t Fang Qiu look very calm and honest? Didn’t he reply in a very smart and domineering manner?

    “But this time—

    “Let’s wait and see what else he can do!”

    “The meeting is dismissed. Let’s crack on.”

    The supervisor waved his hand and everyone immediately went back to their posts.

    Among them, some immediately logged onto the forum of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to search for information and to inquire about the people who had had conflicts with Fang Qiu when they were in school.

    A few others directly made a phone call to the high school Fang Qiu had attended. Some already busied themselves booking railway tickets, ready to rush to that high school.