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Chapter 306 - How to Apologize to the Missus?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 306: How to Apologize to the Missus?

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    The moment she heard him mention the CCTV footage, the receptionist panicked. Gulping down her saliva, she quickly said, “CEO Huo, I…”

    Unfortunately for her, Huo Beichen did not even spare her a glance and went straight into his office. Qi Shan was extremely efficient and the moment Huo Beichen had reached his office, the CCTV footage was already displayed on his computer monitor. He took off his business coat and passed it to Qi Shan, sitting down in front of his computer.

    The receptionist was trembling in fear. As she stood in his office, she kept comforting herself. Perhaps CEO Huo hated Mrs. Huo so much that he would not blame her?

    The next thing she knew, she heard her earlier insult being played from the computer.

    “Some people just don’t know their place. Is there really any meaning for you to come to the company and wreak havoc here once a month? You were able to marry CEO Huo, for goodness sake. How many chances like this could you get across your many lifetimes? A smart person would just sit at home obediently. Do CEO Huo a favor and just sit back and relax. I’ve not seen someone as stupid as you. All you do is go around and cause trouble. No wonder CEO Huo has never returned home since he married you!”

    When these words were played, the intimidating aura that shrouded Huo Beichen intensified. In fact, the moment he heard these words, he took the coffee cup from his table and aggressively threw it toward the receptionist who was standing in front of him!


    The cup broke and coffee was spilled all over her. The receptionist was so frightened that she turned as pale as a ghost. She felt as though all her energy had been sapped away, leaving her shivering.

    Huo Beichen furrowed his brows and angrily reproached, “Dismiss her this instant! Blacklist her from all of Huo Group’s subsidiary companies!”

    Qi Shan immediately replied, “Yes, sir.”

    Right after saying that, he walked quickly toward the receptionist, held onto her arm, and pulled her out of the door. The receptionist was in utter shock and cried out in disbelief, “CEO Huo, you cannot do this to me! You were the one who banned Mrs. Huo from coming up here! You hated her, so I just wanted to help chase her away for you! You cannot do this to me…”

    Huo Beichen raised his black obsidian eyes. Qi Shan was frozen stiff as Huo Beichen looked like he was about to kill someone, and so, he did not hesitate to seize onto the receptionist even more firmly and dragged her out.

    After they had both left, Huo Beichen clenched his fists tightly, his brows furrowed intensely. The words of the receptionist kept replaying in his head.

    “You hated her, so I just wanted to help chase her away for you…”

    It was no wonder Meng Meng was this furious. He kept telling her that he liked her, and yet, what had he ever done for her? Truth be told, it was because of his prior attitude that the whole company did not respect Meng Meng. Huo Beichen drew in a deep breath. This was all due to his negligence.

    After he had cleared his head, he did not give himself any more excuses, immediately picking up his phone. After staring at his phone for a while, he then went to the “Is Missus Coming Home Today?” group chat and sent a text.

    Huo Beichen: [How to apologize to the Missus?]

    Qi Shan replied in the next second: [Give her money! Give her a lot of money!]

    Su Ye: [I feel that the Missus has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. Boss, you have to thicken your face and try every method you know.]

    Fei Bai: [Kill the receptionist. Avenge the Missus.]



    After leaving Huo Group, Ning Meng had indeed been furious, but after driving for a bit, her anger had eventually subsided. It was true that the original Ning Meng had indeed crossed the line before, hence, Huo Beichen’s order was not in the wrong, however, the receptionist’s bullying was not acceptable. Huo Beichen just needed to apologize and everything would be fine.

    Just as she was deep in her thoughts, her car suddenly shook. Someone had fallen onto her car! Ning Meng’s heart raced and she abruptly stepped on her car brakes! She quickly got down from the car and saw that a lady had fallen onto her car hood!