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Chapter 281 - He won’t go (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 281: He won’t go (1)

    Since Gu Xue had already heard her, it was impossible to take it back even if Xu Weilai had wanted to do so. She could only plaster a small smile on her face as she said, “It’s not how I think… it’s the truth.”

    Truth be told, she didn’t intend to tell anyone about the love-hate relationship that she had with Gu Yu. Even to Xiao Chun, she had only shared good things. If she hadn’t let it slip this time, she wouldn’t admit to it either.

    To admit yourself that the person you once loved hates you is something that required an incredible amount of strength.

    It was natural for someone to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster. More often than not, many would choose to escape reality instead of facing it head-on!

    Gu Xue ruffled her hair with mixed emotions. “Alright, I’ll admit. In the beginning, that’s what I thought too. If that hadn’t been the case, Brother Yu wouldn’t have called off the engagement back then. But in the end, he still married you. The fact that he was willing to marry you should be enough to prove that you mean something to him.”

    Xu Weilai shook her head with a wistful smile on her face. “I know my place, that was because of Grandpa,” she said.

    “That’s not true!” Gu Xue retorted. “I’ve never seen Brother Yu do anything he wasn’t willing to do for a long time. Who could force him to? Even back then, when Grandpa was so against him calling off the engagement, didn’t he still go against his wishes and call it off?”

    After finishing her piece, Gu Xue then realized the example that she raised wasn’t appropriate for the situation. She chuckled awkwardly, “Forget the last sentence, that didn’t mean anything. Let me try again!”

    Xu Weilai chuckled, not saying a word.

    Gu Xue racked her brains, trying to find other examples to use. “Let’s not talk about what happened in the past. Instead, let’s talk about what happened after you guys got married. Look, there was this one time where Brother Yu had pushed me into the pond for your sake. Another time, back when I had brought those fans to surround you, Brother Yu was the one who stopped me. He even made me pay a huge sum of money. Oh, and also… back when I lived in your house, where I caught Brother Yu walking into our room that night to secretly kiss you!”

    Xu Weilai had known about the first thing she had mentioned, but she wasn’t aware of the other two instances happening. Would Gu Yu truly do such things for her? She still had her doubts!

    “Are the things you’re saying true? Are you sure?”

    “Eh…” Gu Xue stuck her tongue out of guilt, ultimately deciding to tell the truth. “I don’t know if Brother Yu kissing you secretly happened or just a hallucination I had. However, the second thing I mentioned did happen!”

    Xu Weilai questioned once more, “How did you know that Gu Yu stopped you for my sake? Isn’t it possible that he was just passing by? Even if that was the case, the reason behind his actions wouldn’t be whatever you’re thinking.”

    Gu Xue didn’t expect Xu Weilai to be so pessimistic about their relationship.

    She could vaguely remember how Xu Weilai used to brim with confidence three years ago. Despite provoking her every single time by saying that Brother Yu would never like her, she would always retort smugly:, “I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed then… Gu Yu likes me! Gu Yu’s mine!

    Boohoo! Is her ultimate ship going to go down? That’s even more devastating than her getting dumped!

    That wasn’t enough; she had to prove that Brother Yu likes Xu Weilai. For the couple that she greatly supported, she had to see it to the end no matter what!

    “Sister-in-law, talk is cheap. We should just take action! Watch me!”

    Gu Xue thumped her chest with one hand and picked up her phone. Her fingers flew rapidly across the screen. With a smirk, she said, “It’s done!”

    Xu Weilai didn’t even have the chance to stop her. She couldn’t help herself from worrying, “What did you do? You… you better not have done anything stupid!”

    Gu Yu was aloof, heartless, and prone to mood swings. If Gu Xue had offended him because of her, there was no way she could ever feel at ease!