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Chapter 226 - No One Is Allowed In!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 226: No One Is Allowed In!

    The bracelet's design was carefully selected by Su Cha. It had a long and slender red-crowned crane that leaned toward the Chinese style. It was simple and elegant. Otherwise, Su Cha would not have picked it at first glance.

    The old lady's entire body exuded a noble aura. The platinum bracelet didn't seem too out of place, but it also didn't match her status.

    The embroidery on the cheongsam was Su Cha's specialty. The thread on the satin fabric was definitely worth a lot. The embroidery was at the master level. It was not the same style as the Tang embroidery, but it was also top-notch.

    The old lady's outfit was priceless.

    She was wearing a jade ring on her left hand. There was a pearl necklace on her neck matching her cheongsam. There was no sign of impetuousness. There was only luxury and elegance.

    The old lady put on the bracelet to her wrist and gestured for Su Cha to sit down.

    After Su Cha took her seat, the old lady picked up a cup of tea and sipped it. Suddenly, she said, "You became the provincial champion?"

    Su Cha nodded and the old lady nodded. "What a smart kid."

    Besides that, she did not say anything.

    Her expression did not change.

    If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely be under a lot of pressure when interacting with such a person.

    That's because one couldn't guess what she's thinking, whether she really liked you or disliked you.

    She naturally felt panic in her heart.

    However, Su Cha did not care about all these. She smiled no matter what the old lady said. She had a natural aura that the old lady had never seen before.

    The man next to her placed his arm on the table, his fingertips on his forehead. His perfect side profile was delicate and intricate.

    His deep eyes stared at Su Cha. As he listened to their conversation, his thoughts were indiscernible.

    Then the dishes were served, and a problem arose.

    Su Cha moved her chopsticks, but Bo Muyi did not move.

    The old lady held the bowl. Seeing that Bo Muyi did not move his chopsticks, she gently placed the bowl down. "Aren't you the one who likes it? Do you not have an appetite?"

    Bo Muyi stared at Su Cha.

    Su Cha came to a realization. In front of an elder, Su Cha could not do such a thing as feeding him. She whispered to Bo Muyi, "Muyi, eat it by yourself."

    Bo Muyi's expression darkened.

    His emotions started to become gloomy and anxious, making people shudder.

    The old lady was stunned by the sudden change in his attitude. She did not understand.

    Su Cha frowned.

    For a moment, she did not want to spoil Bo Muyi, but she could not say anything about him.

    And when his dark eyes stared straight at her, her heart softened. How could she bear to blame him?

    After some thought, she said, "He's not hungry. We ate outside."


    The old lady nodded and did not worry about Bo Muyi's attitude. She only said, "I'll get the kitchen to send supper over later. He did not pay much attention to these things when he was working. You are his girlfriend. It's good that you watch over him."

    Su Cha responded softly. Bo Muyi seemed to have thought of something and calmed down, strangely.

    He lowered his head and fiddled with the corner of Su Cha's shirt, which surprised the old lady.

    Just then, a servant reported, "Old Madam, Little Miss is here to see you…"

    Before he could finish, Bo Muyi's expression changed, and his eyes became full of hostility. "Don't let her in! No one is allowed in!"

    The sudden shout made Su Cha's forehead twitch.

    The servant shivered in fear.

    Su Cha did not know who the young mistress was, but she was obviously close to the old lady. When she saw Bo Muyi getting angry, the old lady did not seem to mind at all. She calmly put down her chopsticks and said, "Let her wait at the court. I will go out to see her."