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Chapter 490 - Human-snake Hybrid Meng’s Beliefs

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 490: Human-snake Hybrid Meng’s Beliefs

    Once he finished speaking, Meng put down his crossbow, picked up two daggers and rushed towards Zi Shang.

    He moved swiftly. The dagger in his hand was made of fine iron and was coated with venom extracted from his fangs.

    Zi Shang didn’t take this attack lightly. He pushed Yun Jiuge behind him and started fighting with Meng.

    Meng was quick, agile, and incredibly supple. His movements were fast and accurate, and he had great strength. If he had faced any other cultivator who had lost their Spiritual Power, he would be a terrifying opponent.

    But Zi Shang was a tough opponent himself and he managed to deflect every of Meng’s blows.

    He soon found Meng’s weakness and punched him in the chest, sending him flying.

    Meng’s body flew into a rock and slid onto the ground. A faint trail of blood immediately oozed from the corner of his mouth.

    “Clan Leader,” murmured the clan members. Seeing that their Clan Leader had been beaten, the human-snake hybrid clan quickly surrounded him.

    The remaining fighters stood around them in a defensive position. Their snake eyes glared fiercely at Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang looked at them coldly but didn’t attack again.

    “There’s no need for everyone to be afraid. Actually, my friend here is also a human-snake hybrid,” Yun Jiuge said and pulled Zi Shang’s sleeve. She whispered, “Quickly show them your snake tail.” Didn’t he always like to show-off his snake tail previously?

    “Tsk,” Zi Shang muttered. Back then, he had no choice but to appear as half human half snake. He had long wanted to stop being a snake demon many years ago.

    But since Yun Jiuge had commanded him to do so, he still obediently turned his lower body into a snake tail.

    The long black snake tail was dazzling, and the strong power contained within was enough to invoke fear.

    “You’re also a human-snake hybrid?” Meng asked, his eyes glowing. His black and golden snake tail slithered over, wanting to touch Zi Shang’s tail.

    “Scram,” Zi Shang said. His face darkened and he flicked Meng’s snake tail away.

    “Hiss!” Meng was hurt from the impact but he still had a happy expression on his face. He said to Zi Shang, “Warrior, since you’re part of our human-snake hybrid clan, why do you mix with people of the human-eagle hybrid clan? They’re the enemies of our human-snake hybrid clan.”

    In the wild, eagles preyed on poisonous snakes. Although the human-eagle hybrid clan had never eaten the human-snake hybrid clan before, the food supply in the Secret Realm was becoming scarce, and there might be a day where the human-beast hybrids would prey on each other.

    In case this really happened, Meng had gone to exchange weapons with the Divine Envoy a long time ago.

    “You’re wrong. The human-eagle hybrid clan is not your enemy. Your enemy is death and hunger. In the current situation, everyone should work together to overcome the challenges. With so much fighting among yourselves, the situation will only become worse,” Yun Jiuge took this opportunity to speak up.

    “Who are you?” Meng asked and looked at Yun Jiuge suspiciously.

    “My surname is Yun. I think your Divine Envoy must have spoken to you about me before, otherwise, you wouldn’t have desperately tried to catch me,” Yun Jiuge said with a smile.

    “The Divine Envoy didn’t mention your origin. She only said that if we catch you, we could go to her to exchange for a lot of food,” Meng replied bluntly.

    “Did you ever wonder why the Divine Envoy wants to catch me so badly?” Yun Jiuge asked patiently.

    “No,” Meng said and shook his head firmly. How would they dare question the honorable Divine Envoy about her thoughts?

    “I’ll tell you then,” Yun Jiuge cleared her throat and began to speak again. “The reason why your Divine Envoy wants to catch me is because I can give you hope for the future. For example, I can give you food.”

    “Really, you have food now?” Meng asked and immediately widened his eyes. There was also an uproar from the clan members standing behind him.

    “Miss Yun, our human-eagle hybrid clan pledged our loyalty to you first. If you have food, please give it to us first,” A’ze shouted anxiously.

    “Bah, your human-eagle hybrid clan can scram,” Meng said disdainfully to A’ze. He said fervently to Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, since you’re friends with this human-snake hybrid warrior, it means that you’re a friend of our human-snake hybrid clan. As long as you give us food, we’ll do whatever you ask us to.”

    “Miss Yun, you’re the Master of our Prince. You can’t abandon the human-eagle hybrid clan!” A’ze said anxiously.

    “Miss Yun, as long as you can give us food, you can be my Master,” Meng said. He was even more anxious than A’ze.

    “Stop, stop, stop,” Yun Jiuge answered and quickly stopped their bickering. She continued, “Both your tribes will get enough food, I promise.”

    “Miss Yun, may I ask where your food comes from?” Meng asked hesitantly.

    Judging by the attitude of the human-eagle hybrid clan earlier, the food could not have been at the Eagle Cliff.

    If Miss Yun had put large amounts of food in other places, then he would need to send some people to help protect it.

    “You don’t need to worry about it. Let’s talk about Gaga Grass first,” Yun Jiuge said. She was not so foolish to take out food from the Magical Bottomless Bag in front of them.

    There was only so much food in her Magical Bottomless Bag that she could use to temporarily solve their problem. The most important thing was to help them improve their environment and teach them how to be self-sufficient.

    “Miss Yun, we use the Gaga Grass to exchange for weapons with the Divine Envoy. If you want, you can have some,” Meng said generously.

    He had exchanged for weapons in order to prevent the eagles from attacking. Now that they had formed an alliance with the eagles, there was not much use for the Gaga Grass.

    “I don’t want to use the Gaga Grass, I want to study its contents…,” Before Yun Jiuge could finish explaining, there was a clucking sound behind her.

    She turned around and saw A’dai crouching in a corner, happily eating Gaga Grass, with a pile of black debris under its feet.

    Yun Jiuge quickly used her Spiritual Eye to take a look and found that the gray energy in A’dai’s brain had thickened by a lot.

    “A’dai, get over here,” Yun Jiuge said, losing her temper at him for the first time.

    “Caw?” Although A’dai was confused, it still obediently went over to Yun Jiuge.

    “You just eat, eat, eat all the time. One day, you’ll eat to your death,” Yun Jiuge said angrily, jabbing its head.

    “Caw caw caw!” A’dai retorted unhappily. It loved food, and eating made it happy.

    “How dare you eat secretly without my permission and still talk back? Go stand at that rock and reflect,” Yun Jiuge said and pointed angrily at a large rock, wanting to punish A’dai.

    She had to take this opportunity to solve A’dai’s over-eating habits. If he continued to eat in this way, it would only create problems in the future.

    “Caw!” A’dai did not want to leave.

    “Zi Shang, take it with you. If it does not repent, don’t allow it to come back,” Yun Jiuge said and threw A’dai to Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang caught A’dai’s fat body with a disgusted expression on his face. He sealed its Meridians and forced it to stand on one leg as punishment, then stood at the side and watched Yun Jiuge from afar.

    Yun Jiuge finished venting her anger and turned around, only to find that Ah Ze, Adviser Jun, and Meng were all looking at her with a stunned expression on their faces. Only then did she realize that things did not look good.