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Chapter 491 - The Mystery of Gaga Grass

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 491: The Mystery of Gaga Grass

    Oh no, it wouldn’t be good if they thought that she was mistreating A’dai.

    Yun Jiuge quickly explained to A’ze and Adviser Jun, “The reason why your prince has become a dimwit is that his brain has been blocked by a type of gray energy. His condition already became much better than before, but now that he’s eaten so much Gaga Grass, it has become worse. That’s why I’m so angry with him.”

    “Miss Yun, you must take His Highness Ling Fei in hand. He’s really too naughty.

    Because the Clan Leader passed away so early, the clan members have always accommodated him. That has led to his domineering and arrogant behavior. If you can take him in hand, we human-eagle hybrids will thank you,” A’ze said and looked at Yun Jiuge excitedly.

    Elder Bai had tried to punish His Highness countless times but was always fooled by him.

    If the punishment was too severe, he would just whine about the late Clan Leader to make them feel bad.

    No one could bear to take him in hand, and he eventually grew up with the behavior of a devil’s incarnate. He wasn’t even afraid of flying into the hole in the heavens.

    Now that Yun Jiuge was willing to take him in hand, they couldn’t be happier.

    Yun Jiuge saw that A’ze was sincerely thanking her, and that Adviser Jun was also not unhappy. She felt at ease.

    At this moment, Meng suddenly interrupted and said, “Miss Yun, you just said that Ling Fei became a dimwit because he ate Gaga Grass. Is the Gaga Grass poisonous?”

    “Yes, your Gaga Grass is poisonous! The young in our tribe are so weak that none of them can live past 10 years of age,” A’ze shouted angrily.

    Meng immediately turned pale. Their tribe was also experiencing the same premature deaths of their young.

    Since everyone was in the same situation, they had just thought that it was due to insufficient food and thus they desperately looked for more food. They never thought it was due to Gaga Grass.

    “Yes, there’s indeed a problem with your Gaga Grass. After planting it for so long, haven’t you noticed that the Gaga Grass has become different from before?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    The human-beast hybrids had been eating Gaga Grass for a very long time. Since there was no problem in the past, it must have changed recently then.

    “In the past, the Gaga Grass was hard and dry, with little moisture content and very slow growth. But ever since the Divine Envoy gave us a new secret planting technique, the Gaga Grass has begun to grow rapidly.

    The Divine Envoy encouraged us to grow more of it, and said that she would distribute it throughout the Chaotic Secret Realm so that all human-beast hybrids could eat fresh and delicious Gaga Grass,” Meng said with a pale face.

    Since their tribal territory was full of Gaga Grass, their clan members didn’t really like to eat it. Only those who had a change in appetite after becoming pregnant would eat more of it.

    “What secret technique did she teach you? Show me,” replied Yun Jiuge as she reached her hand out.

    “Just this,” Meng said. He took a wooden box out of the animal skin bag on his back and opened it. Inside, there were many gray fruits.

    He handed one to Yun Jiuge and said, “Just grind the fruit, mix it with water, and sprinkle it onto the ground.”

    Yun Jiuge picked up the gray fruit and sniffed it with her nose. There was no strange smell.

    She used her Spiritual Eye to look at it closely but also found nothing unusual about it.

    “Let me see,” said Zi Shang as he went over.

    Yun Jiuge passed the gray fruit over to him.

    Zi Shang took a closer look, then wiped it on his clothes. He scraped some of it out and was about to pour it into his mouth.

    “Are you crazy? How can you eat it before finding out what it is,” Yun Jiuge exclaimed. She quickly grabbed Zi Shang’s hand, snatching the gray fruit over.

    “If that fat bird is fine after eating it, I’ll be fine too,” Zi Shang said indifferently.

    “How can you be so sure? What if something goes wrong?” Yun Jiuge glared at Zi Shang fiercely. She was worried about him.

    “Okay fine, I won’t carelessly eat anything again in the future,” Zi Shang admitted his wrongdoing. Although Yun Jiuge was very fierce, it was nice that she was concerned about him.

    “Meng, grind this fruit and show me how you water the grass,” Yun Jiuge said and put the gray fruit back into Meng’s hand.

    “Okay, please wait a minute,” Meng said. He called over an old female human-snake hybrid and asked her to water the Gaga Grass as usual.

    The female human-snake hybrid took the gray fruit, put it into a medicine pestle, and ground it to make a powder. She put it in a bucket of water and stirred it, then sprinkled it on the ground to irrigate the grass.

    After watering, the Gaga Grass looked very lively, and the black ones looked especially pure. It looked very attractive and made one tempted to try a stalk.

    “So, have you noticed anything?” Zi Shang asked.

    “Not yet,” replied Yun Jiuge. She shifted her gaze away from the Gaga Grass and onto the female human-snake hybrid responsible for watering the grass.

    The female human-snake hybrid looked like she was around 50 years old, with white hair and fine lines on her face. Her eyes were slightly clouded and she stood there, stupefied.

    “What’s your name?” Yun Jiuge asked the female human-snake hybrid kindly.

    The female human-snake hybrid did not respond at all. It was as if she had not heard her question.

    “She’s called Aunt Gaga,” Meng helped the female human-snake hybrid to answer.

    “Is she always like this?” Yun Jiuge asked Meng.

    “No, Aunt Gaga was very powerful in the past. She could find the freshest and tastiest Gaga Grass every time. Afterwards, when there was a shortage of food, she went hungry in order to save more food for her children and passed out from hunger. After she regained consciousness, she became a little dazed. But she’s still very good at growing Gaga Grass,” Meng explained.

    Yun Jiuge used her Spiritual Eye to take a look and found that Aunt Gaga’s mind was full of gray energy.

    “Is there anything wrong?” Meng asked, seeing Yun Jiuge’s strange gaze.

    “I think she’s not dazed, but instead, just like the prince of the Eagle Clan, her brain has been blocked by gray energy and she’s lost her consciousness,” Yun Jiuge said in a low voice.

    “How is that possible? Aunt Gaga has always lived in our tribe and has never left,” Meng said. He heard that the prince of the Eagle Clan had flown into a hole in the heavens before he became a dimwit.

    “The gray energy exists in your tribe. They silently devour your consciousness and ultimately make you all puppets,” Yun Jiuge said, finally realizing what this gray energy was.

    It was Puppet Qi, specifically used to make puppets. But the type of Qi in front of her was not the same as what she had seen before.

    “You mean, someone wants to turn all the human-beast hybrids in the Chaotic Secret Realm into puppets to control them?” Zi Shang asked in clarification.

    “Yes,” Yun Jiuge said and nodded. The Gaga Grass was the medium of spreading gray energy.

    The person behind this was really vicious. They even wanted to make use of pregnant women to cut off the consciousness of human-beast hybrids.

    When human-beast hybrids became completely desperate, then they could be turned into puppets even faster.

    “How can we resolve this?” Meng quickly asked. He didn’t want his clan members to become puppets.

    “They’ve been poisoned too deeply. I still have no way to remove it at the moment. Go and lock away the people who’ve suddenly become dazed first. I’ll deal with them later,” Yun Jiuge said. She had no time to deal with these adult human-beast hybrids. It was more important to deal with their young first.