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Chapter 201 - Grand Demon Duke Agares (1)

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     Chapter 201 - Grand Demon Duke Agares 1

    Kindred extended his hand to grab the empty air and ripped it open.


    Behind the space that was ripped like it was paper, Kindred laughed violently and jumped out.

    Kindred curved his finger like a rake and brought it down on Brahm’s head.

    Brahm was able to escape using Blink, but he couldn’t avoid it completely. The Book of Mercury’s cover was completely ripped out.

    Was that what he had been aiming for in the beginning? Brahm glared at Kindred with a hard face.

    No, aside from that, his movements had been too free so far, with the intrusion into the barrier and the folding of space.

    It was like this Illusionary World was his.

    Kindred jumped up from the space once again and ran at Brahm.


    It was like a beast hunting after its prey. Brahm activated Blink again, and began Triple Casting.

    <Lightning Hammer>

    <Festival of Fire>

    <Flooding Knife Air>

    Tens of lightning bolts fell from the sky.

    On top of that, Ceratopsian Dinosaurs with Devil Poison were summoned from the ground.

    This was all possible because this was Brahm’s Illusionary World. This world was revolving around Brahm.

    But Kindred just cut all the lightning and the Ceratopsian Dinosaurs without even slowing down.

    His 10 years of training on the 20th floor amounted to this.

    Also, Brahm saw something hazy around Kindred as he moved.

    ‘Even devil spirits…..?’

    This was a unique phenomenon that was said to happen when the bishops themselves descended.

    It was known that while the phenomenon was active, one’s power would be amplified.

    It seemed that Kindred was able to move freely in this space because of a Devil God’s Blessing.

    Brahm clenched his teeth. He knew well who the god was.

    It was a god, but also not a god. A demon, but not a demon. That was why the players of the tower called it a Devil God, but ironically, that being was closer to light more than any other being.

    So the Devil Army called him this.

    The devil from the sky.

    The Heavenly Devil!


    And the Heavenly Devil was someone that Brahm couldn’t win against, even if he fought with all his power.

    No, it was someone he couldn’t even imagine fighting.


    And considering how Kindred had received the Heavenly Devil’s blessing, it would be hard to defeat him for the time being.

    The Illusionary World had begun to become tinted with the color of the Heavenly Devil.

    ‘Is that how much they need Sesha? I understand the Elohim, but why the Devil Army?’

    Brahm had to change his mind. If he couldn’t win against Kindred right now, he had to kill him by crushing him, along with the Illusionary World. Everything.

    <Heaven and Earth Destruction>.

    Brahm raised his hand up, then slammed it down.

    His judgement was fast, and he quickly destroyed the world that he built over a long time with his own two hands.

    With the horrifying sight of the sky collapsing, the space around him ripped apart as a whole, and Kindred was swept along it.

    The magic circles that he had set up in different places helped Brahm’s skill.

    He had been thinking of self-destructing if a powerful opponent arrived anyway, so he didn’t hesitate in the slightest. If it was destroyed, he could build it again. As long as the summoning magic circle was left, it was okay.


    Kindred realized that he would be crushed under the space, so he attempted to escape.

    But everywhere he passed by continued to crumble, so if he took a single misstep, he would be locked in, just like that.

    Then, the two other bishops arrived at his side.

    “Second bishop!”

    One of them used their strength to pull Kindred, and another sent a magic power explosion at Brahm. Brahm was completely exposed while he was using his skill.

    But as Galliard appeared, the explosion turned to nothing.


    Galliard stepped his Shunpo and sent arrows flying.

    Ping ping ping, with the sound of the heavy metal arrows, the two bishops found themselves collapsing along with the barrier.


    As expected of the arrows that Brahm used magic formulas to create, the barrier that they touched instantly crumbled.

    While the two bishops were being pushed back, Galliard used the wind spirit to arrive where the two were.

    <Shunpo – Ilwidogang>.

    It was as fast as Blink.

    The two bishops instinctively waved their hands as Galliard approached them. As their robes flapped around, their blackened palms covered Galliard.

    <Grace of the Devil God>. It was a special technique of the Devil Army that popped the veins of where they touched.

    But Galliard quickly protected his body, and he instantly attacked the bishop at the same time.

    A dagger on his belt landed in the stomach of the bishop.



    Along with his spell, the magic in the dagger activated. As the dagger exploded, it ripped the bishop’s internal organs into shreds.

    It was a critical attack, even if they had the Heavenly Devil’s Blessing. The 9th bishop, Jevich, died like that.


    The 8th bishop, Dmitri, shouted with fury and exploded the Grace of Devil God attack. Galliard used Ilwidogang to move back again.

    Dmitri chased right after him, but his feet became tied in the remnants of the collapsing world.


    His curses were muffled in the area.

    And like that, everything turned into a mess.

    The Illusionary World collapsed, and with all kinds of explosions, their senses became dizzy.

    Meanwhile, Brahm and Kindred caught their balance and tried to attack again.

    The shifted world once again shook, and a large tornado that reached up to the sky rose. Brahm and Kindred’s power clashed within it.



    With the sounds of mirrors breaking, the Illusionary World completely burst apart, and the outside world was revealed. The tornado that was rotating inside destroyed the outside.

    The Wave of Fire that Yeon-woo used against Aether and the others was incomparable to this force.

    The tornado spun with a range of kilometers. The Demon Trees and Demonic species that had been within that range were all pulverized.

    It was a horrible collision that seemed like it would break the stage as a whole, but Brahm and Kindred continued to use their great power, not to lose the edge they had.

    In the tornado, power crashed against power. Holiness and holiness collided. Holy power and holy power continued their struggle against each other.

    And as they did, the size of the tornado became bigger, swallowing the Demons’ Forest. Hails of sand soared up high, and the Demonic species and ghosts were swept up in the wind as they tried to escape.


    Brahm grit his teeth at the pain that was equal to his arm falling off. As the Illusionary World collapsed, his holiness and power flowed out like water, but he still squeezed out his soul.

    If he lost his edge, he would die. No, he didn’t care about dying. He didn’t have any attachments to his life.

    But if he ended up like that, Sesha would be taken by them. He couldn’t let that happen.

    ‘I can’t!’

    Sesha. Sesha. His poor child. She was a child who hadn’t ever received her mother’s love. She was a child who had to live without even knowing her father’s face.

    She had been bedridden because of an unknown disease for a long time, and she had just now started to recover. And she had laughed for the first time, holding his hand with her thin one.

    He wouldn’t be able to forget that small smile she showed him.

    But to take that smile from her again? Never. Even if his power ran out.

    -Please, I trust you with this child.

    The image of Ananta, who had shown up in the middle of the night with a sleeping baby, flashed by in his mind.

    She had spoken with tears in her eyes.

    -Are you in your right mind! This child isn’t even your…..!

    -No. She’s my child. She didn’t come from my stomach, but she came from my heart. So please.

    Her eyes were firm.


    It was the request of a child who had never called him ‘father.’ It was the desperate plea of his daughter, who had hated him all her life.

    His care towards Sesha might’ve been because he was paying for the sins that he committed when he was younger.


    Then, the tornado that was becoming bigger pierced through clouds to touch the red sky. It looked like a column that connected heaven and earth.

    Brahm realized that the tornado had completely escaped his control.

    The tornado had sucked up all his holiness, but the power he felt inside of it was Kindred’s. No, it was the holiness of the Heavenly Devil.

    If this kept up, not only would all of his holiness be taken, but the level of his soul would also be ripped away from him. And he would lose Sesha.

    So Brahm thought of the only way to turn the tables. Thankfully, there was still something left.

    The summoning magic circle that was still deep underground. He had set it up separately from the Illusionary World, so by now, it had probably eaten up a large sacrifice.

    The Elohim, intruders from the Devil Army, tens of Demon Trees, Demonic species, and even the Ceratopsian Dinosaur. It had probably exceeded the needed amount.

    And if he used that completely? With his godly position as well?

    Brahm let go of his power that was barely holding onto the tornado. His body was flicked out of the tornado.

    He became dizzy from the demonic power, but he used his last skill, extending his hand towards the ground.

    <Demon Summon>.

    With the horrifying pain of something being ripped from his soul, something that he couldn’t see was quickly sucked below him.

    And then, the transmutation circle that was hidden above the ground floated up. It shined with a black light, and spit out a large iron door.

    It was an iron door that had a crumpled symbol on it. The door that was emitting demonic energy burst open.


    With a shock that felt like the world settled down, a man floated up beyond the shadows.

    It was a man with tens of black wings wrapped around him like armor.

    [The air of the lower floors feels quite more refreshing than above.]

    The 2nd ranked out of Le Infernal’s 72 Demons. Also, the Grand Duke that symbolized ruin and madness.


    It was his avatar.