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Chapter 202 - Grand Demon Duke Agares (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 202 - Grand Demon Duke Agares (2)

    [Seems like we should first get rid of this dirty thing.]

    Agares lightly waved his hand. Then, the kilometer-high tornado quickly settled down, like a lie.

    Crash. While the Demonic species corpses and Demon Tree pieces were falling in a pile, Kindred looked up at Agares with unbelieving eyes.


    A demon that should’ve been on the 98th floor had descended. And it was one of the highest demons with the position of a Grand Duke.

    Kindred grit his teeth as he thought of Brahm, who used his power like it was nothing.

    Also, he couldn’t understand why a high demon had descended to the lower floors.

    Even if there was an amazing sacrifice, it would only be helpful to medium or low demons.

    He had to think of a way to figure this situation out.

    Even if there were limits to that guy’s descent, he was a being that could do what he needed to do.

    And it was clear what he was after.

    The Dragon Human.

    It was the same goal as them. The Elohim, the Blood Land, the Devil Army, and even the demons. He had thought this would be an easy mission, but things got more complicated than he expected.

    It would be a waste of the 10 years he spent to meet the other face of the Heavenly Devil, the Great Sage’s shedding.

    Kindred pulled out 5 yellow iron pieces from his robe and floated them in the air. They were pieces of the Ruyi Bang. The moment he used them as a medium, a golden column of light came down from the sky to wrap around him.

    The pieces of the Ruyi Bang swirled around him. Black energy combined with it, taking in a significant amount of holy power.

    <Devil Spirit>

    <Possession – Monkey King>


    Kindred focused the holy power on the edge of his fingertips.

    Borrowing the other face of the Heavenly Devil required a colossal amount of magic power and spirit power. He was planning on borrowing it after he completely dried up Brahm’s holiness.

    But with Agares here, he didn’t have time to weigh his options.



    ‘Byuk’ and ‘Eung’ of the 72 Bian sparked as they combined on his right hand. On his left hand, ‘Bing’ and ‘Si’ swirled around. Yin and yang. As the two opposite properties were used at the same time, the pieces of the Ruyi Bang were pulled away with the power of the Monkey King.

    Kindred’s body shook at the power, which was too much for his body to handle. The veins on his skin popped out like they were going to explode.

    In addition, his eyes were shining with a deep golden color.

    <Huo Yan Jin Jing>.

    Kindred demonstrated the power that he got from the Monkey King, and he slammed his hands together.


    Urrr, kwakwakwang!

    <Um Yang Hap Byuk>. The two opposite forces became highly condensed to create the large explosion that was Kindred’s signature skill.

    Since he had the power of the Heavenly Devil as well, he thought he would at least be able to break his manifestation.


    [I was wondering what you were preparing for with such intensity. You were getting this adorable thing ready?]

    Agares smirked, and he extended his hand to Kindred’s direction.


    And his laughter suddenly cut off, and his eyes narrowed.

    [You’ve still got a long way to go to copy the Monkey King.]

    The Um Yang Hap Byuk that was powerful enough to destroy the 23rd floor vanished futilely before it could even reach Agares.

    One of the wings around Agares’s body shook a little, like he was flicking away an annoying fly.


    The darkness that came down like hail swept away Kindred and the remaining bishops.

    They couldn’t even make a sound, nor did they have the chance to raise a devil spirit or attempt a new possession.

    It was such an anticlimactic ending for the 2nd bishop of the Devil Army.

    However, even if you were a strong player, you were nothing but a fleck of dust against a god or a demon.

    But Agares frowned, like he didn’t like something.

    [It was a shadow? How fitting of a servant of the guy who does nothing but sleep.]

    He lightly clicked his tongue, and turned his body.

    [Well, it doesn’t matter.]

    As Kindred and the others disappeared, the Heavenly Devil was completely blocked away from the 23rd floor.

    There was no one here who could stop Agares now.

    [Alright, since all the nuisances are gone, tell me your wish, contractor.]

    In return for a demon being summoned, the summoner would have to give up his soul.

    Brahm bitterly smiled leaning against the rock. Blood continued to pour from his mouth. It was the aftereffect of his holiness being forcefully taken away from him. His body was crumbling after his soul had been damaged.

    But Brahm didn’t care about any of that. After he left the 98th floor, he had long since given up on caring about things like that. And he was prepared. Everything was happening as he had calculated.

    Well, Agares wasn’t in his calculations.

    “I called for those like Belial or Dantalion….but why are you here?”

    [I don’t know. Why do you think?]

    A corner of Agares’s mouth curved.

    Brahm clenched his teeth.

    “If you want the corpse of a dragon, I have one from before. It’s a lord’s corpse. Dragon Humans are useless to beings like you, so that’s enough, right?”

    The corpse of a dragon lord. It was a precious material. Demons and even gods would want it.


    [What are you talking about, Brahm. Do you think I don’t know?]

    Agares crossed his arms and scoffed.

    Brahm couldn’t easily open his mouth. Did he know? He wanted to avert Agares’s attention to something else, but it seemed like he already knew the truth. But how? This fact should’ve been hidden from the eyes of gods and the sears of demons.

    [I’ll take the Dragon Human. Although it’s nothing more than a lump of trash. If it’s Heaven Wing’s child, isn’t that enough for me to take it?!]


    Brahm’s back stiffened when his suspicions were confirmed. His fists were clenched.

    And the same went for Galliard, who had been planning to leave the stage with Brahm.


    Galliard’s gaze moved from Agares to Brahm. His eyes were shaking.

    ‘Sesha is…..Jeong-woo’s daughter?’

    Heaven Wing. Cha Jeong-woo. The one who had chased after him in the tutorial, calling him ‘teacher.’

    After that, he visited him frequently, and helped to find Akasha’s Snake.

    He was a kind and cheerful person.

    So when Galliard heard that he had closed his eyes after being betrayed by his comrades, Galliard thought his world was crumbling apart.

    However, too much time had passed since then, and Galliard wasn’t strong enough to avenge him.

    So he had forcefully cooled his anger and waited for the day until he was stronger.

    And he was about to convince Brahm to become stronger together.

    But a trace of that child was this close by?

    “No. That child is…..”

    Brahm shouted frantically. His eyes were red.

    “Ananta’s daughter. My granddaughter!”

    He gripped his Book of Mercury even tighter.

    He forced himself up. Flutter. As he did, light shot up from the book and the book began to turn its pages. It was the activation of the grimoire.

    “Agares! I’ll tell you my wish.”

    [I’ll do that first. Speak.]

    “You need to be sacrificed for my granddaughter.”

    And the moment he was done speaking.


    The transmutation circle that had been engraved even deeper than the summoning circle was activated. Tens of thousands of transmutation circles floated up. They were all spinning like wheels, prepared to activate at any time.

    Brahm had put the last of his proof that he was a god, his holiness, into this.

    Creak, creaaak—

    The wheels began to spin. The transmutation circles revolved and scattered, and in their stead, thousands of chains soared up.

    It was the artificial iron that Yeon-woo had seen when he was making the formula of the Divine Iron.


    The chains wrapped around Agares’s body and even his wings. Brahm bound Agares tightly.

    It was Divine Iron with his holiness. Even Agares wouldn’t be able to easily escape from this.

    Brahm’s body looked to be in danger while he maintained the chains. Wrinkles formed on his bloodied face. His aging, that had been paused from his holiness, was progressing quickly.

    Brahm was now a normal human without his godly level or holiness. Dying in this form meant that he was really going to die.

    But Brahm was planning on giving his life to seal Agares.

    It was a shame that he wouldn’t be able to see his granddaughter smiling, but if she could smile, he would give anything for it.

    So he input even more magic power into the Book of Mercury.

    His Book of Mercury, which could probably even be his shadow, seemed like it would rip to pieces, but he hoped it could keep it together just a little more.

    And during this time, Galliard, who had read Brahm’s eyes, quickly turned around.

    He was sorry he couldn’t see his friend’s end, but he was going to somehow keep his last wish.


    The wheels spun as the chains started to move tighter against Agares.


    With the chains wrapped around him, Agares spoke in an amused voice.

    [So this was it. What you prepared all that time. Sorry, but I can’t make your wish come true.]