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Chapter 307 - Bossy Lady!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     The lady’s face was pale white and she fell to the ground, struggling to get up. This road was an alley-like road, so Ning Meng had not been driving at a fast speed. Thanks to Ning Meng reacting quickly, her car had only lightly grazed the lady who had jumped out onto the road.

    She furrowed her brows. This light impact should not have caused the lady to be hurt to this level, was she just pretending? Was this a car accident scam?

    While Ning Meng was figuring things out, she took a step back.

    “My car has a recorder, it has recorded everything that has happened.”

    The traffic light had been green when the lady had suddenly jumped out and fallen onto her car, so technically, this had nothing to do with her. Ning Meng quickly spoke first, “According to the traffic law, you are fully responsible for this. My car…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, a man rushed out from the side and helped the lady up while crying out, “Daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, are you OK?!”

    After the man had said this, he looked toward Ning Meng.

    “Sorry… My daughter-in-law is sick, she’s not feeling well. She accidentally fainted onto your car, we’re really sorry that we have hit your car…”

    Ning Meng was confused upon seeing this.

    Meanwhile, a moment of realization dawned on the onlooking bystanders. So, this was the case. As the lady was helped up by the man, her head continued hanging. Her sickness seemed to be quite serious and her whole body was weak and almost lifeless, her face exceptionally pale.

    Someone from the side started shouting, “Hey, stop delaying it over there. Get her to the hospital quickly!”

    The man quickly turned and nodded. Just as he was about to bring the lady away…


    Ning Meng suddenly spoke up. She went straight toward the man and pointed at the headlamps of her pink Maserati, continuing in a bossy and arrogant tone, “Do you see this? She scratched my car. You need to pay some compensation!”

    The man who seemed like an honest and loyal person was slightly stunned and looked as though he was about to burst into tears.

    “Dear miss, we’re really sorry. This was not done on purpose. We come from the village and are in a hurry to see the doctor, could we beg you to be generous…”

    Ning Meng laughed mockingly. “Sure. Looking at the situation, I will not ask for much. The service needed to repair a Maserati is high, so you can just give me one hundred thousand!”

    As soon as she had said this, whispers could be heard from the surrounding people. The man was shocked and cried out, “Isn’t this daylight robbery?! One hundred thousand for this scratch?”

    Ning Meng crossed her arms.

    “Do you know how much this car is worth? This is a limited edition sports car and there is only one of this in the whole world. I only asked for one hundred thousand seeing that you’re in such a pitiful state, however, the actual repair cost would be a few hundred thousand! So? You’re not going to give the money? Then, I’ll report this to the police!”


    The man who was holding on to the lady knelt in front of her.

    “Miss, you’re a rich person. Sob. We’re very poor people, please let us go! My daughter-in-law is seriously ill and I don’t have much money! I’ll leave you my phone number, can I bring my daughter-in-law to see the doctor first?”

    “That won’t do.”

    Ning Meng raised her hand out, an indication for the money.

    “Give me the money now. No one is allowed to leave until you do so!”

    The bystanders could not stand seeing such a scene and shouted out, “You’re being arrogant just because you’re rich? Can’t you see that she needs serious help!? Don’t you have a lick of compassion!?”

    Ning Meng acted brutally even more vividly, sniggering, “So, that means you’re not paying? Sure. I’m reporting this to the police!”

    Just as she took out her phone and was about to make the call, two patrol police came over from afar. One of the police asked, “What’s going on?”

    The bystanders shouted, “She’s bullying people!”