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Chapter 296 - She’s Way Too Strong

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 296: She’s Way Too Strong

    The others turned to look at Jian Qi at the same time after they heard what Tang Jinyu said.

    Zhao Yu was sitting beside Jian Qi. He could not help but remind her in a hushed tone, “Young girl, come on, you can do it. Don’t blink your eyes! Our fates are in your hands now!”

    Jian Qi smiled softly as she stared at Tang Jinyu.

    It was such an awkward and polite smile.

    ‘Instructor Tang, your skills in tormenting people have improved!’

    Tang Jinyu glanced at her calmly. He remained stoic and lowered his eyes to look at the map in his hands again.

    There was half an hour left before they would reach their destination. How could Jian Qi stop herself from blinking her eyes for that period of time?

    Jian Qi was about to blink her eyes after a few minutes. The others all spoke almost at the same time, “Don’t blink!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘I’m gonna burst into tears if I don’t blink my eyes!’

    Jian Qi looked as if she wanted to ignore them. However, Crocodile advised her kindly, “Big Sister Qi, hold on a little longer. You can look at the boss’s handsome face for a long time…”

    Jian Qi blinked her eyes once just at that particular moment.

    It soon fell into a peculiar silence for three seconds.

    They seemed to be cooperating with each other in a perfect way.

    Then, they soon turned to look at Tang Jinyu. They saw that he was still looking at the map. As such, they understood each other perfectly and they decided to ignore the fact that Jian Qi had blinked her eyes.

    They gave signals to her too.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow to imply that she had understood them.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes were still lowered. There was an indiscernible look in his eyes. But, he did not look up.

    He only looked up after twenty minutes.

    Jian Qi had been blinking away the whole time. However, she remained motionless when he looked up.

    She soon gave him a bright smile.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly. He remained nonchalant and relaxed.

    They stared at each other for a long time. It was supposed to be a romantic scene but Jian Qi wanted so badly to burst into tears.

    Her eyes had become dry and tears had started rolling down her cheeks after holding it in for a few minutes. The others became extremely worried.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, don’t blink!’

    Sadly, their prayers were fruitless. Jian Qi blinked and it was blatantly obvious.

    The others became speechless.

    ‘It’s over for them now!’

    Tang Jinyu smirked and looked at the girl who had tears rolling down her cheeks like waterfall. His elegant voice was heard again, “Are you touched? Do you want to stare at me still?”

    Jian Qi remained quiet.

    ‘Instructor Tang, how could you be so cruel! Damn it!’

    “I’m embarrassed in front of your beauty. I’m so shy that I can’t look at you anymore.” Jian Qi said. Then, she raised her hand and wiped away her tears.

    Tang Jinyu was not bothered to continue on with the banter. He opened up the map again.

    “We’re ten kilometres away from our destination. The punishment will start now. You need to run there. Pick up your backpack and get ready for the landing!”

    They could not run away from their punishment.

    They were annoyed.

    They then turned to look at Jian Qi resentfully.

    ‘Young lady, we’re burdened by you again.’

    However, Jian Qi remained calm and ignored their resentment.

    She looked up at Tang Jinyu again. It seemed like she was ignorant of what had happened just now.

    Tang Jinyu ignored her. In that instant, the helicopter started to slow down and hover in midair.

    The cabin door was opened up and soon they were engulfed by a chill.

    Jian Qi could not help but shudder.

    The others started to get down from the helicopter with the help of a rope.

    A stunning scene appeared in front of them. They soon found themselves in a place filled deep with snow.

    Jian Qi sighed. “This is a paradise for a vacation. Instructor Tang is such an unromantic person!”

    Crocodile made fun of Jian Qi. “Big Sister Qi, we’re ten kilometres away. Flirt with the boss only when you finish your run!”

    Jian Qi smirked mischievously. “That’s true. Instructor Tang is still waiting for me to build a snowman with him.”

    After that, Jian Qi quickened her pace and started running.

    Crocodile. “…”

    Lightning lifted his hand and patted the puzzled Crocodile. “She’s way too strong now. Don’t you mess with her anymore.”