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Chapter 282 - He wont go (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 282: He won't go (2)

    "Sister-in-law, don't worry, I won't do anything stupid. To be honest, I'm also scared of Brother Yu…" As Gu Xue passed her phone over to Xu Weilai, she explained, "I just ordered two movie tickets."

    Xu Weilai glanced over her phone. As she heaved a sigh of relief, she understood Gu Xue's intentions, "You're intending to make me and Gu Yu go to the movies together?"

    Gu Xue nodded fervently, "Doing something like going to the movies wouldn't involve any other factors right? If Brother Yu is willing to go to the movies with you, that would prove that you truly mean something to him. Then, you wouldn't be able to say that it's just because of Grandpa, right?"

    Xu Weilai remained silent for a while, left at a loss for words for a minute. She then said, "He won't go. There's no need to try to sound him out in such a ridiculous manner."

    In the past, she had tried several times to sound out how Gu Yu truly feels. Not only was she unable to sound him out every time, but she also ended up making a fool of herself.

    Gu Xue refuted stubbornly, "I think Brother Yu would show up!"

    Not waiting for Xu Weilai to give a reply, she continued, "Sister-in-law, I'll ask Brother Yu out for you. All you have to do is arrive when the time comes. Just… consider it doing it a favor for me, alright?"

    "Gu Xue…"

    Gu Xue pouted instantly, gazing at Xu Weilai imploringly as she grabbed her arm. She repeatedly shook Xu Weilai as she whined coyly, "Sister-in-law, I'm begging you. Just go. Just this once, just this once, alright…?"

    Xu Weilai didn't know how to respond.

    "Sister-in-law, if you don't promise me, I'm going to start crying…"

    Xu Weilai raised her palm to her forehead in defeat, no longer able to reject her.

    After successfully settling Xu Weilai, Gu Xue pranced down the stairs and caught sight of Gu Yu leaning over the rail of the balcony. The lonesome sight of his back didn't seem to fit in with the joyous atmosphere of New Year's Day.

    Grandpa had accepted the people from the branch Gu Family to make him not so lonely. Deep down, however, she knew that he still hadn't truly accepted them as family.

    Deep down, the people he regarded as family were only his late parents, Grandpa, and perhaps someone named Xu Weilai.

    No, Xu Weilai truly was family to him!

    Gu Xue took in a deep breath, putting up a brave front as she approached him. His aura alone was deterring enough. Her voice wavered involuntarily as she spoke, "Brother Yu, are you… free on the third night of Chinese New Year?"

    Gu Yu didn't even bother to look at her. He rejected her coldly, "I'm busy."

    Gu Xue clasped her wounded heart and decided to try asking again, "Brother Yu… several new year films have just come out. There's one, in particular, that's not bad. Sister-in-law would like to watch it, so… she made me come to ask you if you would like to accompany her to go watch it?"

    As she finished her question, she watched as Gu Yu stiffened up slightly. A few seconds later, he turned around with a stony expression. However, his inky eyes seemed incredibly unreadable.

    He gazed at her. Instead of giving her a proper answer, he asked, "She asked?"

    Gu Yu's gaze was too sharp as if he could see through her lie. Gu Xue's eyes darted around, not daring to meet his gaze. Trying her best to tough it out, she spat out quickly, "I'll send the location and time over to your phone. You… you… you have to come!"

    Then, she made a run for it!

    Being the matchmaker was a challenge!


    At eight o'clock at night, at the cinema…

    Xu Weilai still came. Since she had promised Gu Xue, she still ought to come… even if she knew that Gu Yu would not be here tonight.

    She just had to wait until the movie started. If Gu Yu didn't show up, then she could leave.

    She chose a corner seat and sat down, beginning to wait quietly. Every so often, couples would pass by her with blissful smiles etched on their faces.

    At eight twenty, the clerk was starting to check tickets at the wicket. It was just as Xu Weilai expected; Gu Yu was nowhere to be found in the crowd.

    She was used to it, so she wasn't too disappointed. After waiting for another ten more minutes, the wicket was already closed. She got up to her feet, ready to leave. Just then, she caught sight of someone in the distance and stopped in her tracks!