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Chapter 227 - I Won’t Eat Without You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 227: I Won’t Eat Without You

    After the servant finished speaking, the old lady glanced at Bo Muyi and said, “Who would dare to come in without your permission?”

    Bo Muyi’s expression did not look good. After the old lady finished speaking, she took a paper towel and wiped her mouth elegantly. “I’m done eating. I’ll go out first and take a look. Enjoy your meal.”

    With that, she stood up and left.

    Seeing this, Su Cha stopped eating. She touched Bo Muyi’s neck and asked, “Is Little Miss the old lady’s granddaughter?”

    Bo Muyi snorted.

    Su Cha could not help but laugh. “You can’t even let her in?”

    “She’s an outsider.”

    Bo Muyi had said it matter-of-factly and was looking at Su Cha with a frown, as if he was a little puzzled. “I don’t like outsiders entering this place. My grandfather left Wang Ge for me.”

    Su Cha pursed her lips and smiled. “Yes, if that is your wish.”

    This was Bo Muyi’s territory. There was no reason for her to say too much.

    And she did not really care about these things.

    However, the old lady surprisingly indulged Bo Muyi.

    Bo Muyi had said that the old lady was not his biological grandmother and that he regarded the young lady as an outsider. It was highly likely that the young lady was the old lady’s biological granddaughter.

    If he could not let even the old lady’s granddaughter in, then Bo Muyi’s rejection of outsiders was truly severe.

    But as if it was nothing, the old lady was not angry. Instead, she was willing to go out and meet her, but she did not tell her granddaughter to come in.

    This was not the first time.

    No wonder only Bo Muyi and the old lady lived in Wang Ge. The rest were all servants.

    The nature of the relationship between servants and masters was definitely different.

    Su Cha glanced at the dining table. Most of the exquisite dishes were not touched. How much could she and the old lady eat? Most of them were Bo Muyi’s favorite dishes.

    Su Cha had never seen this many dishes before, but the old lady must have ordered them for Bo Muyi.

    She sighed, picked up the porcelain bowl, and started to serve Bo Muyi food.

    “You keep asking me to feed you. What happens when I’m not around? How old are you?”

    Even though she was complaining only a little, there was a lot of helplessness in it. When Bo Muyi saw Su Cha was going to feed him, he was delighted and swallowed the food she gave him.

    When he was almost done eating, he whispered, “If you’re not here, I won’t eat.”

    Su Cha’s expression changed.

    It had been some time since she was reborn, but she had never said anything harsh to Bo Muyi. When she heard him say that, she directly placed the bowl on the table. Her voice full of rebuke, she said, “Say that again?”

    Her sudden outburst confused Bo Muyi.

    However, he reacted quickly. There was a flash of pain in his eyes, and his lips turned white. His hands were trembling as he held Su Cha’s hand and apologized, “Sorry, Cha Cha, I was wrong.”

    He’d apologized at once, but Su Cha could tell that he did not know what he had done wrong. He was just afraid that she would be angry.

    It would be a lie to say that she was not troubled by Bo Muyi.

    But there were some things that she had to say clearly. Otherwise, Bo Muyi’s remark that he would not eat if she was not around might turn out to be exactly what he’d do.

    “If you won’t eat when I’m not around, how have you been living in the past? Muyi, I’m currently participating in a competition. I still have a lot of things to attend to. You also have a job, so it’s impossible for us to stay together all the time. If you won’t eat when I’m not around, does that mean your health is a joke to you?”