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Chapter 283 - Can’t bear to wake her (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 283: Can’t bear to wake her (1)

    Xu Shuai…

    He was donned in a dress shirt speckled with lustrous flowers, with a pair of sunglasses balanced on the top of his head. Along with the slovenly manner he walked, he was the most dazzling star amongst the crowd. It was hard to even try to not notice him.

    Xu Weilai wasn’t surprised that he would turn up at the cinema. He had several girlfriends, so accompanying his girlfriend to the movies was a required life skill for a casanova like him.

    However, Xu Shuai wasn’t here for the reason Xu Weilai expected. He wasn’t here to bring his girlfriend to the movies. Relying on that height of his, he instead looked across the crowd before finally settling on her. Then, he made his way over and stopped right before her.

    Stunned for a moment, Xu Weilai raised her brow, “You’re here for me?”

    “More accurately speaking, I’m here to accompany you to watch a movie!”

    Xu Weilai didn’t know what to say.

    There were many people at the cinema. Although Xu Shuai detested noisy and crowded places like this, he showed his signature smile as he mocked her out of habit, “Why? Are you disappointed that it’s me?”

    She wasn’t disappointed. More than anything else, she felt that it was ridiculous and amusing.

    If Gu Yu wasn’t willing to accompany her to the movies, that would’ve been completely fine. She didn’t keep her hopes up from the start anyway. Even so, why did Gu Yu make Xu Shuai accompany her to the movies?

    Xu Weilai plastered a smile on her face, not revealing any of her feelings as she spat coolly, “I don’t feel like watching the movie anymore. I’ll get going.”


    Xu Shuai raised his hands, trying to hold Xu Weilai back directly, “I drove all this way and even ran here in a rush. I didn’t even have the time to get a sip of water. Besides, it shouldn’t be so bad with such a hunk like me accompanying you, right?

    After finishing his piece, he smiled widely at Xu Weilai and added a killer wink.

    Xu Weilai remained unmoved. Raising her chin, she gestured to the vending machine by the wall as she said, “Then it must have been tough on you. There’s water over there, help yourself.”

    Xu Shuai was left speechless.

    Xu Weilai nodded politely, giving him her regards before she walked around his hand and headed towards the exit.

    Xu Shuai caught up to her quickly. He decided to not mess around or beat around the bush any longer. “Xu Weilai, something urgent suddenly came up, so Yu had to go settle it. He got on a plane half an hour ago. It’s not that he didn’t want to come. If that were the case, he wouldn’t have entrusted this task to me.”

    He emphasized the phrase “something urgent”.

    Xu Weilai tugged on her lips. What a coincidence that something urgent came up!

    When Gu Yu didn’t wish to turn up, he was no longer going to ignore her as he did in the past. Now, he would just dish out excuses to dismiss her. Should that be considered an improvement? Was this because he didn’t want a divorce and needed her to give birth to his child?

    An unknown emotion flashed past Xu Weilai’s eyes. Her voice remained calm as she spoke, “Alright, I got it. Even so, I truly don’t wish to see the movie anymore.”

    “That won’t do! Yu entrusted me to accompany you to watch the movie. Xu Weilai, I’ll admit, I offended you in the past. You are welcome to do whatever you please, but only after watching this movie. You can do anything you want. I won’t attempt to resist, alright?”

    Xu Weilai pondered for a while before asking, “Including drinking twenty bottles of liquor at once?”

    The smile on Xu Shuai’s face instantly stiffened up. People in the past were right that vile people were not to be trifled with, especially women. Back then, he had set her up and caused her to drink ten bottles of liquor. Now, she’s intending to exact her revenge, doubling whatever she had to go through.

    Would he still be alive after downing twenty bottles of liquor?

    Xu Weilai’s eyes curved into crescents as she asked with a smile, “You’re not willing to? Forget it then, I’ll get going!”

    She lifted her foot and continued to walk away.