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Chapter 297 - Your Little Cutie is Waiting for Your Reply

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 297: Your Little Cutie is Waiting for Your Reply

    Snow City was a city in A Nation which was covered in snow all year long. It was above sea level and the snow never melted. The road was complicated and it was exhausting for them to run all the way to their destination.

    When they reached their destination, they saw Tang Jinyu talking with an officer there. Although it was cold at the foot of the mountain, it was much better than the top of the mountain.

    They looked around and realized that it had not snowed here but there was a deep chill in the area.

    Tang Jinyu finished talking to the officer. Then, he came out and led the others to where they were going to stay.

    In addition, Jian Qi was the only girl in the team. Although there were other female soldiers at the training site, Jian Qi was given a single room as they put into consideration the reason they were there.

    Tang Jinyu was given a single room too because he was the one responsible for their training this time around. Hence, the other men were given another room.

    The three rooms were next to each other. Tang Jinyu’s room was the room in between their rooms. Moreover, Jian Qi’s room was beside his.

    “Go back to your room and get yourselves ready. We’ll gather after ten minutes!” Tang Jinyu commanded.

    After that, Jian Qi went into her room and put down her backpack. Then, she walked toward the wall.

    On the other hand, Tang Jinyu took out his things from his backpack and put them on the desk. In that instant, he heard some noises coming through the wall beside him.

    It sounded like someone was hitting the wall with something wooden. The main point was, the sound seemed to have come from Jian Qi’s room.

    The sound was rhythmic and regular. Tang Jinyu frowned as he listened to the sound.

    ‘This girl! Is that how you use Morse code?’

    Tang Jinyu ignored her. He got everything ready in three minutes.

    He then walked out of the room and turned toward Jian Qi’s room. He pushed the door open and looked at Jian Qi coldly. At that moment, Jian Qi was leaning against the wall and using a chair to hit against the wall.

    “Jian Qi, I’ll hit you with that chair if you continue to hit it against the wall!”

    He warned her with a frosty voice.

    Jian Qi quickly turned and looked at him. She then put the chair down and walked toward Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, I thought that you’re deaf. But, you heard me just fine!

    “I’ll break your arm again if you hit the wall once more!” Tang Jinyu warned her. Then, he turned and returned to his room.

    However, Jian Qi started hitting against the wall again when he had returned to his room.

    “Instructor Tang, do you want to be lovey-dovey with me through the wall?”

    “Your little cutie is waiting for your reply!”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. Then, he grabbed a pen and hit it against the wall.

    Jian Qi was enjoying her moment. She thought that Tang Jinyu would continue to ignore her. But surprisingly, he started replying to her message.

    “Jian Qi, I’ll send you back if you do it again.”

    Jian Qi stopped moving.


    She paused for three seconds. Then, she put the chair down.

    Such an unromantic man!


    The weather was terrible. Their training became much more difficult that way. After just one day, they became so exhausted that they fell asleep instantly after a whole day of intense training.

    It was the same for Jian Qi. She did not even have time to tease him.

    Fortunately, she could get used to it after two days.

    However, Tang Jinyu did something else before Jian Qi had time to tease him again. He brought everyone up to the mountains for training.

    The twelve of them were divided into two teams.

    Jian Qi then turned and looked at Tang Jinyu eagerly. She seemed to be implying to him that she wanted to be put in the same team with Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu did not even look at her and he ignored her completely.

    In the end, Lightning, Lu Yao and Jian Qi were put into the same team with another three veterans. Whereas, Tang Jinyu went with another team.

    Lightning smiled and said to Jian Qi, “The boss dislikes you.”

    Jian Qi smirked and said arrogantly, “Instructor Tang is afraid that you’ll be bullied if I’m teamed up with him.”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Just assume I didn’t say anything!’