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Chapter 492 - The Mystery of Gaga Grass (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 492: The Mystery of Gaga Grass (2)

    “Okay, I’ll lock them up now,” Meng said. After ordering his subordinates to take Aunt Gaga away, he straightened his tail, bowed to Yun Jiuge, and said, “Miss Yun, on behalf of the human-snake hybrid clan, I pledge loyalty to you. Please help to save the young in our clan!”

    “Get up. Take me to see the young in your clan first,” Yun Jiuge said and motioned Zi Shang to help Meng up, but Zi Shang ignored her.

    Meng immediately got up and started to lead the way. He said, “Miss Yun, this way please.”

    The human-snake hybrid fighters quickly formed a circle around Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang, forcing A’ze and Advisor Jun outside of it.

    A’ze and Advisor Jun were overlords in the sky, but on the ground, they were inferior to snakes.

    A’ze tried to squeeze in several times angrily but failed. He could only follow behind depressingly.

    “Did we forget something?” Advisor Jun asked, suddenly remembering something after taking a few steps.

    “What did we forget?” A’ze asked, confused.

    “Nevermind, I can’t remember,” Advisor Jun replied. He shook his head and continued walking forward.

    A’dai, who was still standing at the plot of Gaga Grass in punishment, looked at the people walking away and immediately started wailing.

    Yun Jiuge stopped walking. Damn, she had almost forgotten about A’dai.

    “Do you understand why you were wrong now?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Caw!” It understood. A’dai’s fat head bobbed up and down.

    “Will you still carelessly eat random things in the future?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “Caw!” It wouldn’t carelessly eat again. This time, A’dai had really learned its lesson. It was so fat that after standing on one leg for so long, its legs felt like they were about to break.

    “Good,” Yun Jiuge said and patted its big fat head. Zi Shang released its seal, and they walked together with Meng toward the human-snake hybrid tribe.

    A’dai hobbled towards A’ze and Advisor Jun. They followed behind the human-snake hybrid clan.

    Yun Jiuge entered the human-snake hybrid tribe and saw many human-snake hybrids walking to and fro a humble wooden house. They were all thin as sticks and were no better than the Eagle Clan.

    “There’s our nursery,” Meng said and pointed at the large white wooden house behind the tribe.

    This large wooden house was built with eucalyptus wood. It had no doors nor windows, but only a round pit for the human-snake hybrid to crawl around in.

    Yun Jiuge could not travel in tunnels like the human-snake hybrids, and it was hard to observe anything in the darkness, so she asked Meng to bring the young human-snake hybrids out.

    “The young human-snake hybrids are particularly afraid of light,” Meng said embarrassedly.

    “How are they afraid of the light? Will they cry when they see light, or will they feel uncomfortable when exposed to the sun?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “I’ve to ask someone about this,” Meng said. As a tribal leader, he was mainly concerned about their survival and didn’t really have time to understand these things.

    After asking the tribe members who were in charge of the little human-snake hybrids, he learned that the little human-snake hybrids would cry when they saw light.

    “Then cover their eyes with black cloth and bring them out,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “What is black cloth?” Meng asked.

    Yun Jiuge was speechless as she looked at the human-snake hybrid clan that didn’t even know what cloth was. She helplessly explained how she only needed something to cover the eyes of the young human-snake hybrids, and that it did not necessarily have to be black cloth.

    “We can use black leaves to make eye masks for the young,” said the human-snake hybrid who was in charge of the cubs.

    “Oh, yes, quickly go fetch the black leaves,” Meng asked the clan members to weave five eye masks and bring them into the nursery.

    “Place a straw mat in the shade for the children,” Yun Jiuge asked Meng to make a comfortable place under the big tree to seat the young human-snake hybrids.

    There were a total of five young human-snake hybrids about five or six years old who were sick. Their heads were covered with black leaf woven eye masks, and their skin was very pale as they had never been in the sun before.

    Three of them had emerald-green snake tails, one had a black and yellow striped tail, and the other one was brown and white striped.

    The five little human-snake hybrids were lying limply on the ground like they didn’t have any bones, and the scales on their stomachs were dull. They were really weak, and could not stand up and move like the other strong clan members did.

    “A few days ago, there was a one with a golden ringed snake tail, but unfortunately, all its scales fell off and it died,” Meng said sadly. It belonged to the golden ring snake species.

    If he had managed to successfully grow up, he would be as strong and brave as Meng. Unfortunately, he died an early and painful death when all his scales fell off.

    After inspecting these young human-snake hybrids seriously, Yun Jiuge found them similar to the young human-eagle hybrids. In addition to malnutrition and being contaminated by death energy, they were also tainted by the gray devouring energy.

    As long as the gray energy and death energy was expelled and their nutritional intake was increased, they would soon become healthy.

    But this was easier said than done.

    She knew how to deal with malnutrition, but she couldn’t think of how to control the gray energy.

    Although she could use Holy Power to remove it, it would be too wasteful and inefficient.

    Based on her own speed of recovery, it would take too long to cure these children. This solution was not ideal.

    Yun Jiuge whispered her concern to Zi Shang. Zi Shang suggested, “Do you want to take Yin Shili out to ask him?”

    As a Living Corpse and the Sect Leader of the Yin Corpse Sect for many years, Yin Shili was also supported by Fan Yin. Maybe he could come up with a good idea.

    “Okay,” agreed Yun Jiuge. She couldn’t let Yin Shili out in front of the human-beast hybrids, so she planned to go back to Eagle Cliff first.

    “Miss Yun, we’ve many houses in the human-snake hybrid clan. You won’t need to worry about security issues. You might as well stay here!” Meng said anxiously, afraid that Yun Jiuge would never return.

    “Pfft, if they stay here, who knows if they’ll be betrayed and offered up to the Divine Envoy,” A’ze sneered.

    Meng glared at A’ze fiercely and raised his right hand, promising solemnly to Yun Jiuge, “I, Meng, firmly swear on my life that I’d never betray Miss Yun to the Divine Envoy, and if I go back on my word…”

    “You don’t have to swear. I believe you,” Yun Jiuge quickly interrupted Meng and explained, “I’m going back to Eagle Cliff because of Ling Fei. It was the first one to become infected with gray energy. As long as I solve its problem, your young, as well as Aunt Gaga, will be saved.”

    “His Highness Ling Fei is the prince of our Eagle Clan. You can’t let him stay in the human-snake hybrid clan. He might just eat up all you snakes,” A’ze said provocatively.

    “Caw caw caw!” After A’dai regained its vitality, it flapped its fat wings and arrogantly hooted at the human-snake hybrids.

    Meng’s face was flushed with anger and he was about to fight back when Zi Shang said coldly, “If he’s really so daring, I welcome him to try then.” He was acting as a human-snake hybrid, and so he naturally had to back them up.

    When A’ze heard Zi Shang, he didn’t dare to speak further.

    A’dai played dumb, pretending that he didn’t understand what was going on.

    “Master Ye Zi is mighty indeed!” Meng excitedly looked at the powerful and assertive Zi Shang. He became so excited that his snake tail coiled into a circle.

    “Take good care of the tribe. We’ll be back soon,” Zi Shang ordered.

    “Yes!” Meng shouted loudly and pounded his chest.

    The other clan members also solemnly expressed their obedience to his order.

    “How many more of these gray stones remain? Let me bring them back to study,” Chu Xigu said.

    “There are ten more,” Meng said and gave Yun Jiuge all the gray stones.

    To him, these Divine Stones were just like poison. If Yun Jiuge didn’t want them, he intended to burn them all.

    “Don’t destroy those Gaga Grass first, so that we don’t attract the attention of the Divine Envoy,” Yun Jiuge said. Before she solved the problem of the gray energy in the human-beast hybrid clans, she didn’t want to confront Nangong Yue.

    “Yes,” replied Meng with a nod. He was silently relieved.

    Although he had made up his mind to be loyal to Yun Jiuge, he was unwilling to be the first one to go against the Divine Envoy. So it was best to delay for as long as possible.