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Chapter 493 - I Have A Yin-Yang Body

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 493: I Have A Yin-Yang Body

    Yun Jiuge returned to Eagle Cliff together with A’dai and the gray stones.

    Elder Bai was waiting for them. Seeing them return empty-handed, he asked in surprise, “Didn’t you manage to get the Gaga Grass?” Although the human-snake hybrid clan was fierce, it wasn’t possible that they didn’t even get one stalk of grass!

    “Elder Bai, Miss Yun and Warrior Ye Zi are so powerful that once they appeared, those pests became intimidated and started worshipping them, crying out how they wanted to be their followers,” A’ze said while laughing with his hands on his hips, as if the human-snake hybrid clan was worshipping him instead.

    A’dai stood beside him and imitated his laughter. With its wings on its hips, it looked just like a hen just laying eggs.

    “What’s going on?” Elder Bai said, looking at his earnest grandson A’jun.

    “Meng and the others were tricked by the Divine Envoy. That Gaga Grass was grown with the use of gray stones. After pregnant women ate it, they would give birth to weak children. After adults ate it, they would slowly become dumb and eventually turn into a puppet. After Miss Yun exposed the Divine Envoy’s conspiracy, Meng and the others decided to become Miss Yun’s followers,” Advisor Jun explained in detail.

    “Those who are not of our kin are sure to have a different mind. I knew that the Divine Envoy was up to no good,” Elder Bai said. He quickly realized his mistake and explained to Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, I’m definitely not saying that you…”

    “It’s okay,” Yun Jiuge stopped Elder Bai mid-sentence and said, “In a while, I’ll enter into retreat to study the origin of those gray stones. Please help me to arrange a safe place.”

    “I’ve already arranged your residence. It’s at the Prince’s lair. That area is very safe and well-hidden, what do you think?” Elder Bai asked.

    “That’s very good,” Yun Jiuge said and nodded. A’dai’s lair was a distance away from Eagle Cliff and was surrounded by cliffs. It couldn’t be a better place.

    “Miss Yun, you must be hungry after such a long day. We’ve prepared dinner. Why not eat first before going?” Elder Bai said warmly.

    Yun Jiuge thought of the dead spiders, dead mice and dead snakes in the Eagle Clan’s warehouse and firmly rejected him, “No need. I want to start studying the stones soon, let’s go!” She sat on A’dai’s back with Zi Shang and promptly left.

    “Miss Yun…” Elder Bai looked anxiously at Yun Jiuge’s silhouette and said worriedly, “They’ve nothing on them, what will they eat!”

    “Elder, you don’t have to worry about them, Miss Yun has a lot of food with her,” Advisor Jun repeated what Yun Jiuge had said before to the human-snake hybrid clan.

    “She really said that she would solve the food shortage of our two tribes?” Elder Bai quickly asked.

    “Yes, A’ze also heard what she said,” Advisor Jun replied.

    “Yes, I heard it too. Miss Yun has also promised that food will be given to our tribe first,” A’ze spoke as he patted his chest, as if he had secured this benefit for the tribe.

    “Then what are you still waiting for? Go get soldiers to guard Miss Yun,” Elder Bai said anxiously.

    It was already great that Yun Jiuge could solve the clan’s fertility problem. Now that she could also solve the food shortage problem, Elder Bai held her in even higher regard, almost comparable to the late Clan Leader.

    “Clan Leader, we haven’t drunk water the entire day. Can’t we eat first before going?” A’ze said. He was too hungry.

    “You still want to eat? Quickly get on with it. If anything happens to Miss Yun, I’ll eat you both,” Elder Bai roared with rage. He kicked A’ze out with one foot.

    Advisor Jun left by himself.

    “A’jun, I’m really hungry and can’t fly,” A’ze said and hung his head. His wings fluttered weakly, and his stomach rumbled.

    “You fool, what can you eat at Eagle Cliff? If you want to eat, you should go and find His Highness,” A’jun said. Miss Yun and the others might not need to eat, but His Highness definitely needed to, and looking at the shape he was in, the food he had must be good.

    “Yes, you’re right. Let’s hurry,” A’ze replied. He fluttered his wings and flew towards A’dai’s lair with much motivation.

    In A’dai’s lair…

    Yun Jiuge was taking out food from the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    Piles of beef patties and fresh fruits were piled in front of A’dai.

    She had prepared these when she set out to deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch a long time ago.

    Although they had been in storage for several years, the inside of the Magical Bottomless Bag was a vacuum, and the food were still very fresh.

    “A’dai, keep a lookout, and don’t let anyone come in to disturb us, understand?” Yun Jiuge touched A’dai’s fat head and instructed.

    “Caw caw caw!” A’dai nodded as it opened its wings and circled around the food.

    Although Cherry Pills and Spiritual Water were delicious, it was boring to eat them every day. It was nice to change things up once in a while.

    “Good,” Yun Jiuge said and patted A’dai. She brought Zi Shang into the depths of the lair, then took Yin Shili out of the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    Previously, she had used some of Yin Shili’s power from his Heart of the Heavens and the Earth. This time, she would give him some of her Holy Power to compensate.

    She dripped the golden Holy Power onto Yin Shili’s heart.

    Yin Shili’s chest began to rise and fall as color returned to his face. He slowly opened his eyes.

    “Miss Yun, Ye Zi?” Yin Shili said and looked at Yun Jiuge, confused.

    “Oh, you’ve woken up. How are you feeling, do you have any discomfort?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “I’ll be fine soon. Where is this place? What about the Divine Temple?” Yin Shili asked. He got up from the ground and found himself in a large cave. The sky was gloomy outside, and there was slight death energy in the air.

    “The Divine Temple has been destroyed. This is the Chaotic Secret Realm. Nangong Yue and Qiu Sen have abandoned us and entered the Secret Realm one month before us,” Yun Jiuge briefly recounted what had happened previously.

    After hearing this, Yin Shili was in awe and he looked at Yun Jiuge in admiration.

    “The problem now is that Nangong Yue and the others are creating trouble in the Secret Realm. I suspect these stones have something to do with them. Have you seen these stones before?” Yun Jiuge took out the gray stones to show Yin Shili.

    “Let me see,” Yin Shili said. He took the gray stone over and tried to inject Spiritual Power into it, but found that his Elixir Field seemed to be dead.

    “This Secret Realm is a Spirit Restricting Area, and Spiritual Power cannot be used here,” Yun Jiuge said.

    Yin Shili frowned and thought for a while. Then, he rubbed his fingers together, and light gray Yin Qi floated out.

    “You can still use Yin Qi?” Yun Jiuge asked, surprised.

    “This is my Life’s Origin Yin Qi. Have I told you before? I’ve a Yin-Yang Body,” Yin Shili answered.

    “No,” Yun Jiuge said. She finally knew how Yin Shili obtained the Heart of the Heavens and the Earth and was able to assume the identity of a Living Corpse and be a Sect Leader for so many years without anyone noticing.

    The Yin-Yang Body was a Heavenly Physique and was even rarer than that of Liu Tian’er and Ye Yunzhi.

    Liu Tian’er had a natural corpse-cultivating physique. If she practiced the Yin Qi Cultivation Method, she could cultivate herself into a Living Corpse.

    But Yin Shili’s Yin-Yang Body allowed him to switch freely between being a human and a corpse.