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Chapter 938 - The Tension in the Room

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 938: The Tension in the Room

    Liu Yanhua and the men dressed in black escorted Wen Xinya away.

    Gu Yuehan was standing at a short distance away, ready to receive them.

    Liu Yanhua asked softly, “Missy, are you alright? Did Avrora give you a hard time?”

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya answered, “I’m fine, don’t worry!”

    She looked at the men in black behind her and was certain that there must have been some gunmen lurking in a hidden spot and pointing their guns at Avrora and the servant. She initially thought that she would be dead meat. To her surprise, Si Yiyan had actually planned such a meticulous move.

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath and thought to herself,

    Gu Yuehan said, “I’ll send Missy to Ninth Young Master.”

    Although he had already made all the necessary arrangements according to Si Yiyan’s instructions, his palms had become sweaty at the instant that Wen Xinya left the room. Judging from the fact that Avrora had the audacity to hold Wen Xinya at gunpoint, he understood the Moville Family’s attitude towards Wen Xinya. They may have treated her cordially on Si Yiyan’s account, but they’d never truly respected her. Hence, it was understandable that they would harm her.

    After all, it was an instilled mindset within aristocrats that interests were the most important. They did not think that Si Yiyan would make the Moville Family his enemy for the sake of a woman. Most importantly, average citizens were like lowly peasants.

    The matter about the document was rather severe, and the only reason it had yet to spread around was because of his arrangements. However, the secret definitely could not be kept for long, and he felt that it would be safer for Wen Xinya to stay by Si Yiyan’s side.

    Wen Xinya was well aware of the pros and cons. “We’ve already been out for a long time. It’s time we go back to the room.”

    Due to the fact that Gu Yuehan was around, she had the guts to plot against Avrora and do whatever she could to get her hands on the document. Indeed, Gu Yuehan did not disappoint her.

    Liu Yanhua heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    Gu Yuehan and Liu Yanhua brought Wen Xinya to the room.

    There were only a few guards in the room who were standing still and appearing extremely daunting. They could not hear Duke Moville’s voice too clearly because of the soundproofed walls.

    She extended her hand to push the door open, after which the noises ceased.

    She glanced into the room to see that Si Yiyan was holding a glass of liquor in hand with the other hand on his forehead. He cocked his head sideways to gaze at her smilingly.

    Duke Moville did not even bother looking at her. Instead, he picked up the teacup calmly and removed the lid as if he were tasting the tea. The cane which had the symbolic scaled snake of the Moville Family made him look even more stern and formidable.

    Although the two of them were both calm and composed, Wen Xinya could sense something unusual about the ambiance in the room. Perhaps because she had already gotten used to the strong lighting in the racecourse, she suddenly found the room to be a little dim and the glass windows looked darker as well. Even the originally beautiful paintings seemed rather bizarre now.

    The room was dead silent and tension was brewing in the air. It was just like the calm before the storm.

    However, her interruption broke the tension and it was just like a bomb that had been placed in water.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan exclaimed flirtatiously, “Come here!”

    Wen Xinya snapped out of her trance and walked towards him. As soon as she sat on the cushion, Si Yiyan pulled her into his arms. Instead of struggling, she asked smilingly, “What were you and Duke Moville talking about just now? Did I interrupt you?”

    As soon as she finished speaking, the tension increased.