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Chapter 643 - Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 2)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 643: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 2)

    How could Wang Zi Hang who looked like a prince be willing to marry a fool, but since the cooperation between the Wang Family and the Luo Family was underway, they were already engaged.

    If Wang Zi Hang didn’t have a legitimate reason to break the engagement with the previous host, their cooperation would have stopped.

    Wang Duan had invested quite a bit into this cooperation, three fourths of the family’s wealth had been put in!

    But facing the fool that was the previous host, if he didn’t think of a way, his life would have been ruined.

    It was at this time that a maid hired by Wang Zi Hang named Gu Ya Ru thought of an excellent solution.  Gu Ya Ru had been hired as a maid by the Wang Family three years ago.

    A girl with no money and arrogance, she worked hard to stand out among the maids of the Wang Family, appearing in Wang Zi Hang’s eyes.

    If one watched this story from the view of the supporting female lead, how inspiring and how touching it would have been.

    This strong girl had always faced the dark forces of the fool young miss and stole the prince in one fell swoop!

    But there was no choice since the lead of this story was the fool previous host!

    The previous host didn’t like Wang Zi Hang, since a fool didn’t know what she liked.

    She had only seen Gu Ya Ru a few times and didn’t have much impression of her.

    After all, the previous host had such a small brain capacity that she couldn’t even remember things of her daily life, how could she remember some Gu Ya Ru.

    But she didn’t know that while she didn’t remember Gu Ya Ru, that didn’t mean that Gu Ya Ru didn’t remember her.

    In order to get the perfect Wang Zi Hang, Gu Ya Ru had to do something before the female lead and Wang Zi Hang were married.

    This thought coincided with Wang Zi Hang.

    It was a grand cruise banquet, everyone that could obtain a ticket was very rich.

    The four great families of A City were all present, so naturally the previous host was among them.

    But she didn’t know that this cruise banquet was a Feast at Swan Goose Gate.

    [TL Note: It’s an idiom for a trap that was derived from a story during the Three Kingdom ages.]

    Wang Zi Hang had laced the previous host’s food with aphrodisiac and then prepared someone to knock on the previous host’s door after helping her back to her room,

    The previous host was affected by the drug and didn’t know anything.  She jumped on the man who came in and the fierce man saw that the previous host was a beauty, so he happily enjoyed her since she was so open about it.

    After all, he was over thirty and he had never enjoyed this kind of luxurious cruise, this kind of beauty, this kind of…..ze, ze, ze.

    However everything was filmed by a camera that Wang Zi Hang had placed in the room.

    The next morning, this dirty video was posted online.

    Instantly, the Luo Family became the laughingstock of their circle.  Wang Zi Hang even deliberately said in a difficult voice, “Even like this, I will take responsibility for Qing Chen!”

    But after he said this, he lowered his head and his lips curled into a beautiful arc.

    Luo Lin was a very strong man.  Although he cared for his daughter, he couldn’t let others take responsibility.

    In the end, the engagement between the Luo Family and the Wang Family fell apart, but the business deal still continued.

    The previous host’s big brother couldn’t accept this and sent someone to investigate what happened on the cruise.  After finally revealing the truth, when he went to find Wang Zi Hang to take revenge for his little sister, there was a car accident.

    When the previous host learned her big brother died, her broken head suddenly had a stroke.

    After lying in bed for a month, she finally couldn’t be saved.

    Luo Lin had lost both his children in such a short period and he was heartbroken.

    Since then, the Luo Family kept falling until the Wang Family took the Luo Family’s place as one of the four great families.

    Wang Zi Han and Gu Ya Ru lived a happy life together like the prince and Cinderella!