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Chapter 395 - Becoming a Videographer Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 395 Becoming a Videographer Again

    Zhou Wen could understand Wang Guotao's worries. In the League, Wang Mingyuan was taboo. His reputation might even be worse than the devil, Jing Daoxian.

    With the branding as Wang Mingyuan's student on him, no one from a wealthy family in the League would dare to get too close to him to avoid being considered to be in cahoots with him.

    Wang Guotao only said one sentence, but he didn't say anything after that. One sentence was all that was needed when speaking to smart people. For those who weren't smart, it was useless no matter how much was said. Therefore, he only mentioned one key point.

    Zhou Wen and Wang Lu left the restaurant together. Wang Lu was very happy, so she didn't return to school directly. Instead, she took Zhou Wen around the mall and bought quite a lot of things. She also bought some clothes for him to show her gratitude.

    "Zhou Wen, how did you do it? You actually slammed the tea leaves into the table. Even my uncle was dumbfounded. He definitely can't do it," Wang Lu said.

    Zhou Wen said with a smile, "Actually, it's not completely Yin force. It's a technique I've been learning recently. It's considered a trick."

    Zhou Wen was telling the truth. He was certain that he couldn't do anything to such an extent by relying on Yin forces. The soaked tea leaves were not only soft and brittle, but they were also separated by the teacup. Even a powerful Yin force expert like Wang Guotao couldn't send the tea leaves into the table like him.

    Zhou Wen used some of the spatial-type means, but it looked like Yin force. In fact, the Yin force played a very small role in it. It was in the same vein as Leng Zongzheng's use of the Demonic Organ Throne. It was also the fruit of Zhou Wen's recent reading and research.

    Although there was still no way to upgrade the Lost Country to an Evolved Body, there was finally some progress. As long as he continued his research, he would eventually gain some insight.

    "At least you're smart. I'm really happy today. Are you free tomorrow? I need to complete my homework mission, so be my videographer," Wang Lu said.

    "Alright." Zhou Wen didn't reject it.

    He didn't deliberately distance himself from Wang Lu due to what Wang Guotao had said. He and Wang Lu were only ordinary friends, so there was nothing to hide. Furthermore, Zhou Wen wasn't a goody-two-shoes.

    Wang Lu was well aware of his situation. Since Wang Lu didn't mind being friends with him, why would he push Wang Lu away?

    As for the negative effects of being Wang Mingyuan's student, Zhou Wen believed that he could eliminate it in the future and not let it affect his family and friends.

    Of course, that was on the premise that Wang Lu didn't mind.

    After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen headed for the underground Pool City. However, he had killed many Epic creatures inside, so finding more of them was very troublesome. All he could do was switch dungeons.

    The blood-colored avatar couldn't die, so Zhou Wen couldn't respawn the dungeons either. All he could do was head to some safe places to grind. After some time, he didn't have any monsters to grind.

    I'll sleep early today. I'll check the results when I head to the underground sea tomorrow. It was rare for Zhou Wen to go to sleep so early that he woke up punctually at six in the morning.

    His Lost Country cooldown time wasn't up. After he washed up, he grabbed a book and walked to the cafeteria to eat as he read.

    The few books that Leng Zongzheng introduced him to were a little too profound. Many of them had knowledge that Zhou Wen had never read before, but he didn't find it dull.

    Perhaps others who read these intelligible books might find them boring, but Zhou Wen read with great relish. From his point of view, the knowledge he didn't understand gave him plenty of room to imagine. Rather than studying, it was better to say that Zhou Wen treated it as a storybook.

    Many times, after Zhou Wen figured out what it really meant and compared it to his imagination, he realized he had been ridiculously wrong.

    For someone like Zhou Wen, who was easily engrossed in everything he did, he learned everything faster than the average person.

    Of course, there were also flaws. While Zhou Wen immersed himself in multi-dimensional string theory and fantasized about a magical world, he didn't realize that Wang Lu had been sitting opposite him for quite some time.

    Just as Zhou Wen was about to leave, he realized that Wang Lu was sitting there.