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Chapter 284 - Cant Bear To Wake Her Up (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 284: Can't Bear To Wake Her Up (2)

    Xu Shuai took a deep breath and silently repeated ‘For my brother, I will risk my neck and splatter my blood. For my brother, I will risk my life for him!' ten times. Then, he gritted his teeth forcefully and shouted at Xu Weilai's back, "Deal!"

    Xu Weilai stopped in her track and turned around. "Let's watch then."

    The two of them went past the ticket counter and entered the theatre. Unexpectedly, the entire row Xu Weilai was sitting at was empty.

    It was the New Year. Almost all the movie slots in the theatre were filled up. When Gu Xue booked the tickets, only these two seats were left. Why was no one sitting here? It was already quite late when she entered the theatre; the movie had already started for five minutes…

    Xu Weilai was puzzled, but she didn't think too much. She found her seat and sat down. Then, she noticed… Xu Shuai's seat was just beside her but he didn't sit there. Instead, he chose a seat six seats away from her and sat down.

    "Your… your seat is here!" Xu Weilai still reminded him softly. She pointed to the seat on her right.

    Xu Shuai replied in a soft voice too. "I don't like to sit too close to other people, so I bought the entire row. Don't worry about me. As long as you can see me, it's fine."

    As long as she could see him? What the hell was he saying…?

    Xu Weilai shrugged. She couldn't be bothered to understand his weird thinking, so she wore the 3D glasses that she picked up outside and leaned back into her seat. Her black eyes were looking at the huge screen.

    When the movie ended, it was already 11 pm. The two of them walked out of the movie theatre.

    Xu Shuai said, "It's already very late. Let me take back to your apartment."

    Xu Weilai didn't reject him. Since there were too many people here, it would've been hard for her to call for a taxi. She didn't have to make things hard for herself.

    As the car arrived below her apartment, Xu Weilai unbuckled her seatbelt. Before she pushed the door open and left the car, she reminded Xu Shuai once again. "20 bottles of hard liquor. Remember to pay me back!"

    Xu Shuai coughed furiously. When he replied, he seemed to be gritting his teeth in anger. "Of course! I'm always true to my word!"

    Xu Weilai got down from the car happily and walked into her apartment block.

    Xu Shuai's villa was almost an entire city away from Xu Weilai's apartment. When he reached Xu Weilai's apartment, it was already past midnight. By the time he drove back to his villa, it was almost 2 am.

    Since he had been working hard the whole day, he fell straight down on his bed upon returning home. He just wanted to sleep like there was no tomorrow.

    However, less than two minutes after he laid down, his phone rang.

    Xu Shuai wanted to pretend that he didn't hear it, but his phone rang again after the phone call ended. The sound kept circling in his ears. He sat up angrily and grabbed his phone to pick up the call.

    A man's low and cold voice came from the other end of the call. The person went straight to the point as he asked, "Have you finished watching the movie with her?"

    He knew it was Gu Yu!

    Xu Shuai replied furiously, "Why would I disobey you? Don't worry. I've already accompanied her to watch the movie! However, if you want to understand what had happened, you can call your wife! So why did you call me?!"

    "It's too late. I can't bear to wake her up."

    Xu Shuai suddenly felt as if a knife had stabbed into his heart. "You don't think twice about waking me up, but you can't bear to wake your wife?"


    Xu Shuai was left speechless. What did he do to deserve this treatment from this couple!

    Gu Yu remained silent for a moment before he asked, "Did you sit beside her?"

    "No, I didn't. You bought the entire row of seats because you didn't want me to sit beside her, right? Yu, I hate to say this, but what is wrong with you? You were the one who asked me to accompany her to watch a movie, yet you didn't want me to sit beside her."