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Chapter 309 - The Real Scam

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 309: The Real Scam

    The latest status that the comic artist Lemon had posted on Weibo was more than a month ago. The status was to complement the progress update issued by her studio, and this particular status was being bombarded with comments.

    [Go and die]

    [I'm sure that her mother died early as a retribution for her misdeeds!]

    [You're such an evil person. So, you think you're almighty because you have loads of money? Do you need to look down on peasants? Did you know that the rice you're eating is the harvest from farmers? Why don't you stop eating rice then!]

    All these comments would make anyone boil from inside especially the comment about her mother. That made Ning Meng clench her fists tightly. What was wrong with this world? How could they simply throw accusations around without finding out the truth first?

    It was as if all they could curse about were her eighteen generations of ancestors. Ning Meng liked to insult people, but she would never bring family into the picture. Ning Meng opened a few of her private messages and they were all filled with unpleasant words, making her feel all the more depressed.

    Zhen Shanmei gave her a voice call through WeChat. The moment she picked up the call, Zhen Shanmei started venting out her anger.

    "These people are too wicked! Of course compensation is in order since she fell onto your car! How can one just be forgiven after a mere apology? If that was the case, every misdeed in the world can be forgiven with just an apology?"

    Ning Meng was poor in her real life, hence, she was especially generous toward the less fortunate, however, no one had reported what had happened at the police station. Zhen Shanmei had no idea of the truth but she had still chosen to stand by her friend's side and continued to spew words of anger on her behalf.

    "Meng Meng, you should have been a bit more prudent too. You could have just not revealed your plans in public and gone straight to the police. Why did you delay matters? What are we to do now? They've exposed your identity all the way to your comic line in Weibo, they will soon expose your link to Lemon Entertainment. Sigh! Looks like your company's stocks will go through turbulent times again."

    Ning Meng felt a warmth in her heart. "Actually, that was not what really happened…"

    After explaining the whole situation to her, Zhen Shanmei became even more furious and raised her voice.

    "D*mn! What is wrong with this world! How are there so many keyboard warriors!? They have not even investigated the truth and they're already hurling insults at you! Meng Meng, you need to quickly contact the police station and ask them to issue a statement to clear things up!"

    Ning Meng sighed. When she was trying to save that person, she had not thought so far ahead. After hanging up, she contacted the police station. Unfortunately, the policeman in charge of her case had gone out to carry out emergency duties.

    The man on the phone said, "They've gone out for a big meeting and will only be back tomorrow. Once they come back and we've gone through the verification process, we'll immediately issue the clarification statement. Is that alright?"

    Ning Meng did not mind since it was only for a day.


    She did not think that this news would go on being a hot issue for long. There was so much viral news out there, after all, the hype for this piece of news might die down in just half an hour. She did not anticipate that it would trigger a series of events that started with someone posting a long Weibo status.

    @Imagossipcaster: [To be honest, @Comic Artist Lemon has always been full of evil and has had a notorious reputation for a long time. She and Su Tiantian are stepsisters and yet, she has bullied Su Tiantian since they were younger. She would publicly scold and belittle Su Tiantian calling her a wh*re and a b*tch. It is easy to see that this lady has a serious inferiority complex.]

    What was supposed to be small community news was soon blown out of proportions, and since this had now involved a celebrity, the news traveled like wildfire and soon reached the hot search engine.