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Chapter 229 - Drawing Lots

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 229: Drawing Lots

    Su Cha slept comfortably the first night in Lookout Pavilion.

    The next day, she received a message from the production team, saying that she should report to the production studio and draw lots to get her number plate.

    The national Top 50 competition would begin in a week.

    There were a hundred contestants in each of the 10 divisions.

    Bo Muyi had gone to work. When she had enough to sleep, she circled around Lookout Pavilion.

    Although many servants had not seen her before, they had probably received the news last night. Whenever they saw the unfamiliar girl appear around Lookout Pavilion, they would respectfully call her “Miss Su.”

    Su Cha nodded politely, but she did not seem arrogant.

    Still, her aura made the servants think that Miss Su was the daughter of some family.

    None of them expected their young master to fancy an ordinary girl from a faraway city.

    After exercising, she ate breakfast.

    The servants stayed in their posts and did not say a word to Su Cha. Apart from being luxurious, the place also gave off a sense of security.

    When she went out, the secret guard, Ah Chen, appeared and asked with a poker face, “Miss Su, do you need a car?”

    Su Cha thought for a while and shook her head. “No need. I’ll take the time to tour the area when I’m out.”

    She did not request for the car to be prepared, and Ah Chen did not force her.

    Bo Muyi was very relaxed toward her. Other than sending people to protect her, he enforced no other restrictions.

    She waited for a rideshare by the roadside and rode it to join the production team.

    The Imperial Capital was different from Yonggu City. One could tell from the people on the streets that there were many pretty and fashionable boys and girls here. There were also many luxury cars. As the capital of China, the Imperial Capital was a dream place for countless people.

    It was worth mentioning that Su Cha had received a call from her father on the plane yesterday.

    He seemed to have compromised. He simply told Su Cha that if anything happened, she could return to Yonggu City as soon as possible. At the very least, he would do his duty as her father.

    Su Cha did not have much of a reaction when she heard that, but she had already come up with some guesses regarding this matter.

    What would she encounter in the Imperial Capital?

    Why didn’t he want her to come here?

    While she was thinking, Su Cha had already arrived at the location the production team had mentioned.

    The stage that was built in a stadium had been rented by the production crew of “Dreams In Progress” for two months.

    The construction of many facilities was still in full swing. After all, there would be a big performance every week.

    There were not many people present. Su Cha arrived at the Imperial Capital first.

    Under the direction of the production crew, she went to draw a lot. The production team knew that she was one of the top ten in Yonggu City, so they pulled her to do a simple interview.

    Since not all the contestants were from popular districts, their treatment was different from those from the local popular districts. However, Su Cha was a runner-up, after all, and she was pretty. The staff members were friendly to her.

    After Quan Jia found out that Su Cha had arrived at the Imperial Capital today, she sent an address to Su Cha’s program team and asked them to find the address after drawing lots. There was a music teacher there who could teach Su Cha some singing techniques.