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Chapter 298 - Watch How I Would Torture Instructor Tang to Death!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 298: Watch How I Would Torture Instructor Tang to Death!

    “That’s it for the team assignments. Lightning, as the group leader, please manage your members.” Tang Jinyu continued, “The target for this training is to eliminate each and every one of the opponents.”

    After Tang Jinyu was done, everyone boarded the helicopter.

    The two groups landed at different locations.

    Ever since they landed, Jian Qi had not said a word. Lightning then went over to comfort her, “This training is to train the coordination and cooperation between the twelve of us. This time it’s the six of us, the next time, we’ll surely swap members. So you might be in the same group as our boss the next time. Don’t be upset!”

    Jian Qi tilted her head up slowly. “What makes you think that I’m upset?”

    “Then, why are you so quiet?” One of the veterans was curious.

    Jian Qi smirked and a light flashed through her eyes. “I’m thinking about how to eliminate Instructor Tang!”

    Everyone. “…”

    Truly, they should not treat her as a normal girl!

    Before Lightning could say anything, Lu Yao, who was standing at the side, could no longer stand her. “You should think about how to avoid being tortured by him. It has been a while now, when have you ever beaten him?”

    Everyone turned and looked at Lu Yao.

    Lu Yao had spoken the truth!

    Be it training or every time Jian Qi teased Tang Jinyu, she would end up suffering!

    Jian Qi did not give up. “I’ve been letting him win…”

    “Girl, stop being in denial.” Lightning laughed.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “You guys shall watch me beat Instructor Tang this time!” Jian Qi was serious.

    Everyone laughed. Even Lightning teased her, “Sure, we can’t wait! If you succeed, I promise to do anything you want me to do!”

    “Us too!” All the veterans gave her their word as well.

    Jian Qi then looked at Lu Yao. “Instructor Lu, what about you?”

    Everyone looked at Lu Yao, and the veterans pulled him to their side.

    Lu Yao nodded. “Me too.”

    Jian Qi chuckled. “You guys are still too young for this. Do you know what the consequences are of making a promise so easily?”

    But she was the youngest among them!

    “Big Sister Qi, stop scaring us already. We are still waiting for you to beat our boss up.”

    Everyone started making noise. They did not believe that Jian Qi could do anything to Tang Jinyu.

    In fact, taking down the boss’s head was not an easy job.

    They all knew very well that even if this girl had been tortured for the ninety-ninth time, she would still be coming up with ways to torture the boss!

    “Just wait and see how I’ll torture Instructor Tang!” Jian Qi smiled. “Hold onto your glasses and don’t break em’!”

    This girl was too naive!

    “Quit the chit-chat. We should discuss our plans for later if we don’t want to die in the cold,” Lightning took out his leadership front.

    Everyone gathered around and started to discuss their plan to take down Tang Jinyu and his team!

    The first step to attack them was of course to have good cooperation among themselves. Or else, they might be beaten up by them!

    Be it military planning or strategic combat, Tang Jinyu had always been a threatening existence. Hence, this would be a tough fight for them.

    And their opponent was also their equally strong comrades!

    During the planning, Jian Qi said, “Leave Instructor Tang to me. You guys take care of the rest.”

    Everyone. “…”

    “Girl, are you planning to give them your head?” One of the veterans began to get suspicious. “Are you sure you’re not a spy for them?”