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Chapter 256.3 - He Looks So Much Like My Son

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 256.3: He Looks So Much Like My Son

    Bai Qiu was taken aback a moment, his face looking a little shocked.

    “Jing Yu…..”

    “Have you forgotten that you are now a person with a deficient soul? Moreover, your cultivation now is not even half of the level you had before, how could I possibly let you go risk yourself in the Mind Free Peak?”

    Mo Jing Yu’s eyes were emotionless, his tone strangely calm and composed.

    Big Brother had got Xiu Yi Ran to bring him back to the Hell Kings Palace because Big Brother had similarly wanted him to go into the Mind Free Peak. He was naturally not fearful of the unknown dangers inside that place but as he was no longer alone on his own now, he did not want to put himself at unnecessary risk.

    Hence, he did not want Fei Er to go risk herself as well.

    Hearing that, Qing Lan Fei narrowed her eyes and her lips stiffened, but she did not say anything.

    Bai Qiu did not insist further when he saw that. He had initially thought that there was no harm giving it a try, so being rejected like this did not cause him all that much disappointment.

    As the man spoke, a disciple suddenly came in and lowered his head to whisper something into Bai Qiu’s ear. The expression on Bai Qiu’s face became a little startled before it turned to look a little complicated.

    He suddenly shot to his feet and then smiled apologetically at the two people as he said: “Something came up and I have to recuse myself for a while. I’ll leave you two to carry on on your own.”

    “Please take your time Sect Leader Bai.” Qing Lan Fei nodded and said with a smile.

    Watching Bai Qiu as he slowly went further away from them, Mo Jing Yu then opened his mouth to ask the woman: “You would not blame me for refusing his request on your behalf just now would you?”

    Qing Lan Fei arced up her eyes and smiled gently at him. “You were merely being concerned about me. Why would I blame you for that?”

    Mo Jing Yu’s upslanted eyes glanced at her before he said to her: “Compared to the past, you are now becoming so much more understanding.”

    “Are you saying that I was being unreasonable in the past?” Qing Lan Fei arched up an eyebrow, her face looking highly displeased as she asked

    Mo Jing Yu blinked his eyes innocently, his face looking highly aggrieved. “That is not what I said at all.”

    Qing Lan Fei could not help but laugh as she raised up a balled fist to thump against the man’s shoulder. After the show of affection, she suddenly opened her mouth to say to the man: “Actually, even if I do not go to the Mind Free Peak this time, I will still want to make my way there in future. I can’t help but have this feeling. That place is strangely drawing me to it very strongly.”

    It seemed like there was a fuzzy memory lodged in her mind, but everytime she tried to remember it, her head would be wrecked with a splitting headache, sometimes growing so severe that she would even faint.

    She had never once spoken about it before, but when she came to hear that name, Mind Free Peak for the first time, she had immediately felt like she had heard of it before.

    And there were some things that she would have to first unravel the entire mystery before she would believe it.