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Chapter 397 - Four Guardian Generals

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 397 Four Guardian Generals

    Zhou Wen and Wang Lu arrived at the Town God's Temple. It was clearly much more majestic than the one Zhou Wen and company had gone to. It was also a lot bigger. It was split into three outer entrance gates, three entrances, three opera rooms, one hexagonal stone-pillared pavilion, three buildings with round ridge roofs, five temples, five back halls, and twelve rooms on each side of the stone pillars.

    The temple was the main place of worship. It consecrated the Town God, Duke Wei Ling. There were two judge statues. There were stone carvings carved on the top of the hall's roof beam, and on the four corners of the spine, there were stone statues. Legend had it that the four infamous generals, Han Xin, Zhou Yu, Pang Juan, and Luo Cheng were punished to guard the city for their crimes.

    However, this was only a legend. The four guardian generals of the Town God's Temple's dimensional zone were named Four Generals of Wei Ling. As long as one challenged any of the four generals and remained undefeated for three minutes, they would be rewarded by Duke Wei Ling.

    However, to hold out for three minutes without being defeated by the four of them, one had to at least be at the Legendary stage. Most of the students in Sunset College couldn't do it, so it was no wonder the homework mission was only given to special admissions students. Even if the typical student came, not only would they not obtain any benefits, their lives might even be in danger.

    The four guardian generals separately wielded a sword, saber, a spear, and a swordbreaker, so they were known as the Sword General, Saber General, Spear General, and Swordbreaker General.

    "Which guardian general are you choosing?" Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu.

    "According to legend, the Swordbreaker General corresponds to Pang Juan, so I'll choose him," Wang Lu said after some thought.

    "Why him?" Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised. This was because Pang Juan's fame was the worst of the four guardian generals. Few people usually chose him.

    Most people would choose Sword General who likely represented Han Xin or Spear General who likely represented Luo Cheng. Relatively fewer people would choose Zhou Yu who represented Saber General and Pang Juan who represented Swordbreaker General.

    "I once read some stories about Pang Juan. I always feel that the so-called crime of harming a fellow disciple is false. Back then, Pang Juan was publicly acknowledged as the number one general, and he remained victorious in all attacks. Furthermore, he and Sun Bin came from different countries, and there was quite a huge difference in age. No matter how I think about it, that story is a bit too bizarre. Just like Zhou Yu's abhorrent name, it's just fabricated in novels. The Battle of Red Cliffs was all thanks to Zhou Yu and the other generals. The so-called stories of borrowing the eastern wind and using boats of straw to capture arrows were merely a stylistic choice the authors had of elevating Kong Ming. It had never happened to him before. In that battle, Liu Bei didn't obtain any credit. He only picked up the spoils when Cao Cao was defeated," Wang Lu said.

    Zhou Wen nodded. He didn't know much about the history before the dimensional storms, but he also found what Wang Lu said sounded reasonable.

    Zhou Wen took out his phone and recorded Wang Lu. Wang Lu entered the Wei Ling Hall and bowed at it. Then, she pulled out a summoning talisman with the word "Swordbreaker" engraved on it from the offering table.

    After the summoning talisman was pulled out, the sound of meteors striking the ground could be heard coming from within the courtyard. A general in armor appeared in the courtyard with two swordbreakers in hand.

    The general had a majestic figure. He wielded his two swordbreakers like a gigantic deity as his eyes darted over like lightning and stared at Wang Lu.

    After Wang Lu exited the main entrance of the Wei Ling Hall, the general smashed down with his swordbreaker. Although the weapon didn't emit any light, it possessed a powerful force that was akin to a mountain crashing down.

    Wang Lu didn't clash head-on with the swordbreaker. Instead, she used her movement technique to circle around him. She moved agilely amidst the storm-like attacks of the dual swordbreakers with great ease. It left Zhou Wen slightly surprised.

    Zhou Wen had always felt that Wang Lu was just lucky, but he never expected her movement techniques to be so exquisite. Apart from the difference in level and speed, she wasn't at all inferior to Zhou Wen's movement techniques.

    In three minutes, the swordbreakers had failed to injure Wang Lu at all. They didn't even touch her clothes.

    When the time was up, the Swordbreaker General burst into a white mist and disappeared. As for the summoning talisman that Wang Lu had pulled out from the offering table, there was a strange change. It turned into a dimensional crystal. The crystal contained the Swordbreaker General's shadow. Surprisingly, it was a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal.

    "Do you want to give it a try?" Wang Lu asked as she blinked and put away the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal.

    "Can I? I don't have the homework mission," Zhou Wen asked.

    "Since the pass can bring you in, you naturally can try," said Wang Lu.

    Zhou Wen nodded. Since he was already here, there was no reason to give up on the benefits.

    Zhou Wen came to the Wei Ling Hall. He didn't dare pray this time. If he accidentally blew up Duke Wei Ling, where would he get the benefits?

    He looked at the summoning talismans that represented the four generals. Wang Lu had taken one of the tokens, but now, it had returned to four.

    Zhou Wen had limited knowledge of historical figures and had only heard of their names. Furthermore, it was difficult to say if the four generals really represented them. Therefore, after some thought, he chose the Sword General.

    He had the Overlord Sword in hand. If a sword-type Primordial Energy Skill dropped, he could use it.

    He heard a loud bang from the courtyard. A general with an ancient sword appeared in the yard.

    As soon as Zhou Wen left the courtyard, the general slashed over with his sword. However, the sword wasn't fast. It didn't have the domineering stance of the Swordbreaker General.

    Zhou Wen had no intention of dodging. He summoned his Overlord Sword and slashed at the Sword General. He wanted to see how strong the guardian general's defense was.

    However, when his sword slashed over, he saw the Sword General withdraw his sword and retreat, causing Zhou Wen's strike to miss.

    What's going on? Does the guardian general fear me? Just as Zhou Wen was feeling puzzled, he suddenly saw the general wave his sword. A beam of light flashed in the yard as ten beauties with ancient swords appeared out of nowhere. All of them wore fiendish looks as they charged at Zhou Wen with swords in hand.

    Instantly, sword beams surged everywhere, transforming into a sword formation that trapped Zhou Wen inside.

    Zhou Wen was slightly surprised. The Sword General was rather interesting—he could even summon a sword formation. Seeing the layers of sword beams strike at him, Zhou Wen didn't dodge them. Overlord Sword released a terrifying sword beam as he delivered Transcendent Flying Immortal.

    The sword glows interlaced with one another. In just a split second, the ten beautiful women with ancient swords in hand were chopped up with their swords. They turned into white mist and dissipated.

    When Zhou Wen looked at the Sword General, he saw him swing the ancient sword. Another ten ancient sword beauties had formed a sword formation again.

    Zhou Wen repeatedly slashed at the seven waves of the sword formation formed by the seven beauties, but the Sword General kept avoiding a direct battle with him. Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps to approach the Sword General to pressurize him into fighting him, but the Sword General's movement technique was baffling. He actually dodged Zhou Wen's attack and summoned the beauties' sword formation again.

    Three minutes quickly passed as the Sword General turned into white mist and dissipated. However, Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed. He had failed to force the Sword General to fight him.