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Chapter 230 - A Familiar Person, Just Like in My Memory

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 230: A Familiar Person, Just Like in My Memory

    Su Cha’s luck was neither good nor bad. She got the number 62.

    This was around the middle.

    She took her number and left without stopping.

    During this period, she did not see any other contestants reporting.

    After taking her leave of the production crew, Su Cha went to find the music teacher according to the address Quan Jia had given her. However, it was already noon by this time. She rode a bike and the sunlight was scorching the ground. Soon, Su Cha’s body was drenched in sweat. She planned to find a place to rest and eat before continuing.

    Su Cha also sent Bo Muyi a message:

    The man in the meeting had brought his phone with him this time. The moment he saw the phone vibrate slightly, his gaze shifted to it.

    The atmosphere in the conference room was rather normal today. He had just returned and they were currently reporting the work handover.

    While a senior manager was reading the figures for the first half of the year, Bo Muyi suddenly raised his hand gently in the air.

    He had a bad temper. Even this group of senior executives who had not worked with him for long had experienced it.

    Even though Bo Muyi was young, no one would dare to touch him.

    At this moment, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. What was wrong with him?

    In the end, they saw that the handsome man was indifferent but serious. “Let’s stop the meeting. It’s time to eat.”

    The executives: “…”

    For a group like theirs, it was normal to not eat for an entire day when in a meeting. But in the middle of the meeting, the devil actually said that it was time to eat?


    It was unbelievable!

    Everyone looked at each other, but the dignified man had already stood up, leaving behind a group of confused senior executives.

    Bai Kun was still in a daze when he saw Bo Muyi coming out. He had estimated that the meeting would end at two or three o’clock. Why was Young Master here now?

    However, Bo Muyi said, “Prepare lunch for me. We will continue after the meeting.”

    Then, he lowered his head and started to play with his phone, as if replying.

    Bai Kun understood immediately. “Yes, Young Master.”

    Needless to say, it must be Miss Su.


    After Su Cha finished her meal, she continued her journey.

    As it was quite far away, she continued to ride the bike as a form of exercise.

    On the way, she was really thirsty and walked over to a beverage shop.

    It was a small shop by the roadside. She looked behind it and saw a shopping mall.

    Upwards were transparent glass stairs with rows of luxury stores.

    While Su Cha was waiting, she looked around in boredom. Suddenly, she spotted a familiar figure in a shop.

    The person was wearing a white shirt, looking clean and transparent. The flawless side profile gave off a familiar feeling from Su Cha’s memory. He stood there simply, his aura elegant and distant.

    Su Cha felt an unfamiliar sense of nobility.

    Beside him was a shop assistant from a luxury store who could not help but admire his looks. She respectfully said something to him.

    He seemed to have changed but, at the same time, did not seem to have changed.

    The difference was that she herself was much more mature than before.

    Su Cha was stunned for a second. At that moment, her killing intent almost burst out uncontrollably.

    Perhaps it was too obvious; the man beside the window turned his gaze and met Su Cha’s eyes.

    At that moment, he saw a girl. Her calm and obedient eyes were as pure as he remembered.