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Chapter 285 - He Didnt Want To Come Back, Right? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 285: He Didn't Want To Come Back, Right? (1)

    It was a quiet night. The man's voice was low with a hint of fatigue. "She doesn't like watching movies alone."

    Xu Shuai immediately understood what he was trying to say.

    Gu Yu wanted Xu Shuai to accompany Xu Weilai, but Gu Yu wanted to be the only one to sit beside her, meaning Xu Shuai wasn't allowed to sit beside Xu Weilai. That would explain why before Gu Yu sent him to accompany Xu Weilai and reminded him that he just needed to sit somewhere that Xu Weilai could see him.

    To hell with love!

    Xu Shuai, who was forced to bear witness to their love, swallowed a few mouths of saliva. He became hot-headed and furiously refuted Gu Yu. "Yu, if you have the guts to do all this, you should have the guts to tell Xu Weilai about it!"

    However, Gu Yu didn't reply to him and immediately hung up the call.

    Xu Shuai was left speechless.

    How frustrating!

    Xu Shuai sincerely hoped that Gu Yu and Xu Weilai would love each other enough for their love to bear fruit. He also hoped that they would stop torturing him. He was just a poor, little, helpless fellow!


    After Xu Weilai woke up, she grabbed her phone and checked the time. She then pretended to casually check if there were any missed calls or unread messages.

    There were a few unread messages, so she opened them. They were mostly New Year greetings sent in WeChat groups.

    There was one message from Xiao Chun that read: "Little Weilai, Happy New Year, babe. Look at your WeChat!"

    A mocking smile flashed in the reflection of her screen. What was she expecting? Was she hoping that Gu Yu would tell her that he couldn't make it because he was busy yesterday?

    With a pout, she stopped thinking about this matter. Then, she opened her WeChat, saw the 8,888 RMB red packet Xiao Chun sent her, and accepted it with a smile. Then, she returned her gift with an 18,888 RMB red packet.

    She had received a million RMB as her annual bonus. In the past, Xiao Chun sent her several gifts so she had to repay her.

    After washing up, Xu Weilai prepared a simple breakfast for herself. Because Mrs. Lin was still at the Gu family manor, Xu Weilai had to make her own breakfast. After she finished eating, she washed her bowls and returned to her room. She put on some light makeup before changing her clothes. Then, she picked up her bag and left the house.

    Xu Zhanwang had to return to school on the seventh. Xu Weilai wanted to see him one last time before he had to leave. Since it was the New Year, she also had to return to her parents' home to accompany them.

    Xu Weilai drove her small car to the shopping center first. She bought some fruits and supplements before driving to the Xu residence.

    The maids helped her to carry the bags inside. Mrs. Xu came out of the kitchen at the same time coincidentally and smiled when she saw the bags. "You didn't have to bring so many things back. Was this Yu's idea?"

    However, her smile faded away when she saw that Xu Weilai had returned alone. "You came alone? Where is Yu?"

    Xu Weilai changed her shoes and entered the house. She replied calmly, "Gu Yu is busy, Mother. He didn't come back with me today."

    "What would he be busy with during the New Year? He just didn't want to come back with you, right?" Mrs. Xu was furious upon seeing Xu Weilai's calm and indifferent attitude. "Weilai, tell me something: do you treat Yu coldly like this at home, too? No wonder he doesn't like you!"

    "So what if he doesn't like her? Who cares?"

    A man's voice interrupted their conversation. Xu Zhanwang strode over with his long legs and arrived in front of them in two steps. He grabbed Xu Weilai's shoulder immediately and promptly dragged her, ignoring Mrs. Xu's dark expression. He didn't want Xu Weilai to listen to their mother's hurtful words anymore.

    Xu Zhanwang brought Xu Weilai to his room before consoling her, "Sister, ignore our mother. Forget about what she said."