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Chapter 299 - Target Has Appeared

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 299: Target Has Appeared

    Lightning smiled. “Big Sister Qi, I know that you’re excited. But we have to work together in order to make sure that we win this fight.”

    Even though they would really want to see how Tang Jinyu would beat her up, this was still a proper training session. They should not act rashly.

    Jian Qi smirked and nodded. “I’ll try my best to hold back.”

    Everyone smiled and continued to squat at the same place to discuss their plan.

    Jian Qi was assigned with another veteran. Considering that Jian Qi had not fully recovered yet, they decided that she would be the lookout and the veteran would be the sniper.

    Lightning and Lu Yao were assigned together while the other two veterans were paired up together.

    “We’ll split up, but keep in touch…”

    Lu Yao instructed them accordingly and lastly he emphasized again, “Do not act rashly and stick to our plan.”

    Everyone nodded and left hurriedly.

    Jian Qi and the veteran stuck to their plan. They found a spot to hide themselves where they could easily carry out sniping tasks.

    They hid themselves and after a few minutes had passed, Jian Qi started complaining, “This weather is no joke, it’s darn cold!”

    The veteran smiled, “Big Sister Qi, you should get used to it soon. We would often be in this kind of environment, or even worse.”

    Jian Qi smirked. Those bloodthirsty eyes of hers flashed. “I know.”

    After all, it was only a training session, it would still be humane.

    But when it comes to the real battlefield, it would be far more inhumane and cruel…

    To be exact, some trainings would still be inhumane.

    However, this training would not be like that.

    All because everyone had been comrades for a long time, even the sudden change of breath from Jian Qi was noticed by the veteran.

    “What’s wrong with you? Are you afraid?” The veteran smiled faintly but his focus did not leave the binoculars that were aiming right in front.

    Jian Qi was also observing their surroundings. She smiled faintly. “Old Man Qiu, how long have you been in the Special Fire Team?”

    “Three years,” the veteran was smiling when he thought about the past. “Three years ago, we had to go through each and every selection to join the Special Fire Team. I wasn’t lucky like you. But of course, your ability was the main factor.

    It was the same as you guys. We joined as freshmen and we had to fight the veterans. But there were only three placements, and unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the three.

    The second year that I joined, I became a veteran and joined the freshmen. We fought the battle again but this time there were only two placements and lucky enough I walked till the end.

    It was only this year that I officially joined the field with the boss.”

    It was as if something had popped into Old Man Qiu’s mind. His face became unreadable. “There were six placements in this year’s selection. That’s a lot…”

    Jian Qi could understand the pain and sadness through his words.

    Six placements which were equivalent to six lives!

    They were all comrades that they held dearly in their hearts. Six lives that were once alive, hearts pumping.

    Jian Qi did not say anything. She raised her hand and patted his shoulder.

    She was not good at comforting people. Old Man Qiu smiled and said, “Big Sister Qi, you will soon be proud of being a member of the Special Fire Team.”

    Jian Qi was stunned. She smiled faintly and kept quiet.

    Honestly, there was something special about this troop.

    Suddenly, Jian Qi saw something. She then double-confirmed her target.

    “Old Man Qiu, ten o’clock position. Target has appeared!” Her excited voice carried with it a bloodthirsty scent.