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Chapter 310 - Straight-Laced Man and Straight-Laced Woman

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     : Straight-Laced Man and Straight-Laced Woman

    Ning Meng could only laugh out in annoyance when she saw this post. There had not been much news from Su Tiantian ever since she had started filming, and this was the scariest part. Her popularity was dropping after all, could this be her opportunity to regain her reputation?

    Indeed, this piece of news started to slowly gain momentum. A few Big Vs started to share the post, and this did not include the people that Su Tiantian had hired to help improve her position. Ning Meng raised her brow when she saw that the matter was picking up pace in spreading out.

    Her phone suddenly vibrated. Someone had sent a text to the “Happy Idiots” group.

    Qi Shan: [Missus, Zhen Shanmei told me about what happened to you. Do you need me to help? @Ning Meng]

    Ning Meng sighed and replied: [No need.]

    The police station would eventually help clear the misunderstandings, she did not need Qi Shan to do anything as a hacker just yet.

    Su Ye: [What happened?]

    Li Shiyao had just finished her filming for the day and asked in the group as well: [What happened?]

    Fei Bai was always nervous whenever Li Shiyao spoke, but he was a man of few words and could only type a question mark: [?]

    Since a few of them were not aware of the incident, Zhen Shanmei sent a link to the group chat. She then anxiously asked: [Ning Meng, things are getting out of hand now. What are you planning to do?]

    Ning Meng opened the link and saw that this post had exposed more of her life.

    @Allthelittlethingsintheentertainmentindustry: [Let me summarize what is going on for all of you. A certain Miss Ning is not only the sister of the certain movie star Su, but she is also the lady boss of a certain television company. Does everyone still remember that this lady was mentioned when Lemon Entertainment was on the verge of spiraling downward? This is not the first time this lady’s bad behavior was brought to light. She is money hungry and arrogant, I’m not surprised at all that she was willing to stoop down to this level.]

    When this post was released, Lemon Entertainment’s official blog exploded. Ning Meng was infuriated upon seeing this and she was sure that Su Tiantian was behind this mess. She could not wait until the next day anymore and posted a status on her Weibo.

    @Comic Artist Lemon: [I will give you an answer tomorrow. I hope that everyone will only have good things to say and not harm the family of others!]

    After she had posted this, many comments popped up under her status.

    [Hehe, is this some cheap trick under your sleeves?]

    [How are you planning to clean up your name overnight?]

    [You’re already such a savage character and yet you still refuse to change your behavior. I’m so speechless. Sure, since you say so, I will wait until tomorrow.]

    Although most of the comments were to insult her, the environment had finally calmed down. Ning Meng breathed a sigh of relief. She then saw that Zhen Shanmei had sent her a private text: [Meng Meng, Meng Meng! I’m on a date with Qi Shan. Why is he not even trying to hold my hand…]

    Ning Meng could rest for the day since the hype on the internet had died down. She would be able to clear things up the next day anyway, so she lay down on her sofa and guided her friend from afar: [Apply some hand cream on your hands, then say that you have applied too much on your hands and put some on his hands. Wouldn’t you be holding hands then?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Smart!]

    Five minutes later.

    Zhen Shanmei: […]

    Ning Meng: [?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [I feel like my heart was just trampled on by ten thousand llamas. Qi Shan really is a straight-laced man! I told him that I had applied too much hand cream, but he actually took out some tissue for me instead!]

    Ning Meng looked at her phone and could not stop herself from laughing out loud. It was at this time that Huo Beichen called her. Realizing that she had ignored him the whole day, Ning Meng paused for a short moment before picking up the call.