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Chapter 311 - Chapter 311: Lord Chen’s Romantic Words

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 311: Lord Chen’s Romantic Words

    When she picked up the call, Huo Beichen's deep husky voice reverberated in her ears. "Meng Meng, it's all my fault. Could you give me a chance to make it up to you?"

    His voice was both sincere and anxious at the same time. Ning Meng had not been that angry at him in the first place, she just wanted him to know that he had neglected her. She was completely fine after seeing him in this state, however, she decided to play hard to get for a bit.

    "Let me think about it."

    He agreed, and after a mere two seconds, he spoke once again.

    "Have you thought about it?"

    "Not yet."

    He calmed down once he saw that she had responded and he laughed quietly.

    "You can take your time to think. I will fulfill whatever request you ask of me."

    ‘Really? Are you sure?'

    Ning Meng tilted her head and reclined against the sofa.

    "Sigh. I used to heap compliments onto you every day in the past, why don't you give me a hundred sentences of that sort?"

    He had bullied her countless times ever since she had entered the novel, but now, the tides had finally turned in her favor! Still, was a hundred sentences of compliments a bit too much? How about fifty sentences? If that was still too much, ten sentences would be fine as well, otherwise, one sentence would do.

    Before she could propose this idea, he had already answered her. "Sure."

    He had easily promised her! Ning Meng continued to lay down on the sofa and became greedier.

    "Then, give me one sentence now."


    His voice was deeper and huskier than usual when heard through the phone as compared to when they were face-to-face. Putting on an accurate English accent, he said, "I love three things in this world. The sun, the moon, and you. The sun for the morning. The moon for the night. And you forever."

    There was a certain charm to it when he had put on the English accent, and it was very pleasing to the ears. It was to the extent that Ning Meng felt as though her ears were about to get pregnant, and she wanted to hear it again. Therefore, she cheekily said, "What? Could not hear you."

    He chuckled and repeated his words in a classical Shakespearean way, this time, in a pampering voice. "There are many beings in this world. Alas, there are only three that I love. The sun, the moon, and thee. The sun for the morning, the moon for the dark. And thou dearer than day or night."

    Ning Meng was stuck in a daze.

    Why were her words of love so ordinary and yet his were so elegant?

    She had heard of these words before in the real world, but he had said it ever slowly and seriously, causing her ears to flush red and send her heart racing. She could not stop herself from smiling and was rendered speechless for a while, probing him to ask, "Meng Meng, are you still angry?"

    Ning Meng coughed. "I will forgive you for today."

    Huo Beichen smiled. "In that case, I'm coming in."


    She turned her head and heard the passcode being punched in. After four beeps, the apartment door opened. He was clad in a suit, his hand holding onto groceries that he had just bought from the supermarket. He stood at the entrance, still holding onto his phone, and hearing his voice in person mixed with that from the phone packed quite a punch.

    "Missus, I'll cook a meal to make it up to you. Is that okay?"


    She finally yielded under his charming spell and excellent cooking skills. She even accidentally ate more than she should. After she had had her fill, she put the bowls and chopsticks into the sink for the maid to come and wash the next day.

    Ning Meng hugged her blanket and went over to the sofa. "I'll sleep on the sofa tonight as well~"

    Huo Beichen was about to say something but Ning Meng's phone rang. When she picked up her phone, she heard a familiar voice.

    "Good day to you citizen Ning Meng, I was the policeman in charge of your case this afternoon. I just came back from my duties and heard about your situation from my colleague…"