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Chapter 286 - He Didnt Want To Come, Right? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 286: He Didn't Want To Come, Right? (2)

    When she saw the young man's furious expression, a feeling of warmth welled up in Xu Weilai's heart. She raised her hand and touched Xu Zhanwang's hair. Then, she smiled and said, "I don't care about what she said. You seem like the one who cared about it more!"

    "Of course! You're my most beloved older sister!" Xu Zhanwang replied without hesitation.

    Normally, he would explode in anger if other people touched his hair. When Xu Weilai touched it, however, he even bent his back to accommodate her height. He leaned his head towards her and allowed her to touch his head however she wanted.

    Xu Weilai laughed at his actions. She patted his head gently. "Other people are their mother's boy, but you're a sister's boy."

    Xu Zhanwang placed his chin on his hands and pretended to be a flower. He even blinked at Xu Weilai as he asked "Am I the man my sister loves the most?"

    "Of course!" Xu Weilai nodded immediately.

    Xu Zhanwang probed further. "You're not lying? The person you love the most is me and not Gu Yu?"

    Xu Weilai's tone was firm when she opened her mouth. "Yes, it's you!"

    However, Xu Zhanwang still detected a faint trace of hesitation within her eyes.

    "You're lying!" Xu Zhanwang exposed her directly. "You're hesitating. If you hesitate, it means that you're not sure about what you said. My older sister is number one in my heart, but I'm not number one to you. It hurts me so much!"

    Xu Weilai smiled and retaliated. "Oh, so I'm number one in your heart? What about Yu Wen then? Does this mean that she can only be number two? If she knows about this, wouldn't she be sad too?"

    Xu Zhanwang couldn't come up with a good enough retort.

    Xu Zhanwang raised his hands to surrender. "Sister, let's not hurt each other anymore and move on from this topic!"

    The two of them chatted for a while longer before the maid called them down for dinner.

    When then were eating, Mrs. Xu's expression was still slightly cold. However, she didn't continue nagging. Since it was the New Year, she probably didn't want to make the rest of the family unhappy.

    Mr. Xu was unhappy when he didn't see Gu Yu, but he controlled his emotions better than Mrs. Xu did. He didn't reprimand Xu Weilai. Instead, he just asked her about the health condition of Mr. Gu Sr.

    Xu Weilai knew that her father had given up on her seeking favor with Gu Yu, but Mr. Gu Sr. still liked her. As long as Mr. Gu Sr. was around, she would be able to keep her position as the Gu family's young mistress. That way, she could continue helping the Xu family. That alone was enough for him!

    After the meal, Mr. Xu continued watching the news as usual. Xu Weilai sat beside him and accompanied him. She would occasionally chat with him. Xu Zhanwang was originally accompanying them too, but his phone suddenly rang. Thus, he got up quickly and went outside to take the call.

    Xu Weilai shook her head and smiled. It looked like his little girlfriend, Yu Wen, had called him.

    She suddenly remembered that when she was still together with Gu Yu back then, she acted the same way too. Every time she received Gu Yu's call, she was excited and elated. Thinking back on it, she still felt a hint of sweetness lingering in her heart.

    Even so, the truth that everything was different.

    At this moment, Mr. Xu's one sentence caused Xu Weilai to abruptly regain her sense.

    "Weilai, quick! Look at this! Something has happened!"

    Something has happened?

    Xu Weilai raised her head instinctively and looked at the television in front of her. A news story regarding the Gu Corporation was being played on the screen. According to the news, a worker had fallen from a high building in a large-scale amusement park in a city that was currently under construction. This amusement park was being funded by the Gu Corporation.

    The incident happened yesterday at 7.30 pm…

    Xu Weilai was astounded. Gu Yu didn't come yesterday because he had urgent matters to attend to… It wasn't because he didn't want to come.

    Mrs. Xu walked over. After seeing the piece of news, she said hurriedly, "Weilai, hurry up and call Yu to make sure he's alright!"

    Afraid that Xu Weilai would reject her suggestion, Mrs. Xu took Xu Weilai's phone from the coffee table and dialed Gu Yu's number. Then, she stuffed the phone in Xu Weilai's hand.

    The other party picked up the call almost instantly. Xu Weilai heard the familiar deep voice of the man as he said, "Hello."