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Chapter 398 - Seal

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 398 Seal

    Zhou Wen wasn't in a rush to absorb the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal. After putting it in his pocket, he left the Town God's Temple with Wang Lu.

    "What are we going to do later?" Wang Lu asked as they walked.

    "Head back before reading books and playing games," Zhou Wen blurted out his thoughts.

    He still hadn't found a way to condense a Life Soul for Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. Despite him already having three Life Souls and knowing he shouldn't be so greedy, he wanted one that he couldn't force. He still found it a knotty problem even though condensing a single Life Soul before thirty was considered a success.

    "What's the point of reading and gaming all day? Shall we go to the dimensional zone to hunt dimensional creatures?" Wang Lu suggested.

    "I'm not going." Zhou Wen wasn't in the mood to enter a dimensional zone. Even if he were to grind, he could do it himself in-game. There was no need for him to risk his life in real life. If he accidentally died, he would truly be dead.

    Wang Lu rolled her eyes at Zhou Wen and wanted to criticize him, but her eyes darted when she suddenly said, "By the way, didn't you plan on killing the Binyang Cave's tiger before? Do you want to make a trip there?"

    Zhou Wen originally planned on returning to read and game, but after hearing Wang Lu's words, his eyes lit up. "Can we?"

    "With me around, there's nothing you can't do. You also want a baby tiger, right?" Wang Lu said with a smile.

    "What are the conditions?" Zhou Wen asked as he cautiously looked at Wang Lu. He found it odd that Wang Lu would help him hunt the tiger for no reason.

    "We are schoolmates, so it's too tacky to name conditions. How about this? Based on the principle of mutually helping and showing love for each other, you have to lend a helping hand to a student with difficulties. During our semester time, you will be responsible for my breakfast," Wang Lu said with a smile.

    "Sure, you can have anything that the canteen has to offer," Zhou Wen agreed without hesitation. Although breakfast over the years cost a lot of money, it was nothing compared to the baby tiger.

    "Do I look like I'm short of money?" Wang Lu rolled her eyes at him.

    "Didn't you tell me to cover your breakfast?" Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu in puzzlement.

    Wang Lu sighed and said, "We're all schoolmates, so I won't lie to you. Actually, I've had some weird disease since I was young. Every morning, I have a relapse and I am in so much pain that I have no way of getting out of bed. Breakfast time is exactly the time when I have a relapse. It's been a long time since I had breakfast. If you don't mind, I hope you can deliver breakfast to me every day."

    "I see. Don't worry. As long as I'm in school, I'll deliver breakfast to you on time." Zhou Wen nodded. He felt a little sad for Wang Lu, having never expected her to have such a strange illness. It was no wonder he never saw her in the first half of the day.

    "Then it's a deal. Let's go to Binyang Cave now," Wang Lu said in satisfaction.

    Zhou Wen followed Wang Lu to Dragon Gate Grotto. Zhou Wen felt that he should be concerned about Wang Lu's condition, so he asked, "By the way, what kind of illness do you have? Do you have a solution?"

    Wang Lu pondered for a moment before saying in all seriousness, "Every day at dawn, I'll be possessed and sealed by a blanket monster. No matter what I do, I just can't get up. The thought of waking up will be painful, excruciatingly painful…"

    "Blanket monster… Seal…" Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu in a daze.

    "Don't worry about me. I can still take it. I won't admit defeat. I will resolutely fight the seal to the end. As long as you deliver breakfast on time every day, I can replenish my energy and have the strength to resist the seal." Wang Lu wore a determined expression as she clenched her fists, as though she was encouraging herself.

    Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu, unsure of what to say.

    Before they entered the school gate, he saw An Sheng standing beside the car.

    "Zhou Wen, are you free? I have something important to discuss with you," An Sheng said.

    "You guys go ahead. I'll be heading back now," Wang Lu said as she winked at Zhou Wen. "Don't forget our deal. Be on time tomorrow."