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Chapter 231 - Endure for Now

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 231: Endure for Now

    Lian Chi!

    Su Cha’s murderous intent disappeared when the other party looked at her.

    She did not expect to see Lian Chi here. It was such a coincidence.

    It was so sudden that she was unprepared.

    She had not really thought about the possibility of meeting Lian Chi in advance.

    At this time, she should not hate Lian Chi or kill him. She should only be angry at him for leaving without a word.

    She should not know anything right now.

    She should not know that Zhai Yao was sent by Lian Chi, nor should she know that Lian Chi was the Third Young Master of the Lian family.

    In Su Cha’s heart, Lian Chi was someone she had grown up with from the time they were young. In high school, he did not tell anyone else about leaving.

    What would she have done in the past?

    Su Cha thought about it and felt wronged and angry. She was angry that this person left without saying goodbye. If she saw him again, she might question him loudly.

    However, Su Cha could not do it now.

    Whenever she thought about the tragic ending of her first life and the fact that Lian Chi could not be innocent, she was unable to feign civility with this person.

    Trying hard to maintain her composure, she could no longer suppress her anger. She clenched her fists tightly. Nevertheless, her behavior appeared normal in the eyes of the man upstairs.

    He just looked at Su Cha indifferently, as if he did not intend to express anything.

    The agitation that she had not felt in a long time would never again appear between them.

    “Miss, your lemon tea is ready.”

    The staff’s voice broke the strange undercurrent. Su Cha turned around, took the lemon tea, and rode off.

    At present, she could not stay calm. When she saw that face, she had the urge to kill. It was better to stay away.

    Seeing her leave, the elegant and noble man frowned slightly. “Why would anyone drink that kind of thing…”

    “What’s wrong?”

    A hand reached out to hold the man’s arm. He lowered his eyes, turned sideways, and left without a trace. The smile on his lips made him look perfect and charming.

    “Nothing catching your fancy?”

    Even his voice was so perfect.

    It was as if this person had no flaws.

    A look of disappointment flashed across the pretty and generous girl’s eyes when she felt his alienation. However, she quickly regained her composure and could not help but be infatuated with him. “Lian Chi, let’s go to another place. Didn’t Auntie ask you to accompany me for the whole afternoon? I just saw it, but I didn’t get it yet, so quickly…”

    “If you have something you like, just buy it. Put it on my account, or you can find a brand that makes them customized. You don’t have to spend time looking.”

    She did not know if it was an illusion or something, but the girl sensed a trace of impatience from the gentle man in front of her.

    For a moment, she was stunned, but Lian Chi’s face did not change at all. His voice did not change at all. “But it’s good that you like it. I can accompany you.”

    It was as if his impatience was just an illusion.

    She suppressed the doubt in her heart and nodded sweetly, thinking that she might have thought too much.


    Seeing someone she did not want to see, Su Cha was not happy.

    But no matter how unhappy she was, she had to suppress it. The current her was not strong enough to go against Lian Chi.

    Ever since she found out about Bo Muyi’s existence, including the mysterious Martial Union, Su Cha had felt that this world was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. Lian Chi might be being protected by such a person. She was not strong enough to take action at present, so she could only endure it for now.