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Chapter 939 - The Stumbling Block of the Moville Family!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 939: The Stumbling Block of the Moville Family!

    Duke Moville was old and cunning, while Si Yiyan was smooth and scheming. The two of them were merely having a battle of tongues.

    Wen Xinya did not find it interesting at all, for she knew that they both had their own agendas. She knew that they were both dropping hints throughout their conversations.

    Just as Wen Xinya was guessing if they would talk about the ancient paintings and calligraphy again, Si Yiyan nibbled her ear and asked, “Are you interested in collecting rare wood too?”

    He noticed that she was paying a lot of attention to their conversation and would even smile every now and then.

    “No, I just found your conversation to be very interesting,” said Wen Xinya, who turned red uncontrollably. Fortunately, she was wearing the mask which seemed to have given her the courage to be thick-skinned.

    Having understood what he meant, Si Yiyan decided to stop harping on the topic. “Why have you gone out for so long?” He then removed the petal from her head and scrutinized it for a moment before continuing, “You even ended up in such a disheveled state!”

    Her makeup was fresh but her hair was messy. It seemed she had had an interesting experience just now.

    He tightened his grip on her waist. When she was leaving the room, he felt that it would be safe because Liu Yanhua and Gu Yuehan were there to protect her. However, after she left, he began to regret his decision. After all, they were in the Duke Moville’s Residence, a place that was not his territory. He felt that there could still be some threat to her life.

    At the start, he could still carry on talking to Duke Moville composedly. However, he began to grow anxious as time passed and the longer she was gone for, the more uneasy he got.

    Wen Xinya gently fiddled with the earring on her ear and said with a grin, “Miss Avrora took me to see the racecourse in the Duke’s residence just now. I couldn’t help myself, so I competed with Miss Avrora.”

    At this moment, Duke Moville paused in his actions and stared at Wen Xinya who was laying in Si Yiyan’s arms. There was a mysterious glow in his gray eyes.

    Although Wen Xinya was talking to Si Yiyan, she was still observing Duke Moville’s expressions and hence, she did not miss the cold gaze in his eyes. It seems he had approved of Avrora’s decision to steal the matriarchal token.

    If Avrora managed to snatch the token away, it would be reasonable for Duke Moville to coerce Si Yiyan into marrying Avrora.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes turned darker, though he was still smiling and nibbling on her ear. “Oh? Why didn’t I know that you can ride horses?”

    As soon as she returned to the Wen Family, she exhibited her impeccable culinary skills and aristocratic etiquette. It was as if she had a sharp sense of business skills and now, she could even ride horses…

    Noticing the tinge of mysteriousness and curiosity in his voice, she answered wryly, “Hehe… Xu Zhenyu was the one who taught me!”

    She was not lying. Xu Zhenyu was indeed the one who had taught her how to ride a horse, though that happened in the previous lifetime!

    Si Yiyan believed that she was telling the truth, though he felt that it was still hiding some bits of it. However, he would not probe further since she was not willing to divulge. Hence, he smiled and bit her ear. “What happened next? Did you win? Or did she win?”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Make a guess.”

    Pretending to be apprehensive, Si Yiyan said, “I don’t know about you, but I know that Miss Avrora’s horseback riding skills are tip-top… ”

    Wen Xinya pouted unhappily. Just like any other woman, she was upset to hear her man compliment another woman!

    While they were publicly displaying their affection, Duke Moville was sipping on some tea and listening to their conversation. Noticing the earring on her ear, he knew that Avrora had already lost the competition.

    An icy cold gaze formed in his eyes.

    His gray eyes now longer glistened as they used to in his younger days. They appeared gloomy and foggy, yet cold and menacing.

    Feeling indignant, Wen Xinya pursed her red lips that resembled rosebuds.

    Si Yiyan immediately kissed her and said, “But, you seem really smug. I’m guessing that you must have won the match.”

    At the mention of the horseback riding competition just now, the phoenix on her forehead was lifted and she was full of confidence. The golden wings of the phoenix were ravishing and stunning.

    Her defined pupils were glistening, and it was as if all of the light and glory in the world were encapsulated in her eyes. She looked absolutely captivating.

    If she was so full of confidence, how could she have lost?

    Wen Xinya smiled radiantly like a beautiful flower. “I could only win because Miss Avrora gave in to me.”

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Baby, you’re so impressive. Miss Avrora was taught how to ride by Duke Moville. If you could win against her, your skills must be impeccable. I shall see them for myself someday.”

    There were plenty of women in Russia who loved horseback riding and he had witnessed Avrora’s horseback riding skills before too. From the perspective of a man, her skills were considered to be average, but for a woman, she was not too bad.

    Duke Moville smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that you’d be such an outstanding horseback rider too, Miss Bella. You don’t just possess strong combat skills.”

    He lost to Wen Xinya time and time again during the banquet. First, it was Anatoli, followed by him and lastly, Avrora, who had also lost to her despite having extraordinary horseback riding skills that she had always been proud of. Ever since then, he deduced that Wen Xinya was not to be belittled.

    It was no wonder that she could impress Rex.

    Wen Xinya laughed and said, “That’s a compliment, Duke Moville. I was just lucky.”

    “Hahahaha…” Duke Moville shot Si Yiyan another glance. When he mentioned the marriage of Avrora and Si Yiyan just now, Si Yiyan turned him down without hesitation, catching him off guard.

    To him, he was the most influential aristocrat in Russia and the benefits that Si Yiyan could reap from marrying into the Moville Family were beyond imaginable. It was a great temptation to anyone, and he felt that no man would be able to resist it. Besides, Avrora was the most beautiful woman in Russia and thanks to his teaching, she was still a virgin.

    He did not expect that Si Yiyan would turn him down.

    It was probably because of this woman.

    Although Duke Moville had heard this rumor before, he had never taken it seriously. After all, he did not believe that love would trump the benefits and interests that would last forever.

    Yet, this woman had become the stumbling block of the Moville Family!