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Chapter 300 - What an Attitude, Big Sister Qi!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 300:

    What an Attitude, Big Sister Qi!

    Old Man Qiu immediately shifted the sniper rifle toward the location Jian Qi pointed out.

    When he saw the target there, he frowned.

    “From what I know about our boss, he would not let anyone hide there because it’s not suitable and the person can be easily exposed.”

    Jian Qi checked their surroundings again and it seemed quiet. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

    She then looked at the people that were hiding in a distance once more.

    She also noticed that the place they were hiding in was very exposed.

    “Are they doing it on purpose?” Jian Qi smiled. “But this kind of method doesn’t suit the style of our serious and careful Instructor Tang.”

    Old Man Qiu smiled. “Our boss’s tactics change all the time. He is technically unreadable. Hence, if they did it on purpose, are we supposed to ignore it or fall for the trap?”

    Jian Qi smiled as she was focused on observing their surroundings. “Should we try? Or should we just change our location and ambush them?”

    Old Man Qiu smiled as he glanced at Jian Qi. “What an attitude, Big Sister Qi!”

    “The thing is, this weather is too cold!”

    Old Man Qiu chuckled and said, “Big Sister Qi, I know that you really want to eliminate our boss. But I have to remind you again, he is not that easy to go up against!”

    “Yes, I get it. But that doesn’t affect my plan right now. Attack or hide?” Jian Qi asked.

    Old Man Qiu looked at her and chuckled again. “To be safe, we are not sure who that person is on the opposite side and we don’t know if this is a trap or if it’s a trap, will we be eliminated by the snipers that are hiding?”

    Jian Qi nodded. “If that’s the case, then we should advance slowly and see who those people hiding there are.”

    Old Man Qiu thought about it too. But the main problem was, if they were to move over there just like that, their opponent might notice them.

    Jian Qi saw that he was hesitating and said, “Have you heard of the walking snowman?”

    Old Man Qiu raised his eyebrow and laughed. “Big Sister Qi, are you not afraid of dying in the cold?”

    “I’m not afraid of freezing to death. I’m just curious, what if Instructor Tang did this on purpose to bait us there?”

    Old Man Qiu frowned when he heard what Jian Qi said.

    It was possible.

    But no matter what plan they came out with, there was always that one conclusion to their plan.

    This made it really tough for them to make a decision!

    And it was starting to feel awkward.

    Jian Qi looked at Old Man Qiu who was frowning, she smirked. “You guys have been working with Instructor Tang for a long time. You all understand him, but at the same time, because he does things differently, you guys have built up a wall within yourself. This wall is dangerous.

    Once you all start to doubt all of your plans, he would make use of your thoughts and lure you into what he has in mind for you.”

    Jian Qi was analysing Old Man Qiu’s thoughts, and he was stunned as he looked at Jian Qi.

    He asked, “Then, what are your thoughts?”

    “I’ve only gone on a mission with him once and he did not even enter the field. But he does understand what men think.”

    Jian Qi smiled faintly and looked at Old Man Qiu in the eyes. “If you trust me, please do as I say and break this wall of rigidity!”