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Chapter 232 - Music Teacher

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 232: Music Teacher

    At this moment, Su Cha suddenly remembered the memories of Bo Muyi’s death in her past life.

    She remembered only that Bo Mu had died to save her and that she had been kidnapped.

    The person who kidnapped her…

    At that moment, Su Cha frowned.

    Lian Chi?

    She was not sure. She did not even dare to imagine that Lian Chi would be so vicious to her.

    She and Lian Chi grew up together. They were childhood sweethearts, and she regarded Lian Chi as her biological brother. The two of them had talked about everything.

    Lian Chi had been extremely smart since he was young. His grades were excellent, and he was outstanding in both sports and music. He was the idol of countless local boys and girls, as well as a nightmare.

    All the parents who lived in the area praised Lian Chi and regarded him as a model child.

    Su Cha also admired Lian Chi. She had always regarded Lian Chi as her family.

    Lian Chi was also very nice to her. When she was young, her stepmother did not like her. When Su Mingzhe was not at home, she often went home late after school. It was Lian Chi who’d bring her to his home for a meal. The gentle and patient brother in her memory had never changed.

    But everything changed after Lian Chi disappeared.

    No matter how beautiful the scene was, it would fall apart after the breakup.

    Su Cha had never known the real reason why Lian Chi wanted to harm her. It was just that his identity had changed. Why would he suddenly view her as an enemy?

    From the looks of it, if Lian Chi was the one who kidnapped her and caused Bo Muyi’s death, in Su Cha’s heart, Lian Chi must die ten thousand times.

    Whether the kidnapping was done by Lian Chi or not, Su Cha hated Lian Chi to the core.

    When she died miserably, she no longer had the patience to wonder about the reason behind her existence. No matter what it was, it was not a reason for Lian Chi to be so ruthless to her.

    Because it was hers, not Lian Chi’s.

    As she thought of this, the anger in Su Cha’s eyes could no longer be suppressed. She stepped on the bike quickly, and her fierce aura made the pedestrians on the road subconsciously avoid her.

    She soon reached the address of the music teacher recommended by Quan Jia.

    It was a building. The music teacher was teaching on a particular floor.

    Quan Jia gave her only the teacher’s name and address. Su Cha did not know who the teacher was.

    The 20th floor was the teaching address of this substitute teacher. When the elevator door opened, Su Cha heard a melodious piano sound.

    The children’s clear and beautiful voice drifted along with the rhythm of the piano. Su Cha, who was originally in a bad mood, strangely calmed down when she heard the children’s singing.

    Sometimes, singing could soothe one’s mind, and in particular, children’s singing was pure and clean.

    She looked up and saw that the entire 20th floor was decorated in an expansive teaching style with many musical instruments.

    There were all kinds of musical instruments, from the Guzheng to the modern western musical instruments. It did not seem like a music teacher’s place, but more like a musical instrument shop.

    A group of seven- or eight-year-old children stood in the middle, singing the songs Su Cha heard with their mouths open. All of them looked happy.

    A young girl in her twenties was playing the piano in front of them.

    Su Cha was surprised. Was this the substitute teacher?

    The only other people were in the classroom on the first floor.

    The children looked over when they saw someone coming in. The girl who was playing the piano only glanced at Su Cha and did not stop playing.

    Just then, Su Cha saw a person suddenly stand up beside the huge piano the girl was playing. As that person had been blocked, she had not noticed them before.